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Last updated 15th April 2019

2019 National Rally's Programme of Events

The proposed schedule of events has been announced – please note this may be subject to change if deemed necessary. 

Please check on the notice board in the Signing On Tent at the Event for any changes. Click here to view the Programme of Events

Team Recovery Whaddon 20192019 National Rally's Team Recovery...

We have had many queries on our decision for running the Team Recovery after the CCV Trial.  Our reasons are as follows:

1) For the benefit of all the competitors, marshals / officials and spectators etc. - most people will get to see it.

2) If any entrants have vehicle trouble during Team Recovery, then they have maximum time to fix it before the Comp Safari - as getting ready, scrutineering, walking the course etc all takes time. (If Team Recovery was on the Sunday, then this time would be drastically reduced).

3) We are confident that there will be time after the CCV Trial for Team Recovery entrants to get their vehicles ready and scrutineered. It is also our view that this year's planned CCV will not produce as much vehicle damage or roll-overs as the last Stainby National, due to the nature of the ground; four streams and very few (if any) rocks or boulders!

4) We hope that the Team Recovery will run like clockwork and not be a paint-drying exercise! As one of the Clerks of Course I have some experience of National Rallys and Team Recoverys (having helped organise around 6 previous National Rally Team Recoverys). I have also taken part in quite a few, including the odd win and an average at one time of 2nd or 3rd.

5) The Planned location for this year's event will allow viewing for the maximum number of spectators; the event area is not hard to find and is quite close to Signing On and the Beer Tent.  We also plan to have a food and drink wagon and toilets close by, to cater for spectator's needs.

6) The question has been asked "Why have we not planned to use a hill like the last few Team Recoverys that we have had?".  Unfortunately, this year's venue does not have any hills, or at least any that would suitable.

7) This year's planned Team Recovery event will have some mud - see photo, (courtesy of Ralph Coulson, Boson Cam), although not necessarily as much as in the pic! It is not in the plan to drown any of the vehicles.... or drivers!  The organising clubs have also allocated a suitable area for jet washing vehicles after Team Recovery, before Comp Safari prep and Scrutineering - water and kit not supplied - bring your own please,

We hope this answers your concerns and helps to encourage entries!
Many thanks, Andrew Flanders.

Addition to ALRC Competition Regulations

After discussion at the ALRC S&ORC meeting held on the 16th March 2019, the ALRC Council ratified the following addition to the ALRC Competition Regulations which takes immediate effect:

Part 1  General Vehicle Regulations
Section B – Standard Class Vehicle Regulations

B.19.3.  A pair of Land Rover factory specification D rings are deemed suitable for recovery up to and including RTV trials. (Implemented 16th March 2019).

Simone Birch.

Claxby 3 Day Interclub...

Lincs LRC are holding their Claxby 3 Day Interclub Event on Friday 3rd to Monday 6th May.

Events include CCVT, RTV/Ladies Trial, Tyro, Bike Trial, and a Soap Box Derby!  There is camping available, with onsite toilets, Elsan point and water, plus a BBQ.  Scrutineering is at 8 - 9.15am, followed by drivers briefing.  Click here to download more information.

Easter at Eastnor changes...

Please note below the correct days for the events that Midland ROC are holding over Easter.  It differs from the previous information sent out.

Midland ROC would like to invite all ALRC Clubs to join them this Easter at Eastnor for their CCVT and RTV over the bank holiday weekend, 19th April to 22nd April 2019.

Please note, this year they are running the CCVT on the Saturday and the RTV on the Sunday. As usual they will run a TYRO on the Monday weather permitting (!).
Pre-booking for the trials will be available from their website at a discounted price of £20; on the day price is £25.

Only competition vehicles and support vehicle have access to the trials area, spectators will have to park in Sheep Field and walk to the sections unless they are there in time to jump in with a competitor / support vehicle, however if they choose to leave before the trial is over they will have to walk back to their vehicle. This will be sign posted!

Caravanning and camping costs £10 per unit per night, Fri - Mon, please could anyone camping, pre-book by clicking here.  Richard Allen Catering will be on site from the Friday afternoon with breakfasts, lunches and evening meals available, there will also be a bar and heated marquee.

The MROC will be holding their Annual Prize Giving in the marquee at 19:30, with a family quiz held afterwards and would like to invite everyone to come along and join them.  Should anyone need to know anything else please contact a member of the MROC's committee.

Somerset and Wilts LRCThe Mendip Challenge is on!

This year, the Mendip Challenge 2019 will be held from Friday 12th - Sunday 14th April 2019, at one of the best off road sites in Somerset - Lambs Leer, West Harptree BS40 6EN.

As is tradition, we will have an RTV Trial on the Saturday, and a CCV on the Sunday. Camping will be available all weekend, and we will have catering and a bar onsite!

For more information, click here.  Bookings are now open!  Any questions, please email Will Holmes.

Cornwall and Devon LRCDevon and Cornwall RTV Charity Event

The event shall be held over the weekend of 22nd & 23rd of June 2019 at Newnham Park, Plymouth. The trial will run over 2 days and consist of 20 sections, 10 sections on each day. It will be run in accordance with the ALRC Competition Regulations and the Supplementary Regulations attached to the Entry Form. All proceeds are to go to St Luke’s Hospice.

This is a team event for groups of 3 drivers, with no more than 1 vehicle from the ALRC modified classes permitted in any one team. Modified vehicles may not be double driven within the same team. If you wish to enter a non-compliant team please contact the Event Directors. (Emma Pascoe-Parish & Emma White). Prizes will be awarded for the lowest total team score across the weekend, as well as the lowest scoring Ladies and Long Wheelbase teams and the lowest scoring individual.

The Entry Fee for each team is £135.00.   Closing Date for Entries is Friday 15th June 2019.

It is expected that interest in this event will be high and you are encouraged to register your Team’s entry as soon as possible. Entries will be limited to only 40 teams.

The Theme this year is ‘Disney’.   Click here to download an entry form

ALRC AGM -Council nominations and membership info

A letter has been sent out from Simone Birch regarding the 2019 ALRC AGM, asking for any further nominations for the ALRC Council or S&ORC, and also a statement on club membership information. A summary of what it contains is below:

Association of Land Rover Clubs Annual General Meeting

At this year’s ALRC AGM, which will take place at 10.00am on the 16th March 2019 at The Ibis Hotel Dirft East, Parklands, Crick, Rugby, NN6 7EX the following members of the ALRC Council are due to stand down under the three year rotation:

   Frank Champion, Sue Foster, Janet New, Paul Barton, Andrew Flanders.

Frank Champion has decided not to stand again and we thank him for his many years serving on the Council. He remains a member of the S&ORC.  All the others are seeking re-election.

The following members of The Scrutineering & Off Road Committee are also due to stand down under the three year rotation system and are all seeking re-election:

   Dave Canham, David Jeffrey, Tony Lockwood, Fraser Parish, Simon Saunt.

Further nominations have been received for Matthew Fulwood and Adrian Neaves to become log book scrutineers and join the S&ORC.

To download a full copy of the letter, click here.

The future of the National Rally...?

Paul Barton, Chairman of the ALRC, has written the following regarding the future of the ALRC National Rally.  This letter has been forwarded to all club secretaries and is available to download by clicking here.

Dear Club Secretary,

ALRC National Rally – the Future

I am writing to all member clubs, both competitive and non-competitive, to seek views from clubs about the future of the ALRC National Rally. I believe that It is time to do so because it is becoming increasingly difficult for the ALRC Council to effectively co-ordinate and have a forward plan for future National Rallies. To put this into context, we currently have only one offer, after this year’s event to be hosted by Anglian LRC and Chiltern Vale LRC at Whaddon, which is from MROC for the 75th anniversary of Land Rover in 2023 at Eastnor.

The ALRC Council recognises that due to the economic slowdown and austerity some member clubs have lost members. This hasn’t been an overnight phenomenon or in the wider context of off-road motorsport limited to just the ALRC but has been a gradual process which overall has meant that the total ALRC membership across clubs nationally has reduced. Notwithstanding that reduction, I believe that the ALRC is still the biggest off- road association in the U.K as club returns for 2018 show some 3,369 competitive club members and 6,690 non-competitive club members so total membership in 2018 was 10,239.

With reducing memberships, some clubs are no longer able to realistically independently host a national rally without support from other neighbouring clubs (which is the case for 2019) and/or support from other ALRC club members with specialist skills. At the same time the numbers of members attending the National Rally has also reduced making the task of organising and running the rally somewhat easier.

To try to support clubs wishing to host a National Rally, the ALRC Council has developed a package of support for clubs, (see Appendix “1”) attached, which aims to assist club committees with the natural concerns which exist around finance, contracts, health and safety, permits, timing and other logistics etc.

In recent years the ALRC Council has, in the absence of a host club for the event, hosted the event assisted by several of the smaller clubs for competitive events with larger clubs helping for example with site services and camping. This collaboration has worked well and is likely to be required in future. Can competitive clubs consider if they have any capacity for collaboration with their neighbouring clubs to host a collaborative National Rally or would be prepared to help run an ALRC hosted National Rally? Or indeed would be prepared to take on hosting the event in the future, having previously had experience of doing so?

Another factor is that in recent years the event has been attended almost exclusively by competitive club members with few members from non-competitive clubs attending. Why is this? Is it about what is on Appendix 1

The ALRC will provide the following package to assist in the running of the National Rally:

• Initial loan to assist in setting up the event. This is repayable by the 30th September after the event.
• ALRC perpetual trophies replicas and class trophies provided by the ALRC.
• Competitors wristbands provided by the ALRC.
• Numbers for vehicles and score cards, Sponsors logos can be added to these.
• 3 sets of trial cane tops and section markers. To be retained by the host club after the event.
• 200 motorsport arrows. To be retained by the host club after the event.
• The use of 12 waterproof weatherwriters for score marshals. Marshal vests and lanyards. To be returned after the event.
• Motorsport UK Competition Permits will be applied for by the ALRC in their name and passed to the host club. Any Motorsport UK cashback received at the end of the year will be returned to the host club.
• A standard set of Supplementary Regulations with only alterations as dictated by specific sites.
• An extended caravan / camping permit free of charge.
• Flags and banners for the event.
• A free website that publishes event information from the host(s) club.

The ALRC Council is currently able to potentially offer the following specialist advice: to host clubs if required:

• Event safety plan
• Liaison with local authority may be possible
• Advice on land contracts
• Advice on catering contracts
• Potentially an electronic booking system for the event
• Event timing may be possible
• Radio cover may be possible
• Event first aid may be possible
• Signing on and secretary of the meeting may be possible
• Appointment of Event stewards
• Management of award ceremonies
• Assistance with Event signage:

Please contact Paul Barton with any questions or constructive comments you may have!

Q Class news

At the meeting of the Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) Council held last Saturday, 9th February, the Council ratified the recommendation from the ALRC Scrutineering and Off Road Committee that after the two year trial, Q Class should be limited to Road Taxed Vehicle Trial entrants only.

This recommendation had been made as a result of examining information provided by member clubs on Q class vehicles and discussions at SORC meetings which had highlighted that Q Class should be for RTV trials only, as per the original intention when it was first introduced. This change to take immediate effect from 9th February 2019.

ALRC Green Book

NEW ALRC Green Book out now

The new ALRC 2019 Handbook (The Green Book) is now available, and runs until the end of 2020.  Members can collect a copy from their Club Secretary.

Price £10 (inc. P&P) for non-members, FREE to ALRC Members.

The Handbook is intended to be a convenient reference book for Land Rover enthusiasts whatever their affiliation and interest. The articles contained in this publication have been developed over many years by our members and the “Green Book” is considered to be the Bible of the Association. Please take your time in reading its content and keep it handy for future reference.

In the Handbook you will find articles relating to land use and rights of way, facts for caravaners and campers and much more. For the competitive enthusiast there are the full ALRC Vehicle and Event rules and regulations updated to include 2019 changes, and similarly the latest applicable MSA Regulations from the 2019 “Blue Book”.

The ALRC Handbook comprises general and specific information pages, Vehicle & Competition Regulations and MSA Blue Book extracts.


National Rally 2019 Clothing

National Rally Clothing now available to order!

The 2019 National Rally clothing is now available to order in a range of sizes. 

All prices shown below include P&P to a UK address. If overseas delivery is required, please contact us for a price.  Closing date for orders is 20th April 2019.

• Polo Shirt
Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL up to 7XL (add £2 for sizes over 2XL)

• Sweat Shirt
Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL up to 7XL (add £2 for sizes over 2XL)

• Hoodie (Overhead)
Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL up to 7XL (add £2 for sizes over 2XL)

• Rugby Shirt
Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL (add £2 for size 3XL)

• Gilet (Sleeveless Fleece)
Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL

• ¼ Zip Outdoor Fleece
Available in Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL (add £2 for size 3XL)

• Baseball Cap (5-Panel, sandwich peak)
One size

Please click here to download an order form.

 An early invitation for your diary from the Norwegian Land Rover Club's National Rally in 2020!

Norwegian Land Rover Club

Monday 13th to Sunday 29th July 2020

The Rally will be held at Evjemoen Military Camp in the county of Agder, Southern Norway, in the same Land Rover spirit as in 2005, with participants from most of Europe and approximately 500 cars.

• Greenlaning       
• Gymkhana
• Children's and youth games       
• Youth activities
• The beautiful nature of the area       
• The area's many sights and amusements
• The proximity to all southern Norway's activities and sights       
• Pokerrun (whatever that is!!). 

Click here to download the information   Click here to go to the NLRC's website

November 2018

The Telegraph TYRO reportTYRO Experience reported in The Telegraph...

An article by Ed Wiseman appeared in The Telegraph on 19th November 2018, after he took part in a TYRO, helped and guided by Andrew Flanders of Anglian LRC.

"Motorsport. It’s easy to forget just how broad a term it is. To many it means the champagne-soaked spectacle of a Formula One weekend, or the gilded swing-badges of Goodwood’s Revival. Expensive, elitist, excessive events which are difficult to even attend, let alone take part in. But for tens of thousands of people, all around Britain, every single weekend, “motorsport” means something much more real.

It’s eight o’clock on Sunday morning and I’m gingerly nosing my borrowed Audi down a farm track in Hertfordshire. Crisp white sunlight cracks through the conifers, the forest floor a mess of golds and browns - about as far removed from Silverstone as it’s possible to get. I’m here to join the Anglian Land Rover Club, and take part in what might be the most accessible and good-natured motorsport in Britain."

To read the complete article, click here!


November 14th 2018

Tony Kempster with Dad Bert circa 1980Tony Kempster 1939 - 2018

It is with sadness that we received the news that Tony Kempster died this last weekend.  Tony was a valued member of the ALRC, serving on the ARC / ALRC Council for nearly thirty years in the role now known as the Countryside Access Officer.  Below is some of the information that Tony gave on his CV when he was a member of the Council but I am sure you will all have your own memories of Tony, who was passionate about this hobby we all enjoy.

The funeral will take place at 11.45 on Friday, 14th December 2018 at Hastings Crematorium, The Ridge, Hastings, TN34 2AE.  Family flowers only please.

Any donations will be given to The Dunsfold Collection of Land Rovers in Tony's memory.


Tony’s initial interest in Land Rovers stemmed from the occasional illicit night-time rabbit shooting jaunt on the RAF airfield where he was stationed during his National Service in the early 1960’s.  Land Rovers, mostly Series Ones, were used primarily for airfield security patrols and therefore the occasional surreptitious use of one them for this purpose seemed appropriate.

After National Service, Tony bought an old 80” which he subsequently discovered had the annoying habit of jumping out of gear on the overrun.  After he could not tolerate this any longer, the decision was taken in 1963 to replace it with a new Land Rover.  So, the piggy bank was raided to buy a new 109” pickup which had a leaflet left on the driver's seat about the Land Rover Owners' Club.

In the mid- '60s, Tony recalled being with a large group of Land Rovers on 'safari' using tracks in mid-Wales which was organised by the general secretary of the then Land Rover Owners Club, Tim.  That really got him interested in green-laning and he got bitten by the 'LR bug' so badly that over the years he has probably owned about 50 different Land Rovers!  Tony joined the Southern Land Rover Owners' Club in the late '60s and entered his first trial in 1969 driving an ex-army 24v FFR Series II 88” and won his first club trial in 1972.  The first National Rally he entered was in 1970 hosted by the ROA at Eastnor which consisted of just one competitive event – what we would now call an RTV trial. 

On 20th March 1977, Tony lead a group of 35 Southern club members driving Land Rovers and one Range Rover, along the Berkshire Ridgeway from Uffington Castle to Streatley.  In April the following year he led a smaller group of Land Rovers on a green road run on part of the Ridgeway and along local byways.  There were then no TROs in operation!  Tony was Southern Club Secretary from 1977 to '79 followed by two years as evening meetings organiser, then vice-chairman for three years, chairman for five and finally three years as president.  Soon after becoming secretary, Chris Gregory and Tony attended the ROA EGM at the NEC at which it was decided that the ROA should be replaced by the ARC and a working party meeting was held the following month to consider details for the change.

In November 1977, Chris and he attended an ROA meeting held at the Manor Hotel in Meriden at which it was agreed that the name change would be on 1st January 1978 and they attended the first AGM of the ARC at Meriden in March 1978.  The first ARC meeting at the Land Rover factory in Solihull was on 1st July 1978.                                                                                                             

At the 1986 ARC AGM Tony was elected rights of way officer, a title that mutated over the years to become countryside access officer so as to include land access issues for competitive events as well as rights of way issues. This post was held until 2015, a total of 29 years.  He held the post of vice-chairman from 1987 until 1995 and was a member of the MSA cross country specialist committee for a total of about ten years.  Tony also represented the ALRC on the LARA steering committee since its formation in 1986 until retiring from the ALRC Council in 2015.

November 2018

ALRC National Rally 2019Roll up!  Roll up!

The Bookings Office for the ALRC National Rally 2019 is now open.

The online booking facility is not quite ready yet; the Tech Wizards are hard at work performing their magic, ironing out a couple of final minor glitches before declaring the portal opened, however….

The form can be either posted or emailed, and entries can be paid via cheque or BACS. 

1) For the Postable Paper Booking Form - click here.
2) For the E-Booking Form, click here.  (You will need download the form and open it in Adobe Acrobat in order to fill it in).

The payments information is contained on the Booking Form, and also detailed below.

Completed forms can be posted to: Bookings Officer, 54 Northwood Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 2ES, or emailed to the Bookings Officer.

• Cheques are to be made payable to: Anglian Land Rover Club. 
• BACS payments
using your Surname and Club initials as a reference to: Sort code: 09-01-29,  Acct No: 32260854, Account name: Anglian Land Rover Club, (Santander Bank).

November 2018

Lazy Boys Garage on DavePlease join us for Dave’s new TV Car Restoration show!

October Films are making a brand-new car show for the ‘Dave’ channel. We are restoring 10 rare and unusual cars including a 1987 Range Rover Classic, which our presenters, Jonny Smith, Tom ‘Wookie’ Ford and Tim Glover have been working hard on restoring.

We’ll be auctioning the car on Sunday 2nd December (please not that this has changed from Sunday 18th November) in Stamford, Lincolnshire. There’s no reserve price!

Katie Johnson, October Films

October 2018

ALRC National Rally 2019 LRONational Rally Bookings Office to open soon!

The 2019 National Rally is to be held at a site at Whaddon, just outside Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.  It will be jointly hosted by Anglian LRC and Chiltern Vale LRC, with the support of other clubs who will be helping organise and run some of the events.

The Rally runs from Thursday 23rd to Bank Holiday Monday 27th May 2019, with the event competitions starting on Saturday 25th May.  Saturday features the Tyro, the CCVT and Team Recovery competitions, whilst the RTV, Concours D'Elegance and Children's Bike Trial are to be held on the Sunday.  Monday brings the Comp Safari and finally the close of the event weekend.

Several of the ALRC Council including one of the Event Directors, Andrew Flanders, have made several trips to check out the land and facilities and are more than happy with the trialling and camping grounds, including the spectating opportunities.  Andrew who is particularly excited about the Comp grounds, said "the course looks good and is around 4.5 miles per lap, including a table top jump, with part of the circuit on a purpose built motocross track".

We will be open for Bookings very soon!
The online bookings facility will be open at some point during November; all we are waiting for at the moment are bank account details - and as we all know, banks never operate swiftly!  There will be, as per usual, an online Booking Form and also a downloadable Booking Form for posting with the option to pay by cheque or BACS.

Finally, a quick thanks must go to Russ Brown for publicising our event - read his Club Zone column in the December issue of LRO.  For more event information click here.

September 2018

National Rally 2019 update

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 ALRC National Rally will be held at a site close to Milton Keynes and will be co-hosted by Anglian LRC and Chiltern Vale LRC, with the support of other clubs.

Full details will be available in October.

Simone Birch.


September 2018

Interested in a historic motoring literature collection?

We have recently received a letter from Mr Duncan, in Devon regarding his extensive collection of motoring memorabilia.

Over the last 40 years he has been collecting books, booklets, magazines, brochures, photos, colour slides, prints, calendars, posters, postcards and cigarette cards etc.  Mr Duncan is looking for a good home for his collection - some 2000 items - and is open to offers.

He has compiled a 63 page list of the books and booklets which he has offered to photocopy and post out to anyone interested for £5.00.  Unfortunately he doesn't have a computer and therefore cannot email a list!

Click here to view/download his letter in full - and if you are interested and would like to contact Mr Duncan, please email the webmaster.

September 2018

Announcement about ALRC National Rally 2019

The ALRC Council will be in a position to make an announcement on next year's event on or before 16th September.

Air Ambulance donations 2018June 2018

National Rally donations to Air Ambulance

We are delighted that so many of you attending and competing in the 2018 National Rally forgot to sign your membership cards, thereby helping us to raise £100 for Air Ambulance.  Thanks to all of you.

Your fines sorry, 'donations' have been gratefully received and will be put to very good use!   We split the donation between two Air Ambulance bases as Stainby is on the edge of both areas.  We have received a letter from Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance, and a letter and a certificate from Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance.  Please click on the links below to view/download.

Lincs & Notts certificate
Lincs and Notts letter
Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland letter

June 2018

Competition Update for the 2018 National Rally RTVT

A competitor has  highlighted the fact that he has been placed in the wrong class in the RTVT results.

The positions for the Class 2 winners have been changed accordingly and no other classes are affected by this change:

 1st - Andy Milne – Chiltern Vale LRC – 41 points
2nd – Jim Bradford – Lincs LRC – 44 points

Apologies for this error and thank you to those who brought it to our attention!  Click here for link to see amended results.

ALRC National Rally feature in LRO by Russ BrownJune 2018

Look out for the feature in LRO!

Russ Brown's feature on the ALRC 2018 National Rally will be out in the shops on June 13th (the July issue).

Russ has given our event a four page feature in Land Rover Owner International magazine, complete with lots of pics.  If you are not a subscriber, make sure you go out and get your copy - you never know... you may be in it!

The Future....?June 2018

The future...

...and so say all of us!

This picture is of Samuel and Dylan (whose parents are Brian Travis, who won the RTV, and Adele Guy) and my children, Oliver and Josh who are the 4th generation of our family to be members of P&D.  All are sat on Allen Rowell's trialer.

Both my and my wife's families have been involved in the ARC / ALRC since the 70's so there's no hope for our kids really!

Al Reaney

ALRC National Rally 2018May 2018

Phew what a scorcher!

It may sound like your typical Sun newspaper headline - but it's true....

What a fabulous weekend we all had at Stainby.  Whilst the rest of the country seemed to be deluged with thunderstorms and the resulting floods, the National Rally enjoyed steaming hot days with a lovely breeze to help keep the temperature bearable.  Competitors and spectators alike packed the beer tent every evening for prize giving and fun on the Rodeo Bull afterwards - no doubt there will be some pics circulating shortly (and on this website too!).

The results are available by clicking here, and links to the image galleries are here.

Lancaster Land RoverMay 2018

Thanks to Lancaster Land Rover...

Lancaster Land Rover have very kindly covered the cost of a copy of the 70th Anniversary ONE LIFE Magazine for inclusion in each Rally Pack for this year's National Rally.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the magazine - and please visit their website to see what Lancaster have to offer.


ALRC National Rally Royal Wedding Party 2018

May 2018

A right Royal toast!

The ladies thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the Royal Wedding over the working weekend, whilst the men played with tractors and hammers!

"We couldn't have asked for better weather....and we have put in our order for more sunshine over the Bank Holiday weekend too" said Simone Birch. (According to my weather predicting app, it will be sunny and warm all over the weekend - hooray!  Ed.).

ALRC National Rally 2018May 2018

National Rally Update...

We are delighted to announce that Britpart is sponsoring this year's National Rally - you will find various goodies from them in your Rally Packs.  I'm sure you will join us in thanking them for their support.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Cannon Safety Ltd will be in site too, providing fire extinguisher servicing. Cannon currently look after the fire extinguisher needs of P&DLRC and will be able to carry out servicing of extinguishers. 
They will also have a stock of both 2ltr & 3ltr AFFF extinguishers complete with brackets to purchase if you need them.  Servicing will be £5 per extinguisher 
2ltr extinguishers £25, and 3ltr £45.

If anyone wishes to pre-order an extinguisher before the event please contact Cannon via the details on their website.  Cannon will be on site all day Saturday & maybe Friday too.

RB Motorsport
RB Motorsport Equipment will be joining us at the National this year! Aligned with next year’s new regulations, they will be displaying and trial fitting various FHRs and helmets as well as other safety related items.  They will be bringing a seat to make sure that the FHRs fit to you correctly, and there may be the opportunity to try the devices in your own car (but this has not been confirmed yet).

We are arranging a group buy for FHRs; details of this will be available from Rob over the weekend. When the FHR regulations came in for Rallying, Rob managed to negotiate the cheapest deals for over 100 competitors!

As Rob is coming over from a rallying background, he has asked if everyone can fill in a short survey for him, so that he can get a better feel of everyones needs in the Off Road community.  Please click here to go to the survey.

Classic Catering will be on site from Thursday.  The burger van will be running on Thursday with full catering set up for Friday.

We are looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!

Bearmach ALRC Member's DiscountApril 2018

BEARMACH offer all ALRC Members 10% discount...

Bearmach, a leading UK supplier of Land Rover parts and accessories is offering all ALRC Club Members a 10% discount.

To take advantage of this offer, click here to download the full information.  Happy shopping!

April 2018

NEW Data Protection Privacy Policy requirements

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is due to come in on the 25th May 2018 there is a requirement for the processing activities regarding club members data to be documented in writing.

This applies to all of the ALRC member clubs regardless of whether or not they are a company limited by guarantee or not.   The ALRC are happy for its member clubs to use the ALRC Data Protection Privacy Policy as a template for their own use, making any specific amendments to their situation, if they so wish.

Click here to download the ALRC Data Protection Privacy Policy

ALRC Ntional Rally Bouncy Atractions!April 2018

National Rally Updates

Preparations for the ALRC National Rally are now well under way, with bookings streaming in for all the various competitions and camping.

New to the Event weekend for 2018 is the addition of some 'bouncy' attractions! Family Fun for this year running throughout Saturday and Sunday includes a Bouncy Castle, Bungee Run, Inflateable Slide, Dunk Tank, and Rodeo Bull... all free of charge for children (minors....!).  Thanks go to Allen Rowell and Peaks and Dukeries LRC for organising this extra entertainment as part of their taking on the role of Site Services.

The Caterers for this year are Classic Catering who will be bringing their very large marquee with them, and there will be, as usual, toilets and showers on site for those without their own facilities.  We have a few Trade Stands booked, but more are always welcome - interested parties should contact Allen Rowell or email the organisers.

Don't miss out! Click here and get your booking in now to join us for what is shaping up to be a lively event!

ALRC Meetings

Future meetings will be combining the EGM and S&ORC on the same day. The EGM will take place in the morning, the S&ORC in the afternoon.  Clubs are asked to try and avoid the dates of the general meetings for organising club events if at all possible.

The meetings will now be held at the British Motor Museum
, Banbury Road,
CV35 0BJ
Please check out their website as road works close by are ongoing.

Dates for 2018
Council - 3rd February, 9th June, 6th October. We can only do February at the British Motor Museum, hopefully will move all Council meeting elsewhere.
ALRC AGM - March 17th
EGM/S&ORC - March 17th, July 7th, November 17th.

MSA 2018 Fire Extinguisher Regs - Competitor Guidance.

This guidance sets out to clarify the new fire extinguisher requirements for vehicles competing in MSA-permitted events. These new requirements have been published in
section (K) of the MSA Yearbook, with effect from 1 January 2018.

These regulations only apply where the discipline-specific regulations require a fire extinguisher to be carried on the vehicle as a mandatory piece of equipment.

Is a fire extinguisher mandatory in my discipline?
The fire extinguisher requirements are detailed in the discipline-specific regulations of the MSA Yearbook, and in all cases the regulations give the mandatory minimum
requirement. This has not changed, so if there has not previously been a mandatory requirement for extinguishers in your discipline then the new regulations do not change
this. In disciplines where there is no mandatory requirement it is nonetheless recommended that extinguishers are carried.

What are the changes and when do they apply?
Since 1 January 2018, it has been a requirement for all extinguishers to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines or every 24 months, whichever is sooner.  From 1 January 2019, new build vehicles in relevant disciplines must comply with (K) Competitors: Safety; Appendix 3.  From 1 January 2022, all vehicles in relevant disciplines must comply with (K) Competitors: Safety; Appendix 3.

Which regulations apply to my vehicle?
If your vehicle has competed, or been issued with a Competition Car Log Book/Vehicle Passport, prior to 1 January 2019 then it can continue to comply with the existing regulations in (K)3 until 31 December 2021. Therefore, in existing cars, non-homologated extinguishers can continue to be used until this date, providing that the extinguisher is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines or every 24 months, whichever is sooner.  If your vehicle competes for the first time after 1 January 2019 or is issued with a Vehicle Passport after this date then it must comply with the new regulations in (K) Appendix 3.  After 1 January 2022, all vehicles for which there is a mandatory requirement for a fire extinguisher will need to comply with the new regulations in (K) Appendix 3. The individual discipline regulations will define whether the requirement is for a plumbed-in or hand-held system.

For further information, download the leaflet here, or if you have any queries regarding fire extinguishers, please do not hesitate to contact the MSA Technical Department on 01753 765000 or technical@msauk.org.

2017 National Rally Charity Donation

The ALRC have received thank you letters from Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland and Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance organisations for our donations from the proceeds of the ALRC National Rally 2017.  Click here to download