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Japanese car import and Japanese car parts specialist.

Torque GT was founded in 2001 with the objective of sourcing and supplying the finest Japanese Performance cars to enthusiasts. They make quality their priority and operate a golden rule only to supply cars they would be proud to own themselves.

Over the years they have built up a reputation for quality among Japanese car aficionados from their headquarters in Devon. So whether you are sourcing a pristine 240Z, a Honda Civic, or even a Toyota 2000 GT, then Torque-GT is the place to start.

Torque GT Subaru ImprezaJDM cars for sale

Even if you don’t have you heart set on a vanishingly rare model there is a great range of cars already sourced and ready to buy.

They might be relatively inexpensive performance cars such as a Civic or MR2, or you may decide to invest a little more in something like a Honda NSX or Subaru Impreza. The range on offer is constantly changing with new stock becoming available all the time, and of course, if you don’t see what you want, then Torque-GT can almost certainly find it for you

 Torque GT Tein lowering springsJDM car parts specialist

As you have no doubt guessed, a company founded and run by enthusiasts is not going to ignore the vital question of spare parts.

In order to maintain your Japanese performance car, you know you will want to be able to secure genuine parts. On the Torque-GT website you can shop by the make and model of your car, with parts available for all models of Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota, or by parts type such as brakes, body styling, exhausts and more, or you can browse specific brands, e.g. Fujitsubo, Tein, and Soft99.

Torque GT personal import serviceJDM Personal Import Service

When it comes to importing specialist performance cars from Japan JDM have more experience and expertise than most.

Even if it the car you desire is very rare, JDM has the contacts to locate it for you. Once that’s done, they can arrange for an expert inspection, so you know what you are buying, and then arrange for the purchase and shipping. It sounds simple when you say it, but there’s a lot going on so that when your car arrives unless you are having any additional upgrades done, it will be ready for you to drive away.

JDM car servicing

Once you have got the car you want, the question of keeping it in good working order comes along.

JDM has a wealth of experience in all makes and models of Japanese cars and can offer an unrivaled level of tender loving care whether it’s just routine service and maintenance, or more detailed diagnostics. They can also help with IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) so you don’t run into problems getting on the road. You’ll also want to make sure your pride-and-joy doesn’t fall victim to thieves, so JDM can supply and fit a suitable Thatcham approved alarm to your car.

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