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Extracts from the ALRC Handbook (Green Book)

Last Updated: 10.2.19

ALRC Green Book

The ALRC 2019 Handbook (The Green Book) is a biennial publication and is available until the end of 2020.  Members can collect a copy from their Club Secretary.

Price £10 (inc. P&P) for non-members, FREE to ALRC Members.

Welcome to the 2019 Edition of the Association of Land Rover Clubs Handbook, now widely known as the “Green Book”.
The Handbook is intended to be a convenient reference book for Land Rover enthusiasts whatever their affiliation and interest. The articles contained in this publication have been developed over many years by our members and the “Green Book” is considered to be the Bible of the Association. Please take your time in reading its content and keep it handy for future reference.

In the Handbook you will find articles relating to land use and rights of way, facts for caravaners and campers and much more. For the competitive enthusiast there are the full ALRC Vehicle and Event rules and regulations updated to include 2019 changes, and similarly the latest applicable MSUK Regulations from the 2019 “Blue Book”.

The ALRC Handbook comprises general and specific information pages, Vehicle & Competition Regulations and MSUK Blue Book extracts.  The following downloadable pages are from the 2019 Handbook.  There have been some updates since the Handbook was published; amendments are highighted on the following downloadable pages in RED.

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