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August 2019

Friday 23rd to Bank Holiday Monday 26th
North Wales Land Rover Club Interclub 2019 hosted by North Wales LRC

Saturday 24th CCV, Sunday 25th RTV, Bank Holiday Monday 26th Time Trial
Baskerville Challenge, Clyro, Powys hosted by Wye and Welsh LRC

Saturday 24th to Monday 26th
CCV & TYRO (Sat), RTV & JTV (if enough pre-booked entries), Timed Trial (Mon), Copford Farm, Horam hosted by Southern ROC

Saturday 24th to Monday 26th - Eckington Interclub
CCV, TYRO & Bike Trial (Saturday), RTV & Night Comp (Sunday), Day Comp (Monday), Eckington S18 4BQ hosted by Peak & Dukeries LRC

September 2019

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th
50th Anniversary Event - Major's Memorial Trial, Eastnor Castle, Eastnor, Ledbury HR8 1RN, hosted by MROC

Sunday 15th
RTV, Brierfield hosted by Red Rose LRC

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th
RTV & TYRO (Sat), CCV (Sun), Deudneys Farm, Herstmonceux hosted by Southern ROC

October 2019

Saturday 5th
ALRC Council Meeting, The Ibis Hotel, Dirft East, Parklands, Crick, Rugby NN6 7EX

Sunday 13th
TYRO & CCV, Catlow hosted by Red Rose LRC

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th
CCV (Sat), RTV (Sun), Grove Hose Farm, Elham hosted by Southern ROC

November 2019

Saturday 16th
AGM & S&ORC meetings, The Ibis Hotel, Dirft East, Parklands, Crick, Rugby NN6 7EX

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th
Night RTV & CCV (Sat, non-League), Timed Trial (Sun), Cow Farm, Cow Beech hosted by Southern ROC

Sunday 17th
RTV/CCVT & TYRO, Whittington, OS ref 163/015225 hosted by CCROC  

Sunday 17th
RTV, Hambledon Hill hosted by Red Rose LRC

December 2019

Saturday 7th
RTV Christmas Special (dress you and your motors up!) Newman's Quarry, OS ref 163/268289, hosted by MROC

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th
RTV (Sat), CCV (Sun), Cow Farm, Cowbeech hosted by Southern ROC

Sunday 8th
TYRO, CCV @ Brierfield hosted by Red Rose LRC

 ....and an early invitation for your diary from the Norwegian Land Rover Club's National Rally in 2020!

July 2020

Monday 13th to Sunday 29th
The Rally will be held at Evjemoen Military Camp in the county of Agder, Southern Norway. Of course in the same Land Rover spirit as in 2005, with participants from most of Europe and approx. 500 cars.   • Greenlaning • Gymkhana • Children's and youth games • Youth activities • The beautiful nature of the area • The area's many sights and amusements • The proximity to all southern Norway's activities and sights • Pokerrun (whatever that is!!).  Click here to download the information