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Whaddon competition groundsWhaddon Comp Safari MapThe ALRC National Rally 2019 ASR's (Additional Supplementary Regulations) can be downloaded by clicking here.

The programme of events are below with provisional timings etc will be filled in as the information is confirmed.  Please check back.....! 

Pictured left are the competition grounds and a map of the area showing the Comp Safari tracks.


Saturday 25th May - Start time: 10.00
Kindly laid on by: Mark Ambler. Hants & Berks LRO


Saturday 25th May - Start time: 08.00
Kindly laid on by: Dave Edwins & Stuart Newton, Chiltern Vale LRC

ALRC National Rally Team Recovery 2019Team Recovery -

Saturday 25th May - Start time: after the CCVT competition
Kindly laid on by: Andrew Flanders & James Sheen, Anglian LRC

Our reasons for running the Team Recovery after the CCV Trial are several:

1) For the benefit of all the competitors, marshals / officials and spectators etc. - most people will get to see it.

2) If any entrants have vehicle trouble during Team Recovery, then they have maximum time to fix it before the Comp Safari - as getting ready, scrutineering, walking the course etc all takes time. (If Team Recovery was on the Sunday, then this time would be drastically reduced).

3) We are confident that there will be time after the CCV Trial for Team Recovery entrants to get their vehicles ready and scrutineered. It is also our view that this year's planned CCV will not produce as much vehicle damage or roll-overs as the last Stainby National, due to the nature of the ground; four streams and very few (if any) rocks or boulders!

4) We hope that the Team Recovery will run like clockwork and not be a paint-drying exercise! As one of the Clerks of Course I have some experience of National Rallys and Team Recoverys (having helped organise around 6 previous National Rally Team Recoverys). I have also taken part in quite a few, including the odd win and an average at one time of 2nd or 3rd.

5) The Planned location for this year's event will allow viewing for the maximum number of spectators; the event area is not hard to find and is quite close to Signing On and the Beer Tent.  We also plan to have a food and drink wagon and toilets close by, to cater for spectator's needs.

6) The question has been asked "Why have we not planned to use a hill like the last few Team Recoverys that we have had?".  Unfortunately, this year's venue does not have any hills, or at least any that would suitable.

7) This year's planned Team Recovery event will have some mud - see photo, although not necessarily as much as in the pic! It is not in the plan to drown any of the vehicles.... or drivers!  The organising clubs have also allocated a suitable area for jet washing vehicles after Team Recovery, before Comp Safari prep and Scrutineering - water and kit not supplied - bring your own please,

We hope this answers your concerns and helps to encourage entries!
Many thanks, Andrew Flanders.


Sunday 26th May - Start time: 08.00
Kindly laid on by: Rob Brunger, Maurice Flanders & James Flanders, Anglian LRC

Concours d'Elegance

Sunday 26th May - Start time: 14.00
Kindly laid on by: Andrew Cross, Series I LRC

Children's Bike Trial

Sunday 26th May - Start time: After the RTVT competition
Kindly laid on by: Connor Bruce, Peak & Dukeries LRC

Competitive Safari

Monday 27th May - Start time: 08.30
Kindly laid on by: Ed Barnes & Dave Flack, Anglian LRC


Provisional times for scrutineering will be notified below at a date closer to the event:

Friday 25th May       TBA

Saturday 26th May   TBA

Sunday 27th May.     TBA

Monday 28th May     TBA

All above times are variable and subject to change if deemed necessary.  Signing on will accommodate. 


Signing on is scheduled to start at 14.00 on Friday 24th May. Signing on will be open for all events bar the Comp Safari which will be on Sunday only.

Mornings of CCVT, RTVT and Comp Safari 6.30 - 7.30.  Later  times to be announced depending on event requirements.