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Last Updated: 10/01/2018

Obituary Zam Alexander (Anthony)  18th August 1947 – 1st March 2016

It is with great sadness that the death of Zam Alexander has been announced.

Zam has been actively involved with Land Rovers since 1971 and was a stalwart at both club and national level, always willing to help at any event he attended.

In 2003 it was decided by the then ARC Council to award a trophy in memory of its patron Tom Barton who was regarded as “Mr Land Rover”. This trophy is given annually to the person or persons who have contributed towards the well-being of the Association of Land Rover Clubs for the benefit of the members.

Zam had been nominated in 2007 by his club, Staffs & Shrops LRC but he was also known by many in other clubs for all his help at events. This is what the citation said about Zam when he was presented with the trophy by Denis Bourne, ALRC Chairman.

Zam joined the Staffordshire and Shropshire Land Rover Club in 1972 along with his friends Bob Whetton and Charlie (can't remember his surname). He went on to join the committee just two years later in 1974.
In the same year, 1974, he traveled to the South of France in his Series 1 80" on a shoestring - much to the amusement of his friends in Staffs & Shrops LRC.
Zam had been on the committee in some form from 1974 to the present day including some of the following posts:-

Competition Secretary    1984-85
Vice Chairman               1985-87
Chairman                       1988-95
Vice Chairman again       2001-05
ALRC Representative      for ever it seems!!

Zam had been the Steward at more meetings than can ever be remembered including National Rallies and Interclubs. He was always there in the background doing anything from setting out (including kids bike trials) to digging the elson pit even, but he never made a song and dance about it and never sought recognition for all he that he did. Nobody has a bad word to say about Zam and it is for this and all the above reasons that I and the rest of the committee of S&S think that he is the ideal choice for putting forward for the Tom Barton Trophy.
He was a very nice chap all round and this what the ALRC is all about.
David George. Vice Chairman

Zam's Land Rover Career

9.7.71            Bought first Land Rover jointly with myself (86" hard top 999 2RF). Zam couldn't even drive at this time.
17.11.71        Passed his driving test.
1972             Our first ever Land Rover meeting - the National at Liphook.
Later 1972     Started driving the jointly owned 86".
1973              Bought second 86" Land Rover (JTP 73) between us and fitted a roll cage to it (they were not mandatory at that time, but it was on the horizon) and double entered it for several years. This situation carried on at least until the 1988 National at Trentham where Zammy helped to set out the trial along with Colin Parkes and Mick Dobbs.
1974             Zammy joined the committee of Staffs & Shrops and has given unbroken service until the present day. He helped push through the club's conversion to Limited status (still a very new idea at the time).
His committee posts over the years have included:-Equipment Officer, Competition Secretary, Vice Chairman, Chairman, ARC/ALRC Representative and somewhere along the way met and married the treasurers daughter - can't fault his style can you!
Bob Whetton. Equiprment Officer/Rover Rescue Rep 

Having been a member of Staffs & Shrops myself for 15 years or more all I can say is that Zam was always there to help, but being quite a quiet bloke he never sought praise or commendation from others, he just got along with it with no fuss. On the committee he was always there to advise us younger members on current ALRC matters and issues that have arisen in the past. We all thought he was a very worthwhile candidate for this trophy.
Ann Cooper. Club Secretary

We know he will be missed by all his many friends in the Land Rover club scene and our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Funeral details will be posted once they have been made available.

Message received from Midland ROC. I would be grateful if you c

ould pass this information onto your club members.

After very careful consideration over the last couple of months, it has been decided that the MROC will NOT be putting on the Major's Memorial Trial in September 2015.

As a club, we are fully committed to putting on this year's ALRC National Rally at Eastnor over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May.  As those of you who may have been involved in organising this big event within your clubs will understand, it takes much time and energy, and the competition land used needs time to recover. We feel that running the Major's event a few short months later would be an overuse of the competition grounds that we are fortunate enough to have access to. We also feel that our club members will, by then, need a break from all the organising and laying out!

We hope that you will all understand our reasons behind cancelling this year's Major's Memorial Trial, but we would very much like to welcome you all back in 2016 to both Easter at Eastnor which will be an open event, and then the Major's, which will be held on the weekend of 16th-18th September 2016.

MROC Committee

Posted 7th March 2015

ALRC Club Briefing letters will now be posted on a new Briefing page

Posted 27th February 2015

Public Appointment Vacancies
These Vacancies within Defra are currently advertised via
http://publicappointments.cabinetoffice.gov.uk where full details can be found if you are interested?

Secretary of State appointed member
Body: Chilterns Conservation Board
Department: Defra
Closing Date: 23/10/2014

Secretary of State appointed (national) member
Body: Cotswolds Conservation Board
Department: Defra
Closing Date: 23/10/2014 

Secretary of State appointed ?national? member
Body: Lake District National Park Authority
Department: Defra
Closing Date: 23/10/2014 

Secretary of State appointed ?national? member
Body: Peak District National Park Authority
Department: Defra
Closing Date: 23/10/2014

Posted 29th September 2014

Safety Recall - Calor Gas

Please be aware that Calor have annouced an immediate recall of 6KG CalorLite cylinders.


Calor Gas Ltd has issued a product recall
Calor Gas Ltd has issued a product recall with immediate effect on all 6kg CalorLite® cylinders manufactured between 2008-2011 inclusive. All such cylinders must be returned to a local CalorLite® stockist immediately.
...read more.

Posted 24th September 2014

Dear Sir,

I have started a petition, http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/68377 , the wording of which is self explanatory, regarding the proposals to restrict and tax diesel cars by 2020. I hope that you can give this some publicity in your club forum &/or magazines, as many of your members will be affected. We need 100,000 signatures by next March to trigger a Parliamentary debate, so any help you can offer will be very much appreciated.

Please be aware that the prime targets are London and pre 2006 diesels, but it is clear that all pre 2006 vehicles, both petrol and diesel, will be affected, and other towns and cities are champing at the bit to make a few extra bob.

The point of the petition is not to argue the virtues of either petrol or diesel, but to highlight the unfairness of this sort of retrospective indirect taxation, which has an adverse affect on the less well off. It is also a pointless exercise, as most 2006 vehicles will be 14 years old by 2020 and will have been scrapped; according to Honest John at the Telegraph, the average life of a new small car is now 7 years, by which time the residual value is so low that repairs become unviable.

A lot of motorists feel they are often ripped off by Government and that they are not represented by a single body that can lobby on their behalf, unlike Historic vehicle owners who have the very successful FBHVC. Until such time as we have proper support, I am afraid it is up to us and this is my meagre effort.

Colin Gray.
Rover 75 CDTi owner.

NFU Mutual latest Free Prize Draw has been won by Belinda Neale from Essex.

An M&S gift card for £25 will do nicely!

Posted 27th March 2014

Obituary Dave Bygrave       16.01 .1933 – 03.01.2013

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you of the death of Dave Bygrave,

He would be remembered for his last National Rally CCV, where he laid out at least one tricky (many described as Tight) section, this was Cannock in 1992, at the South Poplars off road area, He was the driving force behind the very successful 1978 National Rally, at Heath & Reach, Leighton Buzzard, while he was the Chairman of Anglian ROC.
He managed to obtain various trial sites for Anglian through his contacts within the Farming community, including running land rover events for the young farmers club in Hertfordshire, On a personal note Dave’s best National Result was in 1974 when he received the HQ ROA Pirelli Inter challenge Cup for the Club nominated driver with the lowest total score in the CCV.

Dave organised various green lane trips around the country, including some very overgrown & unused for many years in Mid Wales, which my brother Maurice & I were lucky enough to be invited, This was around 1980, shortly after this, certain 4x4 magazines heavily publicised some of these, leading to most being ruined & TRO’s being permanently placed on them,

Dave had a successful time on Road Racing Bikes, before land rovers, and helped run the Buntingford & District A10 Vintage & Steam Rallies, at which some of us took part in his arena showpiece – How high up a slippery Boat transporter trailer can a land rover climb? (While the trailer was being craned up at a jaunty angle by an old Coles crane), I don’t think Elf & Safety were about then.

After Dave left the Anglian ROC Committee, he went on to form the Essex Land Rover club around 1982; again I was lucky enough to be invited to join his new club and take part in the Trials & Social events that stretched from near Dave’s house in Hertfordshire to the Stroud Family’s country house  in Suffolk,

Our condolences go to his family at this sad time

Kind regards
Andrew Flanders
Vice Chairman the Association of Land Rover Clubs

Posted 24th March 2014

 "LARA strongly recommends that all ‘green lane’ enthusiasts respect the fact that we are experiencing abnormally wet weather and refrain from driving on un-metalled roads until they have had a chance to dry out.
Continued use at this time is not sustainable and could easily bring a swift end to your recreation"

Posted 20th February 2014

ALRC National Rally 2014 Booking System Opens
The on-line booking system for the 2014 ALRC National Rally was opened for business at 21.00 on 15th December 2013.

Posted 16th December 2013

Warning - False Land Rover Warranty Certificates
Here is a letter from the British Historic Vehicle Clubs regarding counterfeit certificates - keep vigilant!

Posted 11th December 2013

Recent ALRC Rule changes withdrawn
Check out the recent change to advertised rule changes regarding vehicle roof material.

Posted 27th November 2013

Secretary of State Appointments to National Parks Authorities & The Broads Authority and Aeras of Outstanding Natural Beauty Conservation Boards
Register your interest for future vacancies via these links. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty - National Park Authorities
(Links removed as appointments are no longer valid - 23/02/2014).

Posted 22nd November 2013.

A NEW National Rally Trophy for Family Orientated Teams Entering Bike Trial, TYRO & RTV or CCV with scoring details here

Posted 20th November 2013.

Urgent action required – Government’s 14/28 Day Rule Review

A call to action has been made by the MSA - 4 wheeled motorsport governing body in the UK:-

MSA issues second call to action over threat to land use by UK motor sport events

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is urging the motor sport community to respond to a second government consultation that also has the potential to threaten the future of the sport in the UK.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has released an issues paper regarding the way in which change of use (of land) is handled within the planning system. This includes a review of the 14/28-day rule (Permitted Development Rights – provision within planning legislation for temporary change of use) under which approximately 60 per cent of MSA motor sport takes place.

MSA Chief Executive Colin Hilton said: "It is disappointing that a government department has queried the 14/28-day rule so soon after the major consultation that took place in 2002, particularly as there is little evidence to suggest that motor sport and its place within communities has changed. Although this is a speculative paper, if the rules are changed it could have a devastating impact on the sport, so it is essential that motor sport makes its voice heard at this stage."

The issues paper can be accessed via the following link: http://www.msauk.org/uploadedfiles/changeofuse.pdf <http://MSA.informz.ca/z/cjUucD9taT0xMzQwNDgmcD0xJnU9OTAwODQ1MDM2JmxpPTQyOTA1NQ/index.html>

Feedback should be sent to the Review Team at UCOReview@communities.gsi.gov.ukby 1 September 2011.

Editor’s notes:
The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is the national governing body for four-wheeled motor sport in the UK, responsible for the regulation and administration of the sport. The MSA is a member of the world governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and holds a seat on the World Motor Sport Council. The MSA represents 33,000 licence holders, 15,000 volunteer marshals and officials, more than 750 member clubs and issues permits for 5000 motor sport events every year.
In recent years the MSA has expanded its remit to cover the development of the sport and currently invests in excess of £1m a year in the three elements of its Whole Sport Plan. ‘Grow’ targets an increase in participation levels, ‘Sustain’ invests in the infrastructure of the sport, its clubs and its people, and ‘Excel’ focuses on training future world champions and educating their peers.

Release MSA11-052: 15 August 2011

Urgent action required – Government’s Forestry Review Panel

The government’s proposed changes to the ownership and management of public forests in England pose a very real danger to UK motor sport – and in particular Stage Rallying.

The Independent Panel established earlier this year to look at the forestry issue and make recommendations to government contains only one representative of leisure users – and that is the Ramblers’ Association. Consequently, there is a great danger that the interests of motor sport will not be considered in the panel’s final report; the disastrous impact of this would be to risk motor sport being excluded from both the public forest estate and any of the forests transferred into private ownership.

The panel is currently consulting with the general public to find out ‘What the forests mean to you?’ It is essential that as many people as possible from the motor sport community make their views known to the panel.


The panel is asking the following questions:

Q1 – What do forests and woods mean to you?
Q2 – What is your vision for the future of England’s forests and woods?
Q3 – What do you feel to be the benefits of forests and woods to:
 a) you personally;
 b) society as a whole;  
 c) the natural environment; and
 d) the economy?
Q4 – We would like to hear about your suggestions of practical solutions and good practice which can be replicated more widely.
Q5 – What do you see as the priorities and challenges for policy about England’s forests and woods?

In order to submit feedback to this consultation, simply send an email to: forestrypanel@defra.gsi.gov.uk, detailing your name and answering as many of the questions as you wish.


It is essential that as many people as possible emphasise the importance to motor sport of continued access to the public forest estate. If we fail to do this, there is every chance that the requirements of motor sport will simply not be considered by the panel.

A sample response paper can be found on the MSA website with some key issues highlighted that you might like to consider when completing your submission. You do not need to answer all the questions, but please respond in your own words, as this is significantly more impactful than an obviously orchestrated campaign.

Further information about the panel and the consultation process can be found on the defra website.

Many thanks for your assistance in this very important matter.

Kind regards

Colin Hilton
Chief Executive
Motor Sports Association

LHD Landrover 110 V8 STOLEN

Dear Land Rover Friends

I need your help, to find my Landrover 110 V8. (Building year 1986)

I am from Switzerland and I am Member of Landroverclub “Landrovers of Switzerland”.  On 17 July 2011, I and my wife Susanne started our vacation trip to Ireland. With the ferry we are in Hull (uk) arrived and then drive to Liverpool. We have taken a room in the hotel Premier Inn. (Liverpool North, Northern Perimeter Road, Netherton, Merseyside L30 7PT)
The next morning we wanted to take the ferry to Dublin, but our Land Rover was gone.

On the night of 19th - 20th  July, our car, landrover 110 V8, stolen in the parking  of The Hotel “Premier Inn”, near the Police Station Copy Lane. 

Now we are again at Home in Switzerland.  

If you see the Land Rover, or parts from this vehicle, please send me an email or report it to the nearest police station, or directly to the police in Merseyside Telephone No. 0151 7096010.
Inside of the Land Rover is a complete camping equipment, any clothes, hand tools
and spare parts, refrigerator, Gps Garmin 76csx, ect……. 

See you the Pictures from our Landrover. The Pictures are a little older.  

Special feature of our Landrover are:

Longer chassis legs in the front
winch “Koenig” in the front (see Picture No. 2)
Roof rack with 2 Tents (one left side, one backside)
The vehicle
has only two seats
The vehicle
has an interior for camping (see photo no. 3)
The steering wheel
is on the left side
One Spotlights rear on roof
(rights side) (see photo no. 3)
The Car have a double Battery System (Banner Battery) and a bigger battery box
as Genuine-Car
Wheel are white, not black as in Picture 1
Rear, right side is a Additional
fuel tank.
Rear, left side is a
Box with stainless steel door
The Landrover have a V8 unleaded petrol

We are happy when we find the Land Rover
Thank you very much for
your support! 

Best Wishes
Lorenz and Susanne Brunschwiler

Breitenegg 307, CH- 3474 Rüedisbach, Switzerland

Tel. No. 0041 (0)34 415 02 52

Public Inquiry notice regarding the TRO in place at Stonehenge.

LARA have requested details if any club member wishes to be represented as an objector. Please pass on any details to Tony Kempster at tony@settpoint.co.uk so that he can liaise with LARA on this matter.

A quick response is needed for this as the closing date for written statements is the 25th May 2011.

Kind regards
Simone Birch
The Association of Land Rover Clubs Ltd

Kath & Harry Jeferry (Peak & Dukeries)

Mid January I went to the Funeral of one of the Elder Statesmen of our Club and his wife.

First time I have been to a Double coffin funeral -

Kathleen Margaret Jeffery - died 30th December 2010 aged 80 years
Harry Jeffery - died  28th January 2011 aged 86 years

Kath Jeffery died on New years eve, Harry Jeffery was due to go into hospital for a routine operation so decided to delay the funeral until he was fit and well, unfortunately he developed Pneumonia and died four weeks after.

Harry was quiet a character and would often set out a Trial without having driven any sections, on one occasion at Middleton top this had not gone unnoticed by Reg Clarke and when nobody had cleared part of the section said " this has not been driven" Harry said where is your motor and promptly drove and cleared the section in his motor.One of his lesser known talents was Origami and would often do an impromptu demo.

Kath used to enjoy a quiet game of cards rather than Trialing.

Harry started the practices of Kids Bike Trials.
I was Vice chairman to Harry and went to meetings at the Factory in the Special projects department.

Harry was also a past chairman of the old ROA.

He will be sadly missed  


Tony Holder

It is with sadness that I write to tell you of the death of Tony Holder on 23rd September 2010.

Tony has been a valued member of the Rover Owners Association ROA, Association of Rover Clubs ARC & Association of Land Rover Clubs ALRC for 40+ years.

Tony represented the Rover Sports Register (RSR) at the inaugural meeting of the Association of Rover Clubs on 5th November 1977 and went on to hold positions of Car Clubs Liaison officer and the post of Chairman of the ARC from 1987 until handing over to Peter Oakden in 1991.

Tony printed and distributed the Newsletter for the Association of Rover Clubs in the 1980's and was a driving force behind the production of our current Handbook, being Editor of the first Association hand book. He had an eye for detail and spent many hours proof reading the copy for this publication over many years.

Tony was always an active member of the Association adding valid input to any debate. Although not an off-road competitor himself he was keen on our Motor Sport and acted as Steward at many Association of Rover Clubs National Rallies.

Many members will always remember Tony as a really nice and helpful man and will miss the meetings and the wonderful conversations with him.

The funeral Service is at Bellingdon, St John Church - HP5 2XW on Tuesday the 12 Oct. 2010 at 11.30am followed by committal at Chesham Cemetery.

Would anyone intending to attend the funeral please contact Derek Spooner on dspoone1@btinternet.com as Joan, his widow, would like some idea of numbers, and he has agreed to liaise.

Kind regards
Simone Birch
The Association of Land Rover Clubs Ltd

Harewood House Game Fair 25/26th September 2010

The Association has been invited to put on a display of Land Rovers at the Harewood House Game Fair, just outside Leeds in Yorkshire.

You can attend for the day or weekend. I'm sorry for the short notice. If you or your club are interested please contact me asap. Thanks.

Sue Foster.

Non Competitive & Shows coordinator.

Jan Greenwood

With great regret, Southern Rover Owners Club wish to inform of the death of Jan Greenwood who passed away Monday 15th March 2010. 

Jan will be sadly missed by many of their members, as she and Steve attended numerous SROC events and over the years attended most Nationals and made many friends all over the country.  Jan also loved to draw and over the years has sketched trial scenes that Southern made into cards, a very talented lady.

Our condolences go to Steve and family at this sad time.

If you require further details then please contact Melanie at melaniestemp@yahoo.co.uk or on 07766881045.

Chris Barney

It is with great sadness that CCROC announce the passing of Chris Barney on October 1st 2009 after a long battle against cancer.
We will miss him dearly but Chris' passion for the Rover V8 lives on as some of his "modified" vehicles have been passed on to other members of CCROC in recent months.
There are no funeral details as yet, contact CCROC direct if required.

Rob McCausland
Ho 01242 690550
Mo 07791 623018
Wo 01242 664024
Ho rmccausland@hotmail.co.uk (anytime)

ALRC AGM 14th March 2009

The rule change proposal presented and voted on at the ALRC AGM on Saturday 14th March has been ratified by the ALRC Council and therefore applies immediately.

Rule B.7.1 can be viewed on the General Vehicle Regulations/Section B page.

Roland Koch

27.9.1950 – 5.2.2009

With great sadness that Land Rover Classic Club in Germany announces the untimely departure of one of our club members.
Roland was one of our founder members and had been a Land Rover enthusiast for over 30 years.
We will remember him as a friend with whom we could discuss many themes, not only Land Rover orientated, at the bonfires. He was also well known for the restoration of Hammond organs.

All of our sympathies go out to his partner Monika von Stölden.

Roland, we will sadly miss you. 

The funeral took place 12.2.2009

Ted Ivory

17th May 1939 – 5th February 2009

It is with great sadness that Cornwall and Devon Land Rover Club announce the untimely departure of one of our club members.

Ted was our vice-president and had been a club member for over 20 years.

He will be sadly missed for his enthusiasm, willingness, generosity and kindness for anything Land Rover orientated.

All of our sympathies go out to his wife and soul mate Sylvia.

Ted’s funeral will take place on - Friday 20th February 2009 - at Bodmin Crematorium at 10.30am

Sylvia would then like to invite everyone to join her at the White Hart, Chilsworthy for refreshments.

Sylvia would like Ted to be escorted by a convoy of Land Rovers; anybody who would like to be part of this should meet at Central Motors (Esso garage on A390 PL18 9HP), Saint Annes Chapel (between Callington and Gunnislake), Cornwall.

Timings will be forwarded when known.

No flowers please.  Donations in lieu should be made to:- 
St Luke's Hospice Plymouth, Stamford Road, Turnchapel, Plymouth, Devon PL9 9XA

Please contact Trish White on 01752 896794 or white.patricia@sky.com for further details.

Derek Nash

Midland ROC send the sad news about the sudden death of Derek Nash.

Derek was a long standing member of the Midland Rover Owners Club, after walking his dog on the morning of January the 13th he collapsed and died while talking to his wife Shirley.

Many ALRC members will have known Derek and Shirley as they were always around either as rally marshals or helping in one way or another at Midland interclub events. Derek played a key role at Midland Nationals using his skills a surveyor and architect to map and layout the camping fields.  Even though he had retired Derek still made site visits in his immaculately maintained 110  and as a result it was often seen to be winning the Farvis Boilers Shield at National Concours events.

Our condolences go to Shirley and family at this sad time.

ALRC 2009 National Rally

The ALRC 2009 National Rally will be held at Manby Motorplex near Louth, Lincolnshire over the Spring Bank Holiday 21st - 26th May. The event will be organised by the ALRC Council with many ALRC member clubs offering to run specific events and assisting with the Camping and site services.

This is seen as an effective alternative to one member club hosting and running the whole event and will perhaps encourage smaller clubs to co-operate in future years to co-host and run a National Rally.

We have just one event looking for a club to volunteer to run - one of the most important too, The Children's Bike Trial. This event is crucial to encourage our younger members in the ways of off-roading and contributes to a great family atmosphere during the event.
Is YOUR Club able to volunteer to run the Children's Bike Trial?

Preparations are well under way with most organising officials in place, availability of The Beer Tent, National Rally Clothing (available for order), Trader enquiries, Sponsor contacts and event bookings increasing.

Get your booking in now and avoid the disappointment of many in 2008 where event places were booked very quickly.

ALRC Council

Obituary  MELVYN ROSE 1940 - 2007


It is with great sadness that we have to report the untimely and sudden death of Melvyn Rose.


Melvyn was born in February 1940, he grew up in Wiltshire in the Chippenham area having two sisters.


He started work at Westinghouse Brake and Signal Company in Chippenham where was a foundry pattern maker. In 1965 he married Ceri and they had two children Nicolas and David and three grandchildren.


His involvement in Land Rovers started in the 1970's when he joined the South West Rover Owners Club which later split in 1982 to become the Somerset & Wiltshire Rover Owners Club and the Cornwall & Devon Rover Owners Club.


Melvyn soon became involved with the scrutineering side of things becoming Chief Scrutineer, a task he performed diligently right up to the day before his untimely death. Melvyn became known on the National scene and attended Off Road and Scrutineering meetings along with EGM's and AGM's for many years, reporting back to his home club at their meetings. Such was his dedication, he was often asked to assist at other Clubs when they hosted National Rallies, a task he performed without a second thought. Melvyn's social life, it's fair to say, revolved around his home club and the members within the club.


He will be sadly missed by many, but never forgotten.


Following the funeral of our dear friend Melvyn, Ceri and the family together with the members of SWLRC would like to extend a huge "thank you" to all who turned out for the service and the wake afterwards.


Not only did Melvyn's own club turn out in large numbers but surrounding clubs were well represented, having travelled great distances to be present - Thank You, we know Melvyn would have appreciated the efforts made.


The service was refreshingly simple yet so poignant no one present could not have felt moved by it - a fitting farewell to a dedicated fellow enthusiast.

(Courtesy of S&WLRC)

Obituary  RICHARD HOWARD - P&DLRC 1965 on


Gentlemen / Women - I regret to advise that one of the early founding members of the original Peak and Dukeries Landrover Club, Richard Howard, was tragically killed last Tuesday in a farm based accident when he was accidentally crushed by a tractor whilst working alone.
It is the wish of his family to notify as many of his many past Landrover Club friends as possible since they feel this was one of Richard's greatest past passions.
It has been suggested by Ian Jeffrey that the Club Membership may well still contain some of those original early members - hence my own note to you.
As a past secretary of the Club I have been asked to make a short presentation after the funeral to commemorate Richard's love of trialling and reflect on his brilliance in a simple 1948 Series 1 - albeit with no doubt the slight change to the Rover 60 engine.  At the time he was certainly always within the Top 10 trial drivers in the UK - and won a serious amount of silverware.
The Family wishes to extend an invitation to any member to attend the funeral and afterwards the wake at 1100, 19 Nov 07 at St Oswald Church, East Stoke, nr Newark, Nottinghamshire and share in this particular aspect of a rich life prematurely ended at the age of 69.
With the help of other past veteran members I am circulating a letter directly but as so usual in such circumstancestime is very short so any direct contact would be most welcome if you think you know relevant past members.
Yours sincerely



Contrived Accidents – A Warning to All Drivers!

Any motor accident can be a distressing time, but how would you feel if it was caused deliberately to fraudulently obtain compensation?  A recent case handled by NFU Mutual highlights a scam where fraudsters target lone female drivers. 

A collision occurred, between a Toyota Carina driven by the Third Party (TP) and a Peugeot 106 driven by an NFU Mutual policyholder, at a roundabout off the M62 motorway in West Yorkshire. 

The accident occurred when, according to the policyholder, the Toyota applied its brakes whilst entering the roundabout for no good reason, causing the policyholder to collide with the rear of the Toyota.  The behaviour of the TP and his passenger was odd, suggesting he had sustained an injury.  The driver expressed surprise when he observed the policyholder’s daughter in the rear seat of the Peugeot.  His first words after the incident were, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you had a child in the car”. 

The TP had their details pre-written out, and the recovery driver who collected the policyholder after the incident commented that he had recovered another lady’s car the day before from the same scene (also a victim of the scam). 

We would, therefore, remind all drivers to take careful note of the circumstances surrounding any accident in which they are involved.  Insurance companies, recommend you carry a disposable camera to capture the scene and record any damage caused.  Also make a note if:

  • the vehicle in front was being driven erratically prior to the accident

  • the TP already had their insurance details written out

  • the TP’s vehicle was driven away from the scene (the fraudster will often claim recovery costs and that their vehicle was written off)

  • There were multiple passengers in the TP vehicle. 

Please contact NFU Mutual, if you would like more information or a quote for car insurance.  For details of your local agent, call 0800 975 0600* or visit www.nfumutual.co.uk 

Road Tax Exemption


Most Classic vehicles are used for fair-weather low-mileage "fun and rally" purposes rather than everyday transport.

Originally the Road Tax exemption was supposed to be after the vehicle was 25 years old,

This idea was quietly scrapped about 10 years ago.


Please click link to 10 Downing Street website: The petition is closed but you can read the PM's response.



Solihull, West Midlands, 12 February 2007 – Customer demand for the Defender, today, saw a substantially revised new model for 2007 roll off the production line at Solihull. Land Rover employees were present to celebrate this important milestone which marks the continued success of the iconic model which began life in 1948. The new model goes on sale this spring and will feature significant upgrades to enhance the ownership experience and meet forthcoming legislation.

The extension to the long life of Defender, which has been in production in various models since 1948, will preserve more than 750 jobs at the Solihull factory where it is produced alongside the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3.

Annual production of Defender has remained consistent at around 25,000 units in recent years, with much of the demand coming from large contract orders. For example, the Italian energy distribution company, Ente Nazionale Elettricita, recently placed an order for over 900 Defenders. Since its emergence, nearly 60 years ago, the original Land Rover has carved a heroic path through some of the world's remotest regions and it's estimated that around two thirds of all Land Rovers are still in use.

"Defender remains a significant contributor to the business as well as an enduring symbol of Land Rover's 4x4 heritage," said Phil Popham, Land Rover's Managing Director. "Its simple concept hasn't changed fundamentally over the years, but it remains as relevant as ever.

Defender continues to play a vital role for emergency services, aid workers and farmers around the world. As we grow Land Rover we're not forgetting our core values and our traditional customers."

With a rugged ladder-frame box-section chassis and aluminium bodywork, the Defender is incredibly tough. Its practical advantages include its unmatched combination of off-road supremacy, carrying capacity and towing capability.

The Defender name was introduced in 1990 but the model is a direct descendant of the original Land Rover introduced in 1948. Production of Defender and its predecessors has passed 1.8 million.

Commenting on the introduction of the model updated for 2007, Paul Cope, Manufacturing Director at Solihull said; "The introduction of Defender 07 Model Year is recognition that consumer demand remains very strong for this iconic model. The 07 Model Year with its new design enhancements, will ensure that Defender remains a key contributor to the success of the Solihull manufacturing site. Our manufacturing team is absolutely dedicated to increasing customer satisfaction by making the 07 Model Year Defender, the best Defender yet." Get more information on the Land Rover range.



Gaydon, Warwickshire, 9 February 2007 – In response to high customer demand, Land Rover has announced that it is to launch a commercial derivative of the award-winning Discovery 3, which will go on sale on the 19 March 2007.

Since launch in 2004, the Discovery 3 has demonstrated a class-leading breadth of capability and accrued awards from all over the world. Now, it has been engineered with approval from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to gain N1 Light Commercial 4x4 Vehicle status. Business users will therefore be able to take advantage of the Benefit in Kind tax and full VAT reclaim associated with Light Commercial Vehicles.

There will be two derivatives available: the Discovery 3 Commercial and the Discovery 3 XS Commercial. Standard features include 2130 litres of loadspace with a full length phenolic floor, privacy glass, two-piece bulkhead, four corner air suspension and Terrain Response™.

"Since launch, our dealers have received a number of requests from customers for a commercial derivative, many of whom bought standard models and then converted them independently for their own commercial use", stated John Edwards, Land Rover UK managing director.

"The launch of the Discovery 3 Commercial means that for the first time, customers are now able to purchase a Land Rover approved Discovery 3 commercial vehicle, which benefits from the superior levels of ride, handling, comfort and equipment offered by the standard Discovery 3. We believe the Discovery Commercial will further re-define the 4x4 commercial segment."

All Land Rover vehicles include a CO2 offset for the first 45,000 miles within the on-the-road price. Administered by Climate Care, an independent CO2 offset provider, the programme ensures that the average amount of CO2 produced by a Land Rover is offset by investments in a mixed portfolio of projects, including renewable energy, technology change and energy efficiency initiatives.

To book a test drive of the new Discovery 3 Commercial or for more information regarding the Land Rover range, please visit your local Land Rover dealership or via the Land Rover web site.



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