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[ARC Logo] ARC News Issue 40 - March 2001

SUPPORTED BY NFU MUTUAL For contact details call 0845 704 5031




Paul Barton, ARC Newsletter Editor,
26 Summerhill Grange, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield,
Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1RQ


ARC Secretary: Caroline Flanders, tel/fax: 01689 878105

Each edition of ARC NEWS can be found on the ARC website www.the-arc.co.uk If you wish to subscribe to receive a copy by e-mail please log on to arcnews@tesco.net



Will take place on Saturday 17th March 2001 in the Presentation Suite at Land Rover, Lode Lane, Solihull from 10.00am. All A.R.C. members are welcome to attend.

SITUATION VACANT - Nominations are sought for the post of A.R.C. Treasurer - please contact the Secretary for further details.


The Council of the Association of Rover Clubs strongly recommends cancelling all off road events and green lane runs in and around areas where there are suspected cases of foot and mouth disease until further notice.

Although not a danger to humans, foot and mouth is a highly contagious viral infection in cattle, pigs, sheep and goats, which can devastate livestock yields.

The virus can be carried in the air or can travel to previously uninfected areas on, among other things, clothing, footwear and vehicle tyres.

Land owners and farmers are urging people to observe any formal notices closing public rights of way and if possible, stay away from infected areas during the current outbreak.

This disease is so virulent that it could be the final straw both for farming and by default the countryside we all cherish.

It is vital that we assist the farming community in every way we can.

By cancelling off road events and green lane runs until the present outbreak is officially declared over, we can play our part in defeating this highly contagious disease.

Denis Bourne, Chairman, Association of Rover Clubs Ltd.


This is to advise you that the national emergency has deteriorated significantly since Monday. You will be aware that many more cases of foot & mouth infection have been confirmed and that they now affect areas of the UK which were previously unaffected. The Motor Sports Council therefore decided today (Wednesday 28 February) that existing MSA Permits will be suspended with immediate effect and that no new Permits will be issued until further notice in respect to the following categories of event:

Autotest (including Production Car Autotest) Autocross Rallycross (including 2CV and Minicross) Off Road (including Trial, Timed Trial, Tyro Trial, Safari, Team Recovery and Point to Point) Road Rally (including Historic Road, Road Timed, Navigation, Navigation Scatter and 12 Car) Special Stage Rally (not including Multi-Use) Historic Special Stage Rally (not including Multi-Use) Trial (including Classic Trial, Production Car Trial and Sporting Trial)

The above list is intended to halt all events using the public highway as part of the competition, and to eliminate events which commonly take place on or near agricultural land. If local advice is not to run an event, MSA will not issue a Permit for that event. It may therefore be necessary - due to local circumstances (such as a request by a landowner, by the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries & Food or by any other appropriate authority) - for organisers to postpone or cancel events which are not on the list above.

The continued running of events at permanent motor sport venues is under active review. MSA will urgently discuss the situation with the venue owners and make a further announcement in due course.

Event organisers may find helpful the following summary of existing national access restrictions:

Forest Enterprise - Some Forest Districts have already issued advice to permit holders and members of the public, warning them not to enter woodlands until the outbreak is over. Event organisers are warned that scheduled events may have to be cancelled at short notice.

Ministry of Defence - There will be no motor sport access to any military property for the duration of the crisis.

National Parks - Some National Parks have closed their roads to all non-essential traffic for the duration of the crisis. It is important for affected organisers to check with the relevant park authority.

Royal Parks - There will be no motor sport access to any Royal Parks property for the duration of the crisis. Organisers should note that not all Royal Parks property is actually parkland and includes some roads.

Rights of Way - The Government has given permission for local authorities to deny access to many public rights of way (including footpaths and bridleways) within infected areas. This may affect events in unexpected ways and every organiser is urged to check with the local authority.

MSA will, of course, write to all motor clubs when it becomes appropriate to accept applications for Permits in the listed categories. We will also continue to contact clubs as the situation evolves.

Motor clubs whose officials have access to the Internet can always find our latest information on the MSA website (www.msauk.org) - look for the flashing "LATEST" logo.

Otherwise, the relevant executives at Motor Sports House will naturally be available to assist or advise: simply telephone the MSA on 0175 376 5000 during office hours (Monday to Friday 09.30 to 17.00) and state the type of event for which you need help.

John Quenby, Chief Executive, Motor Sports Association.

Due to the foot and mouth Crisis the Macmillan 4x4 UK Challenge will be postponed till March 2002. For more details please contact Peter Rowland, of Macmillan Cancer Relief, on 01886 832320, e-mail - pjr@shadeoak.freeserve.co.uk Or visit the Event web site at http://members.aol.com/TelemationLtd/Macmillan/



Help us to help you! Get them in if you want your name on the programme as leaving it to the last minute could lead to disappointment and frustration!!!!

Forms available from Jean French 01752 338279 or via our website www.arc20001.co.uk and don't forget the follow-on rally. --Spend a few days with fellow enthusiasts from around the country.


For campers, competitors and spectators

The facilities will be outstanding, all the action you want within easy reach of the central arena and trade stands; backed up, where appropriate by Diana Andrews's knowledgeable commentaries.

THE EVENTS All major sponsors are now in place.

Friday 'evening kicks off with the " SUPERWINCH " winch recovery which will be continued on Sunday evening within sight of our refreshments area.

Saturday a.m. The " Milklink " RTV trial commences over a variety of interesting sections with tremendously differing ground conditions.

Saturday around 4 p.m." 'the Land Rover Monthly " Team Recovery starts- Real off-road theatre. See the country's best Land Rover mud- wrestling experts from the comfort of the arena.

Sunday starting with the " Land Rover World CCV trial again with a spectator section next to the central arena where the "Roger Young Land Rover Concours starts at around 1:30 pm. Apart from the traditional classes the recently introduced " everyday working " and " original " classes could be your cup of tea.

Bank Holiday Monday gets the blood racing when over 100 of the country's top drivers compete in the " Bearmach Competitive Safari" over a truly well researched 5-6 mile course, the start and finish are, of course, directly opposite the beer tent.

For those of you likely to venture beyond the central activities loos and refreshments, including Buttenshaws well known "butty" van can be found further into the park.

Important contacts are;

Entries Jean French 5 Pinewood Close, Plympton Plymouth, PL7 2DW tel 01752 338279
Trade Stands / Sponsorship Wendy Arrowsmith Hicks Mill House Hicks Mill Polyphant, Launceston Cornwall PLIS 7PT tel 01566 86291 fax 01566 86817 wenandmalc@aot.com
Overseas Clubs Liaison (Gavin Earnshaw, Furzene, Chapel Street, (Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18NA tel 01822834SS7 cdlrc@kourgath.demon.co.uk
Press / Publicity 'Ted Ivory Tor View Nurseries, Chilsworthy Beam Gunnistake,Comwall,PLI89AT tel 01822832564

NFU INSURANCE - Counting The Cost

In this issue of ARC News, the ARC Council has invited the sponsor and recommended insurer of the ARC, NFU Mutual, to discuss the topical subject of rising motoring premiums.

There's no getting away from it, insurance is a necessary fact of life and when motor insurance premiums rise, it can be tempting to choose the cheapest policy available in an attempt to cut costs. For the motorist, the cost of insuring a vehicle is an important consideration; however, it is important to base your decision on a number of factors - not just the cost of the premium.

For example, if you drive a specialist vehicle like a 4x4 and engage in off-road driving, you need to make sure you choose an insurer who can cover your vehicle competitively for the risks involved with that particular activity. In short, you need to choose an insurer who understands the vehicle you own and the activities for which it will be used. If that insurer also turns out to be the cheapest, then so much the better.

In common with other insurance companies, NFU Mutual's motoring premiums have increased, although as a mutual company, we have been able to keep these increases to a minimum without compromising the level of service and cover we provide.

At NFU Mutual we believe in rewarding loyalty and those of you who have insured with us for a number of years will already know that our overall objective is to offer you competitive rates, backed up by excellent customer service.

Last year, to underwrite this commitment, we introduced our Mutual Bonus scheme, which enables our customers to share our financial success during years of good Stock Market growth. This allowed us to pass back 42m to our customers in 2000, in the form of a scaled bonus (ranging from 2% to 11%) when they renewed their insurance policies with NFU Mutual.

Even without Mutual Bonus, our rates are extremely competitive and our mutual status means that our customers benefit from a wide range of initiatives; from premium discounts, right through to reduced service charges.

Although premium increases are never popular, NFU Mutual is committed to the concept of mutuality, enabling it to keep any increases to a minimum. As a mutual company, NFU Mutual is also committed to assisting its numerous affinity groups and looks forward to providing ongoing support for the ARC during 2001.

For more information or to enquire about any of NFU Mutual's range of horse, motor, personal and business insurance's, contact 08457 045031 for details of your nearest agent.


An A.R.C. member recently received an insurance renewal quotation for his three vehicles, which involved his annual premium trebling. After contacting RAC and reminding them of the Club discount scheme he was able to get the quote amended. It seems RAC may need to be reminded if you have your insurance business with them.



An article was published in the Autumn edition of Motorsports Now!, explaining that the RAC would still recover members' cars from private ground " where access is permitted and specialist equipment is not required".

That article was printed in good faith and followed extensive research by three people here at Motor Sports House. Nevertheless, it appears that the answers given to MSA were wrong and that RAC recovery from motor sport events on private land has, indeed, been withdrawn.

According to a letter from RAC Motoring Services, "RAC has moved to reaffirm that it does not regard certain 'off road' activities as a reasonable scenario within which a member should always 'expect' to receive service under their terms of membership".

"RAC believe it unreasonable to recover competitors taking part in race meetings or stage rallies where the expectation of damage to a vehicle is known and the competitor could be expected to manage this eventuality in preparing for the event".

" Vehicles which have broken down whilst taking part in a motor sport event which takes place off the road and/or is not subject to the normal rules of the road are excluded from cover."

The same letter does offer a crumb of comfort with respect to events on the public highway: "In respect to the 2000 events taking place on a Public Highway or in a public place where all vehicles comply fully with The Road Traffic Act, I confirm that breakdown cover would be provided. Examples of such events being Navigational Road Rallies, Touring Assemblies and Treasure Hunts."

If any motor club member has been refused service in a situation where service appears to be on offer, they are asked to forward details to David Bromwich at RAC Feltham (tel: 020 8917 2885, fax: 020 8917 2879), who "will investigate the requests for assistance in each case and establish whether the breakdown scenario fell within the 'reasonable expectation of damage' description."

A separate issue involves the RAC's payment of commission to motor clubs for enrolling members in the breakdown service. RAC Motoring Services confirm that no commission on enrolement or renewal will be payable to any club for members with a membership date of 1st December 2000 or beyond. For the record, RAC Motoring Services is wholly owned by the LEX Group and no longer has any legal or commercial connection with The Royal Automobile Club or MSA. MSA is aware of the existence of other breakdown service providers and will always seek to arrange the highest possible level of recovery for licence holders and members of our affiliated clubs...


Meanwhile the A.R.C. secretary received the following on 22 February 2001. The A.R.C. Council is now in discussions with the AA about its new recovery scheme.

The AA Motor Club Scheme

'The AA Motor Club Scheme', was launched on 21st February 2001. The AA are able to cover all road going vehicles and have also introduced a 'Pay for use service' for oversized vehicles or vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. This means that recreational vehicles and oversized caravans can be covered; giving the club member peace of mind that in the event of a breakdown service is available at a fixed cost.

The Motor Club Scheme includes as standard, recovery from paddock areas for all road-going vehicles. AA Membership also includes: * Caravan recovery * Trailer recovery * Motorbike recovery * Reasonable off road access * Up to 8 passengers including the member * Vehicles up to 3.5 tonne and 23' in length covered as standard # * No lower age limit to membership * No age limit on vehicles covered


The latest edition of LARA NEWS (the Land Access and Recreation Association's newsletter) of January 2001 provides a review of the new Countryside and Rights of Way Act, which is expected to come into force in early February 2001, which brings threats and opportunities for motor sport and recreation. No doubt all A.R.C. Club green lane officers will wish to study the proposals relating to rights of way. All competitive clubs need to be aware that here are now new powers with heavy penalties for damaging SSSIs (sites of special scientific interest) and the Act also anticipates an increase in the numbers of Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty (AONBs) which will have to have management plans.


As we go to press, the producers advise that they expect to start posting out copies shortly.



Entry into this year's HMC Run costs 10 per vehicle. This includes entry to both the event, and the Museum, for the driver and one passenger, plus a rally plate for the vehicle a limited edition rally plaque, and "fast track" entry into the Centre on the Sunday. Additional passengers in Run vehicles should pre-book their entry tickets with their Run entry, at discounted rates of 5 per person, (children up to 16yrs F.O.C.). Entry forms may be downloaded from the ARC website at: www.the-arc.co.uk or by requesting the genuine article (non electronic !) from Chris Savidge (Snr.) on 0115 926 7716.

Booking forms are available direct from Chris Savidge, or may be downloaded from the ARC website at www.the-arc.co.uk

For booking either Club, Trade, or Auto jumble stands, please contact: Jane Roche, HMC's Events Manager, on 01926 645120 or fax 01926 641555, or e-mail at janer@ heritagemotorcentre.org.uk

Booking form at the end of this Newsletter

Advance notice of the 2001 "All Rover Weekend"

The 2001 ALL-ROVER WEEKEND will take place on August 25th -27th at the "Town and Country Festival" at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry. This is definitely an event to suit all tastes - you simply cannot be bored at the T&C, only weary from trying to see all of it!

This year sees a new member joining the "established" team, (myself and Bonny my wife and Sue and Ian Foster of the lightweight Land Rover Club) in the person of Mike Page of the Range Rover Register. Mike's particular responsibility will be to book you all in, either as day visitors or camping/caravanning - in either Land Rover products or Rover Cars. The latter are especially welcome at the All Rover Weekend.


Are you a Classic Car Enthusiast? Do you like the idea of traveling across Europe visiting the Best Shows and the Best Museums, but don't want to drive your precious car up and down the Autobahns?

Then why not join a luxury coach tour instead. Let us do all the driving and make all the travel and hotel arrangements for you.

Our Tours visit the Best Shows: - Retromobile, Techno Classica Essen and the ever-growing Brussels Retro Festival.

And the Best Museums including the world-famous 'Schlumpf Collection in Mulhouse. Plus Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Sinsheim, Speyer, Autoworld and many others - all uniquely different.

Our company Transport Specialist Tours was founded and funded by a group of enthusiasts - just like you. Join them on a tour across Europe and join in the camaraderie.

For a brochure, please contact: - TRANSPORT SPECIALIST TOURS, Blakeley House, 64 Harnwood Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2 8DB Tel/Fax 01792 322504



Hot news for fans of the Series Land Rovers is that Philip Bashall is again organising a sales weekend at Dunsfold. Ample parking will be available on the adjacent field. As always Philip will also have a huge pile of second hand parts for all models.

VALANCE BYWAYS SUMMER SHOW 2001- June 23d/24th 2001

The organisers would like to beat last year's attendance of 120 Land Rovers at this aviation and vintage vehicles show held close to the Gatwick Airport. There's an off road course, vintage aircraft displays including a Shackleton, a beer tent and even helicopter rides. Further details from Stephen and Natalie Eastman, Land Rover and Military Vehicles Section Marshals e mail eastmans@uk.packardbell.org or 16 Monarch Close, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 8JH Tel 01293 517621 (ansaphone)

PENNINE LRC's Spring Bash '01

This is a brief note to invite you to Pennine Land Rover Club's 4th Annual Spring Bash. It is to be held at the site, outside Keighley, West Yorkshire, variously known as Lothersdale and Crosshills over the Easter weekend of April 13th to 16th 2001.

The format of the event is as follows; Saturday RTV trial, Sunday CCV trial, Monday Fun trial and a public off road route will be running on all days.

The trials will be open to all types of Land Rover (there will also be a non-Land Rover class in each trial) that conform to the relevant RTV/CCV regs. We'll run a couple of showroom vehicle sections subject to demand. We*re also hoping to run a fun trial to an approximation of some European trials rules subject to demand etc for RTV-spec motors.

The competitive events are open to members of any MSA registered clubs and for those new to it all there will be day membership of Pennine LRC available. There will be a batch of trophies and prizes up for grabs including one or two not usually associated with trials. Newcomers, spectators and campers will be welcome. An LRW magazine photographer will record the action for the magazine too.

As well as Sunday's event being an open CCV trial it will also form the second round of the second annual Northern CCV Challenge, a CCV trials championship co-promoted by a number of northern clubs and run to MSA 'Blue Book' regs.

Camping and caravanning on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights is available. The cost of camping and the public off road route will be kept to a minimum and the trials entries will be at Pennine's usual rates.

The last three Spring Bashes have been great and we're hoping this one will be even better! For more information, contact Pennine LRC, PO Box 24, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5YR. Telephone; 0208 774 0976 (office hours). See you there! Booking forms via 0208 774 0976


Staffs & Shrops May Day Extravaganza - 4th to 7th May 2001 S&S are holding their May Day Interclub at Whitchurch this year, after a very successful event there last year. There will be the usual RTV, CCV and Comp Safari plus a TYRO on Sunday evening for the "Shiny Vehicles" amongst us (those aged 14+ can enter). Good camping is available with a family orientated weekend planned - a social tent (bring your own beer) with a disco on Saturday and skittles on Sunday and a bike trial and bouncy castle for the kids.

The site is just off the A525 Whitchurch Wrexham Road about 2 miles west of Whitchurch - map ref 117-518-406. Pre-booking forms and supp. regs. available from Allan Dawson on 01538 387348 or e-mail allan-dawson@compuserve.com


MAY 2001

5th/6th Y Rali Bryn Cymru - Hillrally in South Wales 6th - Land Rover Marque Day/Heritage Motor Centre Run 11th- 13th Land Rover World Show - West Wycombe, Bucks 020 8774 0974/0790 18th -20th Land Rover Owners Show - Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire Nr Coventry - Hotline - 01733 467102 25th -29th May A.R.C. INTERNATIONAL 2001 Newnham Park Plymouth C&D LRC

JUNE 2001 GKN Driveline Scottish Hillrally Perth 01224 588900

JULY 2001 20th-22nd Billing 2001 Land Rover Enthusiast Show Billing Aquadrome Northampton 01379 890056

SEPTEMBER 2001 9th/10th September Langley Farm - Yorkshire ROC - details to follow

OCTOBER 2001 October 5th/6th/7th The Hillrally

IMPORTANT - Participation at any competitive event or show is at your own risk or that of the organisers. Although the A.R.C. is happy to publicise such events it does not act as an agent for the organisers. Statements or opinions expressed in A.R.C. News are not necessarily those of the A.R.C. Council. You are advised to obtain independent advice on matters involving safety, finance or legislation.

This Newsletter is compiled and edited by Paul Barton, ARC Newsletter Editor, for the Association of Rover Clubs Contact Editor at 26 Summerhill Grange, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1RQ e-mail: PaulBarton.home@ukgateway.net

ARC Secretary: Caroline Flanders, 124 Crescent Drive, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent. BR5 1BE. Telephone: 01689 878105 e-mail: arcsec@ledburn253.freeserve.co.uk.

Association of Rover Clubs Ltd. Limited by Guarantee Registered in England No. 1806788 Registered Office, 124 Crescent Drive, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent BR5 1BE


THE LAND ROVER MARQUE DAY incorporating THE HERITAGE MOTOR CENTRE RUN THE HERITAGE MOTOR CENTRE, GAYDON 6th MAY 2001 BOOKING FORM BLOCK CAPITALS PLEASE Name .................................................................. Date................................. Address................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ..................................................................................Postcode................................................ Telephone ...........................Club.......................................Membership. No..................................... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Fourth Heritage Motor Centre Run--Solihull to Gaydon--Sunday 6th. May. Land Rover Model & Description ............................................................................................. Special Features/Equipment..................................................................................................... Year of manufacture ....................... Reg. No. ........................................ Entry Fees: Vehicle Entry (includes driver + one passenger, rally plate, plaque, etc.) 10.00 Extra passengers.........No. of Adults @ 5 each................................................. (Children up to 16yrs - FOC)

TOTAL RUN/ ENTRY FEE .............


2. Caravanning/ camping reservation-- 5th / 7th May. Vehicle type .................................................................Reg. No. ....................... Pitch required for----CARAVAN / TENT / CAMPING IN VEHICLE. Entry Fees: Caravan /camping fees, 10 per unit per night (includes 2 adults camping and entry to all normal museum facilities). Please indicate nights required. SAT / SUN / MON .......... * Extra persons........No. of adults @ 5 each per night......... .......... No. of children ( 5yrs to 16 yrs) @ 3 each per night........ .......... TOTAL CAMPING/ ENTRY FEE ........ .......... *Extra persons paying to camp do not need to pay again as passengers in the Cavalcade ----------------------------------------------------------- I enclose herewith my full payment, as required above, for :- 1. HMC Run /Entry ............. 2. Caravan Pitch /Entry ............. TOTAL PAYMENT .............

All cheques / postal orders to be made payable to HERITAGE MOTOR CENTRE LIMITED . Please return this form, with your payment, to:- Chris Savidge (Snr), 86 Spring Lane, Lambley, Nottingham, NG4 4PG.

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