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[ARC Logo] ARC News Issue 39 - January 2001

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Paul Barton, ARC Newsletter Editor,
26 Summerhill Grange, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield,
Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1RQ


ARC Secretary: Caroline Flanders, tel/fax: 01689 878105

Each edition of ARC NEWS can be found on the ARC website www.the-arc.co.uk If you wish to subscribe to receive a copy by e-mail please log on to arcnews@tesco.net


To All Members of RAC Motoring Services and Associate Clubs.

Please read through the article below. Its is my opinion of the current situation and your individual circumstances should be checked with RAC Motoring Services. I cannot be responsible for losses or costs should you incur them as the matters below may be the subject of legal action.

RAC Motoring Services has withdrawn its cover for vehicles used in Motorsport of any form. This includes Racing, Rallying and mildly competitive events such as Driving Days and Touring Assemblies. This was done by letter dated the 14th August 2000 to all Associate Clubs of RAC Motoring Services, which includes the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association.

The letter states that cars, which have broken down or have been involved in an accident in an event that does not follow the normal rules of the road, are no longer covered by the RAC. This includes mildly competitive events such as Driving Days and Touring Assemblies. It also goes on to say that no commission will be paid to the majority of Associate Clubs. These benefits have been in place since the setting up of the Associate Section in 1907.

In the latest Motorsports Now! there is an article stating that the service has not been withdrawn. This was written and published by the MSA who now have agreed that their content IS WRONG. The incorrect information in the article was also circulated to the Regional Associations of Motor Clubs.

At a meeting yesterday (4/12/2000) with the RAC Motoring Services manager responsible for pushing through the changes, I have put it quite clearly to him that these changes must be made clear to individual members, which they have not been. Any member who is in receipt of the latest 'Terms and Conditions' will find no exclusions for Motorsport. The RAC cannot, according to it's own 'Terms and Conditions' and possibly the law make such changes without informing the member at renewal time.

Thus members who have renewed in the last year are still covered for Motorsport. Until such time that the terms and conditions are amended and sent out to new and renewing members, pointing out the changes, RAC Motoring Services will have to honour their terms and conditions, for the period of the membership.

I await a formal response from the RAC Motoring Services about this and draw your attention to the disclaimer in my first paragraph.

I will continue to lobby on behalf of competitors for the rights of membership that have existed since 1907. I have constantly pointed out that the enthusiast member is that least likely to call out the RAC, the majority of call out is for minor problems that would be sorted out or ignored by the clubman. In the major events, such as stage rallies, competitors have service crews and trailers and it is the person who takes part in a mildly competitive event that will suffer. This will prompt the majority of clubmen to look elsewhere for their breakdown cover.

I have suggested that the RAC should restrict its cover to vehicles, which display a valid Vehicle Excise License (Tax Disc). That way cars which are road legal only are covered and there would be no ambiguity or enquiries as to the use of the vehicle. This definition has been agreed verbally with the MSA and follows the practice of another major breakdown service. The condition of service for reasonable access to get to the vehicle would remain.

A separate issue remains over the withdrawal of commission payments to the majority of motor clubs.

I would like to hear from individuals and clubs who have or will be been affected by these changes. I would advise individual members and clubs to seek their own clarification until such time as RAC Motoring Services has written to members individually.

I have, of course, pointed out to RAC Motoring Services, that we have a choice.

Mike Hurst, Treasurer, Middlesex County Automobile Club Ltd. Founded 1905 and associated with the RAC since that date. Member, RAC Motoring Services, Specialist Motor Group

PS, for those of you who don't know me, I was a member of the RAC Associate Committee, elected by Motor Club representatives attending the General Council of the RAC held yearly at Pall Mall. As such I will continue to seek and represent the views of Clubs and Members alike to the new organisation.


Change to "Most Original Working Vehicle Class"

At a recent meeting of the non-competitive sub-committee, it was agreed to place a "cut-off" date for the age of vehicles eligible to enter this class at the International Rally. This has, initially, been set for 1983-the intention being to make the date the end of the leaf sprung era - so the date of 1.3.83 when Land Rover 110 production started has been selected as appropriate. This change is intended to exclude entry of very new vehicles, which obviously would have a far greater chance of being completely original! This "cut-off" date will be reviewed after the 2001 International. Cornwall and Devon Land Rover Club will be running both the Concours and Working Vehicles classes at Newnham Park this year, with the assistance of THE SERIES ONE CLUB, and the sponsorship of the local franchised Land Rover Dealer. Rover cars are very welcome at this event - the forecourt of Newnham House will provide an excellent venue for them. C&D LRC is working hard to provide a "spectator-friendly" event, with much to interest all categories of A.R.C.'s membership. Book in with Jean French on 01752-338279.

European Parliament Legislation

I have heard, via Tony Holder of A.R.C. and R.S.R., that the END OF LIFE (VEHICLES) DIRECTIVE has at long last, become a European Directive which sets out in detail the obligations and procedures to be adopted by Member States for dealing with "life-expired" vehicles. Historic vehicles - a definition which includes vehicles of value to collectors" - are excluded from the Directive. They are also formally recognized as NOT being "waste" and as such fall outside the scope of all European Waste legislation. All that remains to be done now is to carefully monitor how each Member State enacts this Directive into their own system so as to ensure that exemption for historic vehicles is not lost along the way! All credit must go to the International Historic Vehicle Organisation for recognizing the potential dangers in the original draft of the Directive and alerting other historic vehicle organizations throughout Europe so that everyone could work together to ensure that he interests of historic vehicle enthusiasts were protected. New Clubs join A.R.C. Member Clubs

At the December EGM two new clubs gained the approval of the delegates present to become A.R.C. Member Clubs. These are The Vectis Land Rover Club based on the Isle of Wight and the Discovery Owners Club - which is a national single marque club. Both clubs are non-competitive.

Advance notice of the 2001 "All Rover Weekend"

The 2001 ALL-ROVER WEEKEND will take place on August 25th -27th at the "Town and Country Festival" at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry. This is definitely an event to suit all tastes - you simply cannot be bored at the T&C, only weary from trying to see all of it!

This year sees a new member joining the "established" team, (myself and Bonny my wife and Sue and Ian Foster of the lightweight Land Rover Club) in the person of Mike Page of the Range Rover Register. Mike's particular responsibility will be to book you all in, either as day visitors or camping/caravanning - in either Land Rover products or Rover Cars. The latter are especially welcome at the All Rover Weekend.

A new "M.D." for Heritage Motor Centre

On Tuesday, 2nd January, the newly appointed Managing Director of the Heritage Motor Centre was introduced to Centre staff by Gavin Green, Director of Communication and Public Affairs - LAND ROVER.

The new M.D. is Julie Tew, who will take up her new position at Gaydon in March 2001.

The previous M.D. Fred Coultas, retired in April 2000. Since Fred's retirement, Peter Mitchell has been acting M.D. of Heritage Motor Centre. Peter was Chairman of British Motor Industry Heritage Trust until November of last year, when he was succeeded in the latter post by Bob Dover, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LAND ROVER.

Finally a "thank-you"

Bonny would like to thank all those of you who have sent us Christmas and New Year greetings. We are sorry, but we cannot hope to reply individually. Our best wishes for a fulfilling year in 2001 to all members of A.R.C. Clubs.

Chris Savidge (Snr) Non- Competitive Clubs Co-ordinator


In 2001, this now well-established event in the Land Rover club scene, reverts to its more usual date of the Sunday preceding the May Day Bank Holiday Monday.

Bob Dover, Chief Executive Officer of Land Rover, and newly appointed Chairman of The British Motor Heritage Trust, is a confirmed classic car enthusiast, and is looking forward with enthusiasm to this event.

Entry into this year's HMC Run costs 10 per vehicle. This includes entry to both the event, and the Museum, for the driver and one passenger, plus a rally plate for the vehicle; a limited edition rally plaque, and "fast track" entry into the Centre on the Sunday. Additional passengers in Run vehicles should pre-book their entry tickets with their Run entry, at discounted rates of 5 per person, (children up to 16yrs F.O.C.). Entry forms may be downloaded from the ARC website at: www.the-arc.co.uk or by requesting the genuine article (non electronic !) from Chris Savidge (Snr.) on 0115 926 7716.

For non-Run participants attending the Land Rover Marque Day in a Land Rover product, the driver will get free entry, but all passengers must pay the discounted admission rates of 5 per adult, 3 per child (5yrs to 16yrs), at the pay booths. It is best to arrive before 11.00 am, in order to witness the arrival of the 150-vehicle cavalcade from Solihull - one of the highlights of the day.

In addition, there are to be superb displays by the Land Rover Company. This is, of course, the first time that this event has taken place with HMC under Land Rover ownership.

We are also looking forward to Club Stands, Trade and Autojumble stands, possible Land Rover Dealer support, and Land Rover 'Gear' on sale in the HMC shop together with their normal comprehensive range of models, books, and memorabilia. The usual family and children's entertainments will also be there.

Basic camping and caravanning will be available for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights (5th, 6th, 7th May) in the meadow within the HMC grounds. The site will open at 10.00am on Saturday and will close at noon on Tuesday.

Fees for camping/ caravanning will be 10 per night per unit, which covers two adults per unit for camping, and admission to the Museum and all other HMC normal facilities. Extra persons will need pre booked entry tickets at 5 per night per adult, 3 per night per child (5yrs. to 16yrs). Please Note--- extra adults paying to camp, do not need to pay again as passengers in the Cavalcade.

Booking forms are available direct from Chris Savidge, or may be downloaded from the ARC website at www.the-arc.co.uk

For booking either Club, Trade, or Autojumble stands, please contact: Jane Roche, HMC's Events Manager, on 01926 645120 or fax 01926 641555, or e-mail at janer@ heritagemotorcentre.org.uk

Booking form at the end of this Newsletter



Hot news for fans of the Series Land Rovers is that Philip Bashall is again organising a sales weekend at Dunsfold. Ample parking will be available on the adjacent field. As always Philip will also have a huge pile of second hand parts for all models.


Midland ROC are pleased to announce that they have secured agreement with Eastnor once again for the Majors Memorial Trial to take place at Eastnor. The date of the event is the weekend of 7th/8th/9th September 2001. MROC will issue an invitation, event information and booking forms in due course to Member competitive clubs.


Once again YROC are please to host the annual Langley Farm event over the weekend of 8th/9th September 2001 -again booking details in due course.


The A.R.C. Council wish to remind all members that the Green Book will not be issued for 2001 instead, the 2000 edition will continue until the next edition is produced, this has been agreed in order to save Members and Member clubs money.

As a result it is necessary to issue a series of amendments to bring your 2000 edition up to date.

Steve Kirby has kindly put together the following;

Corrections and amendments to the ARC 2000 Handbook.

(C) Chairman Denis Bourne, 124 Crescent Drive, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent, BR5 1BE, 01689-839458. E-mail 1tonne@orpington101.freeserve.co.uk

(C) Vice Chairman Harold Carman, 86 Moughland Lane, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 4SQ, 01928-564388 E-mail g-carman@email.msn.com

(C) Secretary Caroline Flanders, PO Box 363, Berkhampstead HP4 3FR Tel: 01442-873567. E-mail arcsec@ledburn253.freeserve.co.uk

(C) Treasurer Andrew Stavordale, 48 Shearwater Road, Offerton, Stockport, Cheshire. SK2 5UQ Tel: 0161-292-5740 e-mail Stavors@aol.com

(C) Caravan Secretary Chris Hodson, 43 Chequers Drive, Horley, SURREY. RH6 8DX 01293-786144

(C) International Derek Spooner, Banks Cottage, Liaison Officer Abbotts Morton, Worcester, WR7 4NA. 01386-792767.

(C) Countryside Tony Kempster, Knelle Hill Lodge, Access Officer Beckley, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 6UD, 01797-252371.

(C) National Rally Norman Whiteley, 10 Thorncliffe, Liaison Officer Kirkburton, Huddersfield, West Yorks., HD8 0UG 01484-603564. E-mail norman@maysand.co.uk.

(C) Press & Publicity Nick Chinery, 11 Main Street, Officer Broughton Astley, Leicester. LE9 6RE Tel: 01455 285304. E-mail lrnick@x-stream.co.uk

ARC News Editor Paul Barton, 26 Summerhill Grange, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield,Haywards Heath, West Sussex. RH16 1RQ 01444 452120 e-mail : PaulBarton.home@ukgateway.net

ARC Handbook Ed. Steve Kirby. Address opposite.

Rover Company Situation Vacant. Liaison.

Technical Officer Ken Knight, Bird Lymes Cottage, Porton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, 01980-610776.

Minutes Secretary Sandra Bourne.

(C) MSA Harold Carman, 86 Moughland Liaison Lane, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 4SQ, 01928-564388. E-mail g-carman@email.msn.com

Shows & Displays June & Jack Green, 'Arncot', Co-ordinator 13 Stewartsfield, Rowlands Gill, Tyne & Wear, NE39 1PF. 01207-545448.

CCMSA Andrew Neaves, 8 Easthouse Drive, Co-ordinator Hurley, Nr. Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2HB, 01827-874008. E-mail Andrew.Neaves@bt.com

(C) Non-Competitive Chris Savidge, Wicketwood House, Clubs Co-ordinator. 86 Spring Lane, Lambley, Nottingham. NG4 4PG 0115-926-7716.

(C) Car Clubs Liaison Situation Vacant.

(C) Council Member Colin Council, without Portfolio 73 Westmeads Road, Whitstable, KENT CT5 1LW 01227-771107 colincouncil@hotmail.com

(C) Council Member Tony Holder, Blue Fir, Bellingdon, without Portfolio Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 2XW 01494-783437. E-mail Tony.Holder@classicfm.net

Scrutineering and (Chairman) (C) Steve Kirby, Off-Road Committee 244 Staines Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5AR, 020-8287-0377. E-mail Steve.Kirby@cwcom.net

(Vice-Chairman) Harold Carman, 86 Moughland Lane, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 4SQ, 01928-564388. E-mail g-carman@email.msn.com

(Logbook Sec'y) Dennis Wright, 14 Dale Close, Skegby, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts, NG17 3AF, 01623-515393. E-mail PEAKCHAIR@aol.com

John Hewitson, 2 Offini Close, Sandwell Valley, West Bromwich, B70 6TA. 0121-553-1547. No e-mail.

Colin Parry, 94 Parc-y-Dre, Ruthin, Clwyd. LL15 1PH 01824-705320.

Mick Gillet, 65 The Straits, Lower Gornal, Dudley, West Midlands, DY3 3AL, 01902-884407.

Ray Sykes, 5, The Mains, Beetham, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7AS, 015395-62074.

Dennis Bown, 34 Elvaston Road, North Wingfield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S42 5HH 01246-865960.

Adam Pinder,. 64 Church Lane, North Wingfield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S42 5HSQ, 01246-854043

(C) = Council Member.

Page 2, opposite contents, add registered address of the ARC:- Association of Rover Clubs Ltd. Limited by guarantee. Registered in England No. 1806788 Registered Office:- 124 Crescent Drive, Petts Wood, Nr Orpington, KENT, BR5 1BE

Page 18. Caravan Secretary, Chris Hodson, address is now 43 Chequers Drive, Horley, Surrey, RH6 8DX 01293-786144

Page 23 item 3, change " Jim Campbell " to " Chris Hodson " His address is now 43 Chequers Drive, Horley, Surrey, RH6 8DX 01293-786144

Page 33* - Tow ropes and recovery. Change " _" " to " 3/4" "

Page 49. Vehicle Regulations - Rule D.4.3. omitted in error (This is effective already):- D.4.3. In special circumstances, for certain events, rules D.4.1. and D.4.2. above may be superseded with the approval of the ARC Council with reference to regulation H.25.1.1. in the MSA Yearbook.

Page 50. Renumber E.10. to be E.9.

Page 86* at the very bottom change " fi" " to " 1/4" "

Page 92* Q.7.6.4. change " 1>" " to " 11/2" " two places.

Page 97* Q.8.3. change " f1/4" " to " 1/4" "

* Printing error.

Page 114 add LAND ROVER REGISTER 1949 - 1953 SHIELD for Highest placed Land Rover in this date range.

Rule changes - effective 1-1-2001

Page 43. Add definition to the Vehicle Regulations preamble in the Handbook:-

"Where factory fitted" as quoted in various places in the rules is intended to mean that the item was fitted to that type of vehicle in the course of manufacture by Land Rover Ltd. or any company contracted by Land Rover to build / assemble their vehicles.

Page 43/44. Revised wording for A.2.1. Class 11.

A2 VEHICLE CLASSES A.2.1. Trials:- Class 11. Special Long Wheel Base. Leaf sprung.

Page 44. Revised wording for A.7.:-

A.7. WHEELS. A.7.1. Road wheels shall be of steel construction, have a rim diameter of 15" or 16" and other sizes where factory fitted and not have an offset between the outer flat of the nave plate to the outer flange of the rim of more than 100mm.. All Land Rover, Range Rover and Discovery steel wheels comply with this regulation.

Page 45. Revised wording for A.12.:-

A.12. SILHOUETTE. (Note:- The "body capping line" on a Land Rover is defined as a horizontal line level with the top edge of the fixed rear load area surround. The "window line" on a Range Rover and Discovery is level with the bottom edge of the side windows. There should be a capping to present a "safe edge". Many vehicles with non-original panels terminate in a cut edge on the periphery of the load-area. Either a turned over top edge to the load area or an actual capping strip, not necessarily a Rover original, is required. If the tailgate is removed, then any capping that is normally part of the tail-gate will be removed too.)

Page 48. Revised wording for B.4.1.:-

B.4.1. The handbrake must operate on the transmission only unless factory fitted.

Page 48. Revised wording for C.2.4.

C.2.4. The following are prohibited: - Forced induction petrol engines; slide throttles; the inhibition of the firing of one or more cylinders to gain advantage'.

Page 52. Revised wording for H.5.:-

H.5. SHUNTS. Vehicles over 95" wheelbase are allowed one reverse (shunt) per section which can be taken at the driver's discretion after receiving marshal's consent but BEFORE coming to an involuntary halt; unless stated otherwise in the SRs.



As we go to press, there is still some entry space left. Booking forms for this event are now available from Debby Darby, 54 Northwood Road, Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent CT5 2ES. Event open to all A.R.C. Clubs, Entry 20. Clerk of the Course is Tony Howland and the grid reference is 188 643 554. Be Quick!!


MAY 2001

5th/6th Y Rali Bryn Cymru - Hillrally 6th - Land Rover Marque Day/Heritage Motor Centre Run 11th- 13th Land Rover World Show 19th -20th Land Rover Owners Show 25th -29th May A.R.C. INTERNATIONAL 2001 Newnham Park Plymouth C&D LRC

JUNE 2001 GKN Driveline Scottish Hillrally

JULY 2001 20th-22nd Billing 2001 Land Rover Enthusiast Show

SEPTEMBER 2001 9th/10th September Langley Farm - Yorkshire ROC - details to follow OCTOBER 2001 October 5th/6th/7th The Hillrally


MACMILLIAN 4x4 UK CHALLENGE I would like to bring your attention to a Charity event that I and a few other members of Chiltern Vale ROC will be taking part in next March. It is not an ARC event and will involve vehicles other than Land Rovers but clearly it would be nice to see a Landie come home with the silverware, also it is in aid of a very good cause.

Entry fee is 100 per team of 2 + each team needs to gain a further 400 in sponsorship for the Macmillan Cancer Relief Fund.

If any of you or any of your members would like to put a team forward either contact Peter Rowland on 01886 832320 or visit http://members.aol.com/TelemationLtd/Macmillan/ as soon as possible. There is a maximum entry of 50 teams. Russ Brown

IMPORTANT - Participation at any competitive event or show is at your own risk or that of the organisers. Although the A.R.C. is happy to publicise such events it does not act as an agent for the organisers. Statements or opinions expressed in A.R.C. News are not necessarily those of the A.R.C. Council. You are advised to obtain independent advice on matters involving safety, finance or legislation.

This Newsletter is compiled and edited by Paul Barton, ARC Newsletter Editor, for the Association of Rover Clubs Contact Editor at 26 Summerhill Grange, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1RQ e-mail: PaulBarton.home@ukgateway.net ARC Secretary: Caroline Flanders, tel/fax: 01689 878105

Association of Rover Clubs Ltd. Limited by Guarantee Registered in England No. 1806788 Registered Office, 124 Crescent Drive, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent BR5 1BE



6th MAY 2001

Name .................................................................. Date.................................


.......................................................................................................................... Postcode................................................ Telephone ...........................

Club.......................................Membership. No.....................................

1. The Fourth Heritage Motor Centre Run--Solihull to Gaydon--Sunday 6th. May.

Land Rover Model & Description ............................................................................... Special Features/Equipment..............................................................................................

Year of manufacture ....................... Reg. No. ........................................

Entry Fees: Vehicle Entry (includes driver + one passenger, rally plate, plaque, etc.) 10.00

Extra passengers.........No. of Adults @ 5 each.................................................
(Children up to 16yrs -FOC)

TOTAL RUN/ ENTRY FEE .............

2.Caravanning/ camping reservation--5th / 7th May.

Vehicle type .................................................................Reg. No. ....................... Pitch required for----CARAVAN / TENT / CAMPING IN VEHICLE.
Entry Fees: Caravan /camping fees, 10 per unit per night (includes 2 adults camping and entry to all normal museum facilities).

Please indicate nights required. SAT / SUN / MON .......... *

Extra persons........No. of adults @ 5 each per night......... ..........

No. of children ( 5yrs to 16 yrs) @ 3 each per night........ ..........

TOTAL CAMPING/ ENTRY FEE ........ ..........
*Extra persons paying to camp do not need to pay again as passengers in the Cavalcade

I enclose herewith my full payment, as required above, for :- 1. HMC Run /Entry ............. 2. Caravan Pitch /Entry ............. TOTAL PAYMENT .............

All cheques / postal orders to be made payable to HERITAGE MOTOR CENTRE LIMITED .

Please return this form, with your payment, to:- Chris Savidge (Snr), 86 Spring Lane, Lambley, Nottingham, NG4 4PG.

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