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[ARC Logo] ARC News Issue 29 - October 1999




Paul Barton, ARC Newsletter Editor,
26 Summerhill Grange, Summerhill Lane, Lindfield,
Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1RQ



ARC 2000 RALLY - Hants & Berks Rover Owners Club- News Update

Please find enclosed an entry form with this newsletter. Entry Secretary Maureen Ridden reports a steady stream of entries for competitive events. Hants and Berks wish to encourage entries for the Concours D'Elegance, particularly from Rover car enthusiasts, so please send in your booking as soon as possible as it helps the organising club with event planning.

Land Rover UK News

The new Land Rover Defender LE heritage models are now available from dealers. All the year 2000 models have been announced with changes to specifications of Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander and Defender.

Countryside Access

Tony Kempster, ARC Countryside Access Officer

This is another request for either documentary or user evidence for two green roads in mid-Wales. The first is RUPP 41 south east of Machynlleth for which Powys County Council has made an order under section 54 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, reclassifying it as a bridleway The route in question links the ends of two county roads, one running south from Machynlleth which terminates at GR 784908, the other running north from Ponterwyd in Ceredigion which terminates at the county boundary at GR 783892 (1:50,000 OS Map 135). More user evidence would be useful, but to be of real benefit, this should relate to use prior to December 1930 and at present there is very little although we do have some! Documentary evidence is sought to give strength to a claim for byway status for this very well known route.
The other green road is at nearby Abergosan.It is RUPP 68 which runs between GR 812975 and GR 837960 for which an order has been made reclassifying it as a byway. However, many objections have been lodged to this status and a public inquiry will be held. Again, user and documentary evidence is required to maintain byway status. Many thanks to those people who have already sent in evidence for both routes.
Back in Febrauary, I made a request for information on any TROs affecting green roads that could be included in a national register. I have received very few details to date but it is an on-going process so please let me know if you are aware of any TROs in your county that restrict the use of green roads in any way. Details can then be added to the register.

You can contact me on 01797 252371 or write to Knelle Hill Lodge, Beckley, East Sussex TN31 6UD.

Finally, you should be aware that the government published a consultation paper in July of this year called Improving Rights of Way in England and Wales. LARA has had discussions with other representatives to guage the general response to the proposals and will be making a very full and comprehensive response on behalf of all LARA members including those of the ARC. However, I will be making a separate response on behalf of ARC members following discussions with the countryside access sub-committee so if you have any strong views to make, send them to me in writing for inclusion. Copies of the document can be obtained free of charge by ringing 0870 1226 236. There are 20 proposals for changes to strengthen and develop the rights of way network to enable it to respond to the changing requirements of recreational use and the needs of land managers. Some of the proposals would greatly affect recreational vehicle users. Get hold of a copy and let the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions know your views! Also don't forget to let me have a copy. Deadline for responses is 15th October 1999

Burlen Fuel Systems (Carbs and Carb Spares)

I have recently spoken to Burslem Fuel Systems regarding a discount for members of ARC.
They have recently introduced a new SU fuel pump with electronic switching instead of the contact breaker type points. There is also a conversion kit for old units.They offer a 10% discount if you enrol in their Privilege member scheme. I have some spare forms but given numbers involved I think people should contact them direct.
To do this, write to :- Andrew Grigsby, Customer Services, Burslem Fuel Systems Limited, Spitfire House, Castle Road, Salisbury SP1 3SA Tel: 01722 412500 Fax/: 01722 334221 email Error! Bookmark not defined.

Derek J.Spooner
International Liaison - Association of Rover Clubs.


Well almost, we have dug out the last forty nine of the special video produced by Rover, showing the History of the Land Rover from the conception and testing on that farm in Anglesey to the present day. Get your orders in now to: Andrew Neaves, 8 East House Drive, Hurley, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2HB
The cost is 14.95 inc. p&p. for the UK and 15.95 for overseas.


Congratulations to Midland ROC for successfully hosting the second Majors Memorial Trial in such difficult conditions at Eastnor Castle. At prize-giving, it was revealed that the estate wish the event to take place earlier next year and it has been suggested that it may be scheduled for the weekend which falls 2 weeks after August Bank Holiday. Would all club event calendar planners please note this potential change which at this stage is provisional only and subject to confirmation.


Please would Club Competition Secretaries/ Event organisers notify the Editor of Inter-club or Open to ARC Club events. Non-competitive events organised by/for Car Club and other non-competitive members particularly welcome.


Somerset and Wilts Rover Owners Club cordially invite all ARC affiliated clubs to join them at West Harptree, located in the Mendip Hills, Near Cheddar, Somerset for their annual Mendip Challenge.

Following the major success of last year's event with over 80 c0competitors, this year the Challenge will be split into RTV and CCV trial days. The Mendip Challenge RTV will take place on Saturday 20th and the Mendip Challenge CCV Trial on Sunday 21st November. Camping is available all weekend and scrutineering from Friday 12 noon.Entry accepted in advance only using the official form before 30th October. Entry forms from Keith Banks, Competition Secretary, 33 Great Somerford, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 5JQ


Southern Rover Owners Club is to hold another Comp Safari in aid of Charity at Mereworth, near Wrotham, Kent on Sunday 23rd January 2000. This event is open to all ARC Clubs, and all funds raised will go to support the local Air Ambulance. The course is on mud and gravel tracks and promises to be an exciting start to the 2000 season. Details available from Clerk of Course - Tony Howland 64 Stockett Lane, Coxheath, Maidstone, or E-Mail Capt@landrover93.freeserve.co.uk


Decisions made at the Scrutineering Group meeting of July 31st 1999.

1.) Use of metal ball joints (generally referred to as Rose-Joints) on radius arms on coil-sprung vehicles.
The risk through stress failures of the mounts resulting from the metal-to-metal mounting of components that are designed to be rubber-mounted is too great to accept. We have no control over the specification of the joint or the weight of the vehicle and the direction of the load the joint was originally intended for. Consequently, this type of joint is not permitted and all such fittings must be removed by the end of 2000.
2.) Legacy roll-bar designs.
Despite earlier assurances that legacy roll-bar designs (currently enabled by the ARC Log Book Scheme) would never be prohibited, this matter has now been taken out of our hands by the MSA. Consequently, designs NOT shown in the Summer 1999 Motorsports Now! may not be used for Comp Safari, Point-to-Point and Hill Rally after the end of 2000. This article shows ARC drawings Q.4.1, Q.4.3., Q.5.1., Q.5.3.1., Q.7.6.4., Q.8.4.2., Q.8.5.1 and the text that goes with those drawings.
3.) Seat belt attachments
Seat belt lap-strap mountings for CCV, Comp Safari Point-to-point and Team Recovery.
For Series and Defender style vehicles, the factory standard mountings on 90 / Defender-type models onwards represent the minimum specifications. Any vehicles prior to that requires attachment either directly or indirectly to the chassis in the manner and materials of the Defender type installation.
For Range Rover / Discovery / Freelander vehicles, the factory standard lap-strap mountings should be retained.
4.) ARC vehicle regulation E.1.1.2. states "The whole of the manufacturer's hardtop or truck cab with all fastenings secured and all glass in position." The manufacturer's hardtop must be the one normally fitted to that type of vehicle at the factory. So a Series II or III hardtop may not be fitted to a Series I vehicle.
5.) If anyone has a technical query or complaint for the Scrutineering Committee to consider, please will they provide full details in writing for the Committee to discuss in order for them to be able to come to a realistic conclusion within a reasonable time-scale.

Steve Kirby

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Editor's Apology
In the last edition I wrongly credited the Range Rover Register with raising 50 at last year's All Rover Weekend. The figure should have been 950 - sorry and congratulations on raising 3,000 at the same event this year.

ARC News Distribution

Just a reminder that address updates are only done three times per year. The closing dates for clubs to send information are 1st March, 1st July and 1st November. If you change your address you need to ensure your club has registered your change of address and has then passed that change on in your club's next update to the ARC. The responsibility for getting any change of address to the ARC rests with your club. Any club, which has missed two updates, will be removed from the circulation list until a new address update is received. Please be aware that with the exception of duplicates, (which may arise if you belong to more than one club) all address errors should be directed towards your club. With a circulation list of over 10,000 addresses, the ARC cannot handle address changes. Club member address lists/updates to Andrew Neaves please - address as above in previous item. Thank you.

IMPORTANT - Participation at any competitive event or show is at your own risk. Although the ARC is happy to publicise such events it does not act as an agent for the organisers. Statements or opinions expressed in ARC News are not necessarily those of the ARC Council. You are advised to obtain independent advice on matters involving safety, finance or legislation.

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