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Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
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1.1 ARC Secretary

Caroline Flanders has survived her baptism of fire - her first EGM, and is still keen to carry on. She may be contacted at P.O. Box 363, Berkhampstead, HP4 3FR, or tel: 01442 873567.

1.2 Editor's 'Clangers'

Did you notice my two deliberate mistakes in ARC News 23? In my intro. to Steve Kirby's scrutineering notes, I called them "rule changes and comments", and this should have read "rule clarifications and comments" - sorry Steve.

In my 'Events Past' section, I referred to "The Major's Trial" rather than "The Major's Memorial Trial". From someone who despairs at the people who call the ARC International Rally "The Nationals", this is particularly unfortunate - my apologies.

1.3 ARC Display Material

An appeal from Countryside Access Officer Tony Kempster:-

For many years, the ARC has been able to use material produced by other LARA groups for displays at various events attended by our Shows and Displays Officers, June & Jack Green. Most of this display material has now become obsolete and rather tatty and it's been suggested that we may have someone 'out there' who may be able to produce up-to-date sketches, cartoons, photos, info, etc.

The purpose of the displays is to give information about the ARC and its activities, and promote the responsible use of the environment for competition and the recreational use of vehicular rights of way. All responses please to Tony Kempster on 01797 252371 or June & Jack Green on 01207 545448.

1.4 EGM's for 1999

Dates for next year's AGM / EGMs will be as follows:-

AGM Saturday 13th March 1999
EGM Saturday 12th June 1999
Saturday 11th September 1999
Saturday 4th December 1999

at 10.30 a.m. at the Presentation Suite, Lode Lane, unless advised otherwise.

1.5 Hospitality Unit

The ARC now has a hospitality unit trailer, which is available on loan to any member club for their events. It is 'garaged' in the Midlands, and has to be collected and returned by the borrowing club. It is a heavy unit and therefore is not suitable for towing behind SWB vehicles, or by members with little or no towing experience.

For information and bookings, contact June & Jack Green on 01207 545448. All Bank Holidays for 1999 are already booked!

1.6 Land Rover Series II Club

The Club has a new Secretary and a new address with immediate effect:-

Laurence Mitchell, The Series Two Club, P.O.Box 251, Barnsley S70 5YN

Frank Myatt, who has been Secretary since about 1066!, stays on the Committee, and will still represent the Club at external functions (such as ARC, Land Rover, and FBHVC), but has decided to hand over the reins to a younger pair of hands.

The Land Rover club scene owes you a great debt Frank, hope you now enjoy a slightly more leisurely lifestyle.

ARC Conference Saturday 14th November 1998

For many years now, the Council has discussed various ways in which the Clubs should finance the Association activities.

With a wide array of different Club sizes and interests - cars, non-competitive Land Rover Clubs, competitive Land Rover Clubs - small geographically 'local' clubs, large national/international single marque clubs - it is inevitable that accusations were made that some clubs were 'penalised' and others were 'getting a soft option'.

Changes were made a couple of years ago, which improved the situation, but these changes were always regarded as an 'interim move'. Earlier this year, the Council set up a 'working party', comprised of Denis Bourne (ARC Vice Chairman), Andrew Stavordale (ARC Treasurer), and Norman Whitely (ARC Council Member), to re-assess the whole situation, and come forward with new proposals.

The Council called a Conference of all Clubs to attend a presentation at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon on Saturday 14th November. Chairmen, and Secretary or Treasurer, of all 37 UK clubs were invited, and on the day 26 clubs were represented.

Andrew Stavordale, spokesman for the working group, presented three alternative systems of club subscription, Option 1 being similar to the system currently operating, based purely on a club's competitive or non-competitive status. Options 2 & 3 looked at distributing the main running costs of ARC (General Administration, Countryside Access, and the Year Book) more fairly against Club status, for instance levying car clubs only for 'general admin' costs, and not for 'Countryside Access' or 'Year Book', since such clubs did not benefit from either of these activities.

All clubs now have a full dossier of these proposals and are asked to vote on which option they would prefer, by February next year. Your Club Committees will obviously be discussing these proposals during the next two months, so if you are interested in how your Club and ARC are spending your money, talk to your Committee - get involved, the more opinions that are presented, the better the outcome will be.

International Liaison

3.1 A note from Derek Spooner

The last 3 months have been very quiet, I think the 50th celebrations have used up everyone's energy! I have had a number of phone conversations with individuals, one or two wanting information on planning European or world tours. I personally have little knowledge of this, but have, I hope, been able to point them in the right direction. Would anyone who has information or has undertaken such tours, and would be interested in sharing the knowledge, please contact me, so that I can pass the names on when individuals ring. Individuals I have spoken with have all been complimentary about the various 50th events, such as our International and the Series One Shugborough event.

I have been on an interesting tour to Switzerland with the 47-51 Register. Very few problems with the vehicles, mainly the 'Prince of Darkness' syndrome and a fuel pump. We ended up towing our Swiss Guide's 109 when he broke his Salisbury rear halfshaft and his Free-Wheel Hubs kept jumping out. We climbed up to over 8000 feet, vehicles seemed to cope better than I did.

Derek can be contacted at Bank Cottage, Abbotts Morton, Worcester WR7 4NA, tel: 01386 792767.

3.2 UK to Australia Overland Trip

Simon Judson and three colleagues are planning just such a trip as mentioned in Derek's note above. He is looking for advice on vehicle, finance, support, route planning, etc.

If you can help, please get in touch - 50 Helmsley Road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE2 1DL, Tel: 0191 232 1049, or contact Derek Spooner.


4.1 Heritage Run 1999 - Sunday May 2nd 1999

Plans are in hand for a Land Rover Birthday event at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, on Sunday May 2nd (not May 1st as quoted in ARC News no. 23 - another editor's 'clanger'!)

This will take the form of a 'Marque Day' with club display areas, trade stands, indoor and outdoor activities, etc. It is hoped to incorporate a 'cavalcade' or 'run', but this will depend upon discussions yet to be held with Land Rover.

If Clubs wish to book a display area, or individuals are interested in entering a cavalcade, contact Chris Savidge on 0115 926 7716.

4.2 International Rover Austria Meeting - Salzburg 13th/15th May 1999

Rover Club Austria are celebrating their 10th anniversary next year with a 3 day programme based on Salzburg, staying 2 nights in a 4-star hotel, with an 80 mile 'tour' and a Gala Dinner and Cabaret. The event is open to Rover Cars and Land Rovers. For more information, contact: Viktor Swoboda, P.O.Box 58, A-5411 Oberalm, Salzburg, Austria

Tel: 0043 6245 84275 Fax 0043 6245 842754

4.3 ARC International Rally May 28th/31st 1999 Yorkshire Rover Owners Club

At the time of writing, YROC have a new site lined up, but not yet 'signed up'. More news soon.

4.4 Euro Trial 99 31st July/1st August 1999

The Off Road European Championship Trial for 1999 will be held at Ravijoki, Virolahti, Finland. Competition rules, programme, booking forms, accomodation details, will be available by the end of December.

If you would like details, e-mail ari.myllyla@stone.fi, you can also get details from internet web site http://4wd.sofcom.com/Places/Finland/Finland.html. There are details of the Ravijoki area in South East Finland, approx 18 kms from the Russian border, on the web site http://www.virolahti.fi/kartat/vlahti.htm.

4.5 All Rover Weekend Stoneleigh August 28th/30th 1999

Following the success of this year's event, Chris Savidge is "open for business" for next year's event. If you would like to attend either as a club group or as an individual, please let Chris know. He would like to pursue a theme next year, of the versatility of Land Rover, including some equipment demonstrations like welders, fire equipment, etc., and associated posters and advertising literature. If you can help, get in touch.

Camping / caravanning arrangements will operate as this year.


ARC News editor wanted urgently to take over the communications link between ARC and the Clubs and various outside organisations. If you would enjoy being at the centre of the Land Rover Club universe, this is for you, there are contacts all over the world - never a dull moment!

If you want more info, give me a call, or let Caroline Flanders know of your interest, in preparation for the ARC AGM in March.

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