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ARC Secretary

John Bradbury has resigned as ARC Secretary due to pressure of domestic work. He took on the job in March 1996 and kept the flag flying despite much family trauma during 1997. The Council, and I'm sure all the Clubs, thank John for his sterling efforts during this period, and wish him all the best for the future.

Caroline Flanders, fresh from her success at the Major's Trial, has agreed to be co-opted into the post.

A new 'office' address and telephone number are being set up, but in the meantime please contact the ARC via the Registered Office address.

ARC International Rally Video

All the current stocks have been sold, but if you still want a copy please get your order in A.S.A.P. Please note the change of address for your order and to whom you must write the cheque.

The price is 14.95 per video and post is 1.50 for up to two for UK post. Overseas postage is 2 per video Sterling only please. Discounts are available on ten or more. This is a limited offer only until 1st February 1999. Cheques must be made payable to Association of Rover Clubs Ltd. Please send your order to: ARC Video, 8 East House Drive, Hurley, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2HB. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Incidentally, there is an error in the commentary on the video, where it is said that the money raised at the auction of items, kindly donated by the traders, went to the Eastnor Church Fund. In fact, this money was added to that already collected by Margaret Craner (MROC) in support of the local Air Ambulance, whose services we used on the first day of the rally. The final sum handed over was a magnificent 1008.

Land Rover Video "Anything You Can Do" - Heritage Motoring Films

Andrew Stavordale still has a few copies of this BMIHT video available at 11.00 inclusive of post & packing. It is a 53 minute video, partly b&w, partly colour, combining four early Land Rover promotional films made between 1955 and 1958. A nice bit of Land Rover history. Contact Andrew on 0161 292 0539, but be quick, there's only a few left!

Vehicle Scrutineering

The Scrutineering Committee have issued the following rule clarifications and comments:-

  1. A recurring problem we have with the current rules format is that they show only those things that you can't do, leaving the door open to do practically anything else. We agreed on the following statement:-

    There are clear anomalies in the rules that allow things to be done but we re-iterate the importance of competitors, where there is doubt on rule interpretations, contacting the Scrutineering Committee in order to gain a definitive interpretation. It is important always to do this in writing for the benefit of both parties. We draw your attention to Rule 1 which is there to ensure fair competition.

    Note that a set of rules which start with a defined vehicle specification and then list the changes that can be made has been submitted for discussion. These affect Standard vehicles only, initially.

  2. A competitor at the 1998 ARC Rally had fitted dummy coil springs in the original locations in addition to coil-over-dampers. The dummy springs were made of plastic tubing slipped over a thin wire core and painted to look like metal coil springs. This was a deliberate deceit and an insult to the hard-working scrutineers. The Scrutineering Committee has issued the following statement:-

    The Scrutineering Committee perceives the use of plastic tubing over a thin wire core to produce a component that looks like a coil spring to be a clear attempt to deceive the scrutineers at an ARC event. We draw your attention to rule C.4.1. which requires that a Rover spring be in position. It is the interpretation of the Scrutineering Committee that the spring is there to do the majority of the work; the coil-over unit merely being an addition.

  3. There is a problem with the definition of open / closed vehicles and the associated requirement for the recently mandated top bar on the roll-cage. A Land Rover with a canvas roof fitted is a "closed" vehicle even though it is clearly not a hard-top. However, the top-bar is intended to be an anti-intrusion device in the event of a roll-over, and the strength of a canvas roof cannot be compared to a proper hard-top in offering intrusion protection. We decided that in due course, we would change the wording to refer to vehicles with or without a hard-top, rather than "open" or "closed".
  4. Body-capping strips around the load area on "series" Land Rovers and Defenders. Many vehicles have non-original body panels which terminate in a cut edge on the periphery of the load-area. There should be a capping of some sort to present a "safe edge". So we require the top edge to be turned over down into the load area, or an actual capping strip, not necessarily a Rover original but of similar design. If the tailgate is removed, then any capping that is normally part of the tail-gate will be removed too.
  5. The term "Where factory fitted" as quoted in various places in the rules is intended to mean that the item was fitted to that type of vehicle in the course of manufacture by Land Rover Ltd. or any company contracted by Land Rover to build / assemble their vehicles or components.
  6. Timed Trials. According to RACMSA rule H.16.2.2. (Page 94 in the 1998 RACMSA Yearbook, or page 223 in the 1998 ARC Handbook) a vehicle may make any number of attempts at a gate or section within the time allowed. Consequently, we agreed to amend ARC rule H.5. thus:-

    H.5. SHUNTS. Vehicles over 95" wheelbase are allowed one reverse (shunt) per section which can be taken at the driver's discretion after receiving marshal's consent but before coming to an involuntary halt; unless stated otherwise in the SRs. This is to enable ARC clubs to run to RACMSA regulations, which do not penalise shunts, if desired.

  7. 18" Wheels on the new design Range Rover. We agreed to add "and other sizes where factory fitted" immediately after 16" in A.6.1.
  8. Front radius arms on the new design Range Rover. These are OK to use if they are unmodified.
  9. Freelander Handbrake. Agreed to add "unless factory fitted." at the end of rule B.4.1. This is on the basis that we need to keep up to date on factory products.
  10. Any Special Class vehicle can be fitted with any Rover engine but Class 11 alone ends with the words "Any Rover engine." This implies that classes 6 to 10 have some restriction. These words are to be removed.
  11. Competitive Safaris.

    Flag signals for use when recovering disabled vehicles:-

    • Yellow flag held steady is a caution. Approaching vehicles should be seen to back off and slow down. Drivers disregarding the yellow flag may be penalised.
    • Red flag means stop.

    Course marker arrows:-

    • Colours should be orange on the face and white on the reverse so a driver who gets disorientated can establish the direction of the course.
  12. Turbo-diesel engines. The RACMSA rule (Page 70 in the 1998 RARACMSA Yearbook, or page 215 in the 1998 ARC Handbook) states:-

    E.13.4.1. If forced induction is used, the coefficient will be 1.7:1 unless stated otherwise in Specific Technical Regulations or SRs.

    The coefficient refers to capacity and means that a 2 litre turbo diesel engine equates to a 4 litre normally aspirated one. If ARC event organisers require the 1.7:1 rule NOT to apply, then this will need to be stated in the event SRs.

  13. Chassis profiles. The key area of the chassis is above and betbetween the axles. There are so many variations to chassis ends (particularly when a RR chassis is shortened and fitted to a SWB look-alike, for example) that the chassis profile ahead of and behind the axles could be disregarded. We wish to issue the following statement:-

    The use of a non-OEM chassis is permitted on condition that the profile above and between the axles remains as per the original design.

    In view of the time-scale involved, any proposed changes to the wording of the rules will not appear in the 1999 Handbook. However, they may be taken as clarifications for the time being.

    If you have any questions or queries on Scrutineering or vehicle competition regulations, contact the Committee's Hon. Secretary Steve Kirby, they would much rather discuss things in committee than in the Scrutineering Tent - be safe not sorry! Steve Kirby can be contacted at 244 Staines Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 5AR

Events Past

  1. 1998 Solihull Heritage Run - "The Epilogue" from Chris Savidge

    A little-known part of Land Rover's 50th Birthday celebrations was concluded recently. This was the combined planting, at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, of a large number of plants, shrubs and trees to enable the recovery of an area of land to add to the Gardens. Also, way back in the spring, 150 trees were also planted at Baddesley Clinton - the National Trust property which formed the "afternoon tea" stop on the Heritage Run. These trees were planted to grow into a new 'heronry' to replace the present one which is approaching the end of its useful (to herons!) life.

    At both locations, Land Rover have had special commemorative plaques displayed (in the coffee shop/ restaurant areas) acknowledging that the planting was done by Land Rover on behalf of the drivers taking part in the Heritage Run. Do call in and have a look at these plaques if you are in the area, but you will have to wait, in the case of Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, as they are now closed to the public until Easter. Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens are situated N.E. of Birmingham, 1 mile south of J.5 of the M6. Baddesley Clinton is a medieval moated manor house "with hidden secrets", and is situated less than a mile west of the A4141 Warwick to Birmingham road, near Chadwick End, and is still open from 4th Nov to 13th Dec on Wednesday to Sunday afternoons only.

  2. All Rover Week-End at the Town & Country Festival, Stoneleigh - a report from organiser Chris Savidge:-

    Almost 60 ARC members and their families attended this event, 75% of these stayed on the adjacent (well almost!) camp-site and the remaining 25% visited for either one, two or even three days (now that's what I call commitment!) The ARC display and hospitality unit was put to good use - information, both to members and the public generally, along with tea/coffee and the contents of "Bonny's Cake-Box", were freely dispensed throughout the three days of the Show by a team consisting of Bonny and myself (101 FCC&R/ARC), Sue and Ian Foster (LWLRC), June and Jack Green (ARC Shows & Displays), and Andrew Stavordale (ARC)

    Twice daily displays, one of Rover Cars and a second of Land Rover products spanning the 50 years of production, were mounted in the Motoring Avenue. A letter received from the Motoring Festival Organiser recently stated: "I know that Tony Webb (arena commentator) was very impressed with your presentations (of vehicles) and also the fact that you were spot-on time on all 3 days". Many letters of thanks have also been received from families attending - several specifically requesting that we return to the "T & C" again next year. This request, and the invitation from the "T & C" organisers for ARC to return again next year, were put to the 12th Sept ARC quarterly meeting, and a decision taken to apply for a stand again for 1999. Written confirmation has now been received that we can indeed have the same large stand at the event - August Bank Holiday weekend, including the Monday, 1999 - mark your diaries and calendars now (if you have got them yet!) I have already received one booking!

    As a variation next year, I would like to display some Land Rovers actually working, on the stand, driving accessories from early Series One's, for example. The organisers have also 'taken on board' my comments regarding improvements and those 'little niggles' from this year's event and have promised to address these before next year's Show.

    The Range Rover Register ran their 'courtesy rides' using both off-road tracks at the Royal Showground and raised, through donations, the magnificent sum of 950 for "Hearing Dogs for the Deaf" - their current nominated charity. Our thanks not only to those RRR members concerned, but also to both Alan Baldwin, for use of the RASE track, and Roger Crathorne, for use of Land Rover's track. We hope to run this again in 1999.

  3. All Rover Week-End - a report from Series I Club member Nick Chinery

    I've never yet missed an All Rover Weekend since they started at Gaydon. I must admit to liking the uncluttered calmness of the Gaydon site and was a little sceptical of the move to the Stoneleigh show ground and being part of the `Town & Country Festival'. It is however less distance to travel, and I was able to commute for all three days. This was definitely a consideration - what with the National, and Shugborough events my cheque book was starting to grumble every time I took it out! After the `Town & Country' it now refuses point blank to co-operate any further and stays hidden in the depths of my pocket.

    I'd never been to Stoneleigh and did not know what to expect. I knew that it would be a long day, and arrived in good time to find the ARC stand before the 09:00 deadline. It was just as well as the signs were a bit vague, and we had a tour of half the site. Having got to our spot and been directed by Chris Savidge we enjoyed a few minutes of peace whilst absorbing the surroundings, and reminded the children that lunchtime was still at least three hours away. Then it was time to explore the show. There was certainly a lot to see, and take part in for everyone. We all enjoyed the steam train ride, and the traction engines. Then there were the horse events, the dog events, the ferrets, the falconry, the sheep shearing, the stunt team, the..... I could go on for ages! There was just so much it was hard to take it all in.

    We got back to the 107 for a slightly early lunch after walking what seemed like the length & breadth of England, and remembered to save just enough for tea. Then there were about 2 hours more wandering before we were needed in the arena. It is a shame that in our 50th year we were not selected for the main arena which drew in the large crowds, but we got good commentary from Chris, and some of us were interviewed. As Chris mentioned, Land Rover owners can talk for ages about their vehicles and time was too short to say much as the next display was scheduled. After parking up again I was not allowed to do further walking about before we had been round the Off-Road course, courtesy of the RRR. It was a superb ride which left me feeling that Gaydon could do a lot more with theirs. Now the children were satisfied with that, we looked round some of the side stalls, deliberately avoiding making any purchases until nearer the allowed departure time of 19:00. We arrived home, weary but satisfied, a little after 20:00. I think the children would have been more satisfied if the helicopter rides hadn't been so expensive.

    Sunday morning was difficult. The legs had a certain reluctance to get up and start the day. In fact there was nearly a mutiny. This time I had twice the number of children in tow so the sights had to be seen again, together with even more. Once again they thoroughly enjoyed the day, and we had all requested more grub in the snaffle bags so we could make a decent tea at the appropriate time (as notified by our stomachs as much as by the clock). Even so Bonny's coffee and extras were accepted with gratitude. There was another display of the vehicles in the side arena, at the same time as Saturday, and again on Monday at the same time. This made it very easy to plan where to go and what to see.

    Monday passed in a similar fashion to Saturday & Sunday, but with another child added to the number, we had to see it all again - but with no complaints, and much interest from all. We all enjoyed the hot air balloons, and, in fact the whole show. I'm not one for crowds, and this was the most difficult part of the weekend which is expected in such a large show. Despite the numbers there I managed to meet a girl I'd taught 3 or 4 years ago.

    To sum up, the family all had a great time and I'm certain they will want to go again should the ARC be there, and if we can afford it. My thanks to Chris and Bonny for doing a great job. Lets have a lot more vehicles there with maybe some non static display of Land Rovers at work. If the traction engines can do it, why can't we?

  4. Series II Club 40th Anniversary

    With so much Land Rover 50th anniversary celebration going on, the Series II 40th birthday rather missed the spotlight, but nevertheless a good gathering was enjoyed in conjunction with the YROC Langley Farm event.

    Fifty-nine Series IIs lined up for the photo opportunity in the sunshine, to round off a weekend of off-roading, partying, barbecuing and raffling, and to cap it all, the proceeds of the weekend (to the tune of 423.64) were donated to the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.

  5. The Major's Memorial Trial 1998

    A few weeks before the Trial date, panic was setting in, due to lack of entries, but as the entry closing date approached, things took off, to such a degree that a record entry of 35 teams was achieved. Of these, eleven were 'standard', three 'ladies' teams, and the rest 'specials'.

    The 'Rose Bowl' was won by Southern, with Ron Baker/ Keith Leonard/ Martin Leonard, the 'Standard Shield' was won by Yorkshire with Dave Walker/ John Frith/ Norman Whiteley, and the 'Ladies Shield' was won by the 101 FCC&R with Caroline Flanders/ Susan Flanders/ Debbie Aldridge. The trophies were presented by Mrs. Hervey-Bathurst.

    Chris Myatt expresses his gratitude to all who helped, and to Solihull Land Rover dealership Evans-Halshaw for their support, and has now handed over the reins for next year's event to Simon Haycock - and the event will be on again next year at Eastnor.

  6. 1998 Hillrally

    David Mitchell, Rally Director, and Chris Tomley, Clerk of the Course, for the 1998 Hillrally have asked me to pass on to all Club members who assisted with this year's rally, their sincere thanks for your support. Chris' letter is reproduced below:-

    I write to thank all Stage Commanders, Doctors & Rescue (both Rally and Military), Recovery, Radio Crews and Marshals, from both the Rally and 4x4 Clubs, who braved the elements last weekend to keep the Hillrally on course. Without their dedication and perseverance the event would not be possible. Many were out every morning, well before light, to check and re-arrow stages, and were still there into the evening until their stages were completed.

    At the Prize Presentation the award winners also expressed their thanks to the Marshals, most of whom were not able to attend the presentation.

    The Rally Director's Trophy for the most outstanding marshalling contribution to the event went to Roger Whitehouse of the Quinton Motor Club. He ran SS 4 on Friday in very wet, cold and nasty weather. Then returned in the rain and cold, before first light, on Saturday for the second run and set up the Stage only to find that it had to be cancelled. He then set up his Sunday Service area and was in location at 06.00 to make sure all service units were parked safely. He then ran four time controls and four 'out' simultaneously getting off stage nearly 12 hours later.

    This is only one of the many instances of dedication demonstrated over the weekend. It is impossible to mention all by name. To everyone who helped, in whatever way, I extend the grateful thanks of the Organising Committee and myself.

    Please come again next year, we shall be very pleased to see you. The dates are 8/9/10 October 1999.

    Yours sincerely, Chris Tomley, Clerk of the Course.

    ...... and please note that this is not "THE WELSH HILLRALLY", it is "THE HILLRALLY supported by Goodyear".

Events Future

  1. Tour of Lincs Hillrally April 10th/11th 1999

    The Louth Lincs Motor Club have run a Tour of Lincs Rally for the past 27 years, and this year (their centenary year) they have joined forces with Lincs Land Rover Club to make it a 'Hillrally'. Entry fee will be 200 and 20 for a management car, and HQ will be based at Market Rasen racecourse. The entry is restricted to 75 vehicles and a 50 deposit is required. Contact Steve Wells on 01472 398019 or 0976 510433

    Land Rover Marque Day, Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon May 2nd 1999

    Following the success of last year's Solihull Heritage Run, Heritage Motor Centre have decided to hold a Land Rover Marque Day each year as near as possible to April 30th (Land Rover's birth date) . Put this date in your diary, more details on format, activities etc in next ARC News.

  2. 1999 International Rally, May 28th/31st 1999 Yorkshire Rover Owners Club

    As has happened so many times in the past, difficulties have arisen with the landowner of the prospective rally site, therefore Tong will not now be the venue for next year's rally.

    Yorkshire Rover Owners Club have other 'irons in the fire', an announcement will be made as soon as they have a signature on an agreement.

Non-Competitive Matters

  1. A meeting of the Non-Competitive Sub-Committee has been held to discuss the structure of the Land Rover Concours at the National Rally, and any other Concours that may be held, for example, at the All Rover Weekend. A 'two-tier' Concours is likely, to cater not only for "Concours" standard (in its true meaning) vehicles, but also for "working vehicles". Discussions are proceeding regarding the actual judging criteria for both types. It is likely that the vehicle classes will broadly follow the ARC's non-competitive clubs make-up for "Concours" standard classes and one overall class for "working vehicles". ARC Council has agreed, in principle, to a revised trophy structure, catering for all classes separately.
  2. Suffolk-based RSR member Patrick Hemphill has informed me that the Colne Valley Classic and Vintage Club (C.V.C.V.C) have invited any Rover Club members interested in Classic vehicles to join them at the White Hart, Great Yeldham, Essex, on their social evenings on the second Thursday of the month, 8pm onwards.

Countryside Access Matters

Some of you will have noticed that Tony Kempster has changed his title to a more user friendly "Countryside Access Officer" - it's self-explanatory isn't it?

Tony reports:-

At the September EGM, I referred to a new LARA publication which all clubs should have a copy of. Entitled 'Best Practice Guide Notes for event organisers and planning professionals', it is essential reading for all club officials.

The Guide Notes show people involved with motor sport and recreation two vital things - by participating positively within the development processes, the future use of land can be safeguarded rather than threatened. Also, that choosing to ignore the planning processes is no longer a viable option. The Guide Notes have a cover price of 25 but ARC clubs and other groups within LARA can obtain a copy for 10 post paid, which includes update sheets which will be published from time to time.

Consensus approach goes national!

LARA's 1998 annual workshop was on 'Countryside Consensus' - approaching management measures through discussion and agreement, rather than the guerrilla warfare more usually encountered. Taking the success of the 'Lake District Hierarchy of Trail Routes' initiative as a jumping-off point, the workshop set about looking at the characteristics of the consensus approach, and how it might be employed within a legalistic framework. This was all about site-based motor sport, as much as green lane access.

The workshop was built around discussion techniques pioneered by the Environment Council, a national charity that does a lot of work in developing consensus approaches to solving environmental issues. Rather than the conventional 'we talk - you listen', everyone present spent much of the day writing out flip-chart sheets of phrases, and criss-crossing the room attaching 'Post-It' note comments to other groups' work.

Speakers (each limited to a mind-saving 15 minutes!) included Bob Cartwright (Lake District National Park Authority), Mick Presland (English Sports Council), Audrey Wedderburn (Countryside Commission), Steve Jenkinson (IPROW) and Schia Mitchell (Environment Council).

As usual, LARA will be publishing the papers issuing from the workshop - this time in the format of insert pages for the 'Motoring and the Planning Process GuideNotes'. Anyone who already has a GuideNotes file will automatically receive the consensus papers when these are published. If you would like to receive the consensus papers, please order a GuideNotes file from:- LARA, P.O.Box 20, Market Drayton, TF9 1WR, enclosing a 10 cheque payable to 'LARA'. Alternatively I will have some GuideNotes at the December EGM.

Just a thought: As LARA's officers cleared up at the end of the day, the proceedings were adjudged a success for and by everyone present. 'But', observed one participant, 'the real problem lies with those authorities that were invited to come along, but declined to do so. How do we reach THEM?'

NFU Mutual Vehicle Insurance

We now have a 'news link' set up with NFU Mutual, and have received the following report on their "Awareness Campaign" carried out over recent months:-

Some 40% of ARC members questioned in a special survey are aware of the special insurance scheme available for ARC members from the NFU Mutual, the country's leading rural insurer.

The interviews were conducted among 400 people present at the Eastnor Castle rally earlier this year to mark the 50th anniversary of the production of Land Rovers.

A sizeable number of respondents were aware that the NFU Mutual offers insurances other than motor or 4x4 but the company wants to make more people aware of its services.

NFU Mutual turned out to be the most popular insurer for motor policies and for 4x4 compared with other insurance companies.

The majority with a NFUM policy had contacted the company direct but a further 20% took out a policy as a result of mailing from the ARC.

In another telephone survey, some 58% regarded the process of obtaining a policy as excellent while 36% said it was good. Professionalism was rated at 9.1 out of ten. 100% of those making a claim were satisfied with the outcome.

Compared with other companies the overall service of the NFUM was rated as being much better than average by 39% and better than average by 61%.

Cost, value for money, level of cover and company reputation were key decision makers.

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