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Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669

Solihull Heritage Run

As a final comment on this event------- those of you who received a souvenir brochure of the event may have realised that in the list of "credits", the ARC were not mentioned.

This was an error, not a snub, and Graham Cheary made up for it by displaying a board at the NEC West Car Park and at the evening 'party', expressing thanks to the ARC and its members for their support of the event.

International Rally - Eastnor

What a wonderful rally - 11 days at Eastnor in good weather, we arrived home and it rained for a fortnight!

Following are some personal memories and some results passed on to me, if there are items not mentioned, it's 'cos I ain't been told about them!

We had only been at the rally for about an hour when our hearts sank - there was an appeal over the tannoy for a doctor , followed swiftly by an air ambulance landing in the arena. It transpired that a young Dutch lad had fallen out of a tree and appeared to be badly hurt. After a couple of days in hospital in Worcester, he was back on site none the worse for his experience. The handling of the incident was superb, and we were lucky that the helicopter was already in the air, heard the call, and came straight in. MROC later organised a collection for the Air Ambulance Service, and together with the proceeds of the closing day raffle, generously supported by all of the traders, 1008 was handed over, they deserve all the support they can get.

Peter Oakden hosted the opening ceremony on Saturday 23rd May, which included a cavalcade of fifty vehicles seen approaching along the Ridgeway and then into the arena, and then he introduced our President Nick Stephenson, Director of Design & Engineering for the Rover Group, also 50 years young this year, who officially opened the rally.

Later in the afternoon we saw the VIP Showroom Vehicle event on the hillside above Rally Control, where Nick Stephenson in a 110 Defender, Dennis Chick (Director of Communications) in a 110 Defender, Bernard Carey (Director of Corporate Affairs ) in a Freelander, Bill Baker (Director of Communications Programmes) in a Range Rover, and Bill Morris (retired Director of Engineering) in a Discovery, entertained us with an afternoon of gentlemanly trialling with totally standard vehicles.

Bernard Carey had the most difficult task of the afternoon getting the Freelander round the course, but he did it, albeit with the destruction of more canes than anyone else! Bill Morris won, with Bill Baker second and Dennis Chick third.

The event created some reminiscing with Roger Crathorne and myself, and gave rise to the question "was this the first time we had seen Company Directors out 'playing' with us, since the early seventies when A B Smith used to join us in his Velar YVB 173H?" We should do it more often!

We enjoyed long chats with Ken & Jocelyn Watkin from New Zealand on all things Land Rover, and their clash of technologies - their lap-top computer sending e-mail reports all around the world from the front seats of a 1949 Series I and a 1966 Series IIA.

Likewise we enjoyed swapping stories with Barry Enis from Bay State Rover Owners Association and Jeff Aronson, newsletter editor for Rovers North in America. Once again, by the wonders of modern communications, Jeff was getting reports onto Rovers North's web site during the event - I think North America knew the results of some of the rally events before we did on the site! My last sighting of Jeff was bouncing up and down in the front seat of a 110, waving his arms, and with a grin from ear to ear, off on a scenic safari around the Eastnor estate.

Later in the week, a line up of all vehicles on the hillside below the Ridgeway created interest and photo opportunities, and a little joviality. A certain Range Rover Register next door neighbour of mine, having lined up his vehicle, took the opportunity to dash back to his van to use the "little room". He was just enjoying the 'relief' when Peter Oakden came on the tannoy "will all drivers hold their present positions for the next 30 minutes!" He did not comply!

On Thursday 28th, we were pleased to welcome our Patron Tom Barton and his wife Millie for a days visit. It is many years since they have visited Eastnor, and I think they enjoyed themselves remembering old times trialling and caravanning in the Deer Park (and rolling the odd Range Rover or two!) and were both very impressed with what they saw.

Non-Competitive Events

Comments from Chris & Bonny Savidge, Non-Competitive Events Co-ordinators:-

  • The Single Marque Club stands provided displays of club vehicles throughout the week.

  • The Series II Club organised the Land Rover Concours. A good entry list was achieved, but it is hoped to develop this event in future years by separating it into different classes, each with a proper trophy structure. Results:-

    The David Bowyer Cup (Best Series I in concours) Andrew Bullas
    FKU 907
    Land Rover Register
    The William Farvis Trophy (Best Series II/IIA not in Concours) Ross Floyd
    XHR 370
    L.R. Series II Club
    The Gill Floyd Cup (Best IIA/IIB F.C. not in Concours) R.A. Stuart Hibberd
    TTK 820
    Series II Club
    The ARC 1958-on Land Rover concours Trophy (new this year) Andrew Lloyd
    L219 ALG
    Staffs & Shrops LRC
    The Tony Hutchings Salver Philip Bashall

    Dunsfold Land Rover Trust

  • Rover Sports Register organised the Car concours in the Castle courtyard on Sunday 24th, the winners being:-

    Best Car Neil Launchbury
    1957 Rover 60
    6982 F
    P4 Drivers Guild
    RSR President's Award for the Best P3 Rover Car Fred Boulton
    HNX 23

  • The Pride of Ownership concours was organised by the Range Rover Register, and gained reasonable support, and included some of the concours cars when they came over to the Deer park from the Castle courtyard on Sunday.

    1st John Curtis
    1986 Vogue
    D651 BDF
    190.2 pts
    2nd A Latham
    1946 Rover Sports Saloon
    FWK 140
    164.6 pts
    3rd John Hall
    1973 Range Rover 2 door
    PRA 21M
    158.8 pts.

  • Arena Displays of Land Rovers, Range Rovers and Dunsfold Trust Vehicles were well attended and some interesting facts emerged during the commentaries by individual owners, club officials and the Dunsfold Trustees. At one stage Philip Bashall and Diana Andrews were seen lying on the grass underneath the APGP commentating on the technical merits of its gearbox. Takes all sorts.....

  • The line dancing was very professionally organised and led by Lorraine and Geoff (P&DLRC) and enjoyed by all who took part, and, we suspect, by those looking on as well!

  • The Children's Play Cabin and Baby-changing facility were well used, despite the fine weather. Mums thought them to be great ideas.

  • The Craft Displays by ARC members in the beer tent saw a steady stream of people enquiring about the crafts on display.

  • Children's Bike Trial, sponsored by Superwinch and run by Chris Morgan-Cettler (MROC) saw a reduced number of entries this year. The kids obviously did not realise just what was awaiting every entrant. As well as a "competitor's plaque", each child received a "goody bag" containing 10 items kindly donated by LRO and LRW Magazines, Merlin Land Rover (Nottingham) and ARC. Results:-

    Age 3-5 years 1st Samantha Lee
    2nd Charlie Newland
    3rd Laura Tabbenor
    Age 6-7 years 1st Kyle Stringer
    2nd Aimee Newland
    3rd Roger Barratt
    Age 8-12 years 1st Philip Summerfield
    2nd Ewan Parish
    Joint 3rd Andrew Freeman & Jon Borland
    Age 13-17 years 1st Andrew Barton
    2nd Stephen Wolfe
    Joint 3rd David Summerfield & Paul Simons

  • The Special Event Amateur Radio Station (101 FCC&R) which also took part in the Heritage Run, found the topography of the Deer Park not conducive to its operation, but went up to the obelisk after the trials were over and was much more successful. The Series I Club are also operating this station, with its call-sign GB50LR, at their Shugborough Hall event.

  • The Dog Show, organised by North Wales LRC was popular. One of the prize winners was Bonny - all the best girls are called Bonny! Results:-

    Unmatched pairs 1st Holly & Tubbs
    Jane Davis, Essex
    2nd Ben & Rusty
    Colin Poole, RRR
    3rd Molly & Misha
    Val Farrar, S&S
    Special matched pair   Sam & Molly
    Adam Pinder, P&D
    Class 1 - Waggiest Tail 1st Pudding
    Elaine & Daisy Stones, P&D
    2nd Ffloyd
    Philip Ackroyd, MROC
    3rd Annabelle
    Roger Higson, Red Rose
    Class 2 - Best bitch 1st Bonnie
    Shirley Elliott, RRR
    2nd Elsa
    Phil Cunningham, S&S
    3rd Scooby
    Jamie Broughton, YROC
    Class 3 - Best dog 1st Toby
    Sandra Norman, W&W
    2nd Georgie
    Judy Boardman, ENROC
    3rd Daniel
    Julie Hislop, RRR
    Special (puppy)   Zac
    Trevor Jennings, S&S
    Class 4 - Veterans (over 10) 1st Ben (18)
    Bev Rigg, YROC
    2nd Ffloyd (11)
    Philip Ackroyd, MROC
    3rd Gypsy (14+)
    Chris Passey, WMids.

    The lady with the display of ferrets added interest for the children after the dog show.

  • The Charity Stalls - a poor take-up by these of the offer of stand space, however a letter of thanks has been received from Herefordshire MIND.

  • The Birthday Cakes, donated by Angie Slater (101 FCC&R), who also made the Land Rover Birthday cake for the Heritage Run, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the 101 Club and Land Rover's 50th, were sold "by the slice" and raised 191 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

  • The on-site scenic drive (Nottingham LRC and the Land Rover Experience Team) was an extremely popular attraction - well over 500 vehicles took part throughout the week.

  • The off-site Scenic Drive to the Brecon Beacons (W&WROC) was fairly well subscribed. Some fantastic views were to be seen on this one!

  • The Three Counties Scenic Tour route book, produced by Derek Spooner, sold out quickly and had to be reprinted. We think all taking part got safely back to Eastnor!

  • The "Hang-a-Tilt" Competition (W&WROC) got off to a very slow start but interest in this improved on the Thursday. The winners were a team of two ladies - Claire Brown and Becky Couldrick (W&WROC) (no penalties), runners up were Steve Melford & Keith Banks (S&WROC) (10 penalty points). (Question: why is the canvas on a military Land Rover called a "tilt"?)

  • The visit to the Castle (Wednesday) was enjoyed by over 800 people from the rally - we certainly enjoyed our visit.

Our thanks to all who worked so hard to make the non-competitive side of the event, and indeed all the other facets of the 1998 International Rally, such a success.

Competitive Event Results
from Andrew Stavordale

RTV Trial
Taliesin Trophy Neville Langley - YROC
David Stones - PDLRC
Paul Webb - HBRO
John Dominy - LLRC
Steve Limb - LRLRC
Ken Brain - CDLRC
Lee Smerdon - CDLRC
Hugh Duffet - HBRO
Michael Smerdon - CDLRC
Stephen Smerdon - CDLRC
Derek Rogers - CDLRC
Richard Edwins - SROC
Pirelli Scorpion Cup David Naylor - PDLRC
Land Rover Discovery Cup Frank Coote - WWROC
North Wales Land Rover Club Diesel Trophy Richard Edwins - SROC
Carol Roberts Trophy Sam Sayer - BLRC
Lincolnshire LRC RTV Team Trophy Ken Brain - CDLRC
Stephen Smerdon - CDLRC
Derek Rogers - CDLRC
Breckland Land Rover Club Trophy Lincolnshire Land Rover Club

CCV Trial
Seniors Cup Dave Rogers - CDLRC
Rover Owners Association Pirelli Cup Simon Bown - PDLRC
Land Rover Owners Club Total Team Trophy Nick Cooper - SWROC
Tim Smith - SWROC
Mark Freeman - SWROC
Mitchin Industries Trophy Not presented in 1998
Cornwall & Devon Cup Simon Bown - PDLRC
Colbourne Trophies Perpetual Cup Debbie Aldridge - SROC
Land Rover Owners Club Rickards Trophy David Barratt - LLRC
Land Rover Parts Cup Simon Bown - PDLRC
Rover Owners Association Inter-Club Challenge Cup East Northants Land Rover Owners Club
Blackwool Farm Spoon Les Thorpe - LRLRC

Competitive Safari
Yorkshire Cup Glen McKeith - YROC
Crosland Filters Shield Hugh Haines - MROC
John Craddock/Land Rover Parts Shield Ian Roberts - SSLRC
Peter Roberts - SSLRC
Darryl Key - SSLRC

Combined Awards
North Yorkshire/South Durham Trophy Keith Boydell - LCROC
International Off-Roader Trophy David Barratt - PDLRC

Winch Recovery
Fairey Winches Trophy I. Robinson - PDLRC
K. Nixon - PDLRC
P. Charlesworth - PDLRC

Team Recovery
Rover Challenge Trophy Colin Council & Trevor Garwood - SROC

Future Events

August 1st/9th 1998 Based at Kaisersesch/ Eifel, a 50th Anniversary Rally covering off-road trial, concours, road runs, fun & games for the family.

Contact Deutsher Rover-Club e.V, Brahmstr.17, 22941 Bargteheide, or Fax 0049 4532 24278
August 30th 1998 North Wales Land Rover Club are holding a 50th Birthday Party at Bala as part of their Bala 98 Interclub weekend. Live entertainment is laid on, with a buffet, disco, bar, and of course the cake.

Contact Dave Cuthbert on 01492 534417
August 29th/31st 1998 ARC All Rover Rally at Stoneleigh for the Town & Country Show. Chris Savidge has a large stand and caravan pitches laid on. As bookings / cheques have to be with the R.A.S.E. by 31st July, Chris needs your booking and cheque by 29th July at the latest!

Contact Chris (either by phone on 0115 926 7716, or by post to 86 Spring Lane, Lambley, Nottingham NG4 4PG).
October 3rd/4th 1998 Midland Rover Owners Club - Major's Trial. The usual format inter-club CCV Trial for teams of three. 75 entry fee per team this year. Camping in the Deer Park at 5 per night. Contact Chris Myatt, 38 Allerton Road, Yardley, Birmingham B25 8NX, tel: 0956 479411

ARC Handbook 1999

Contributions wanted for 1999 ARC Handbook!! Please let Steve Kirby have:-

An article or two on a club event that has taken place in the last 12 months. This can be a club event, an expedition, charity event or some other adventure carried out by club member(s). A restoration article or the history of a vehicle will be fine too. Photos welcome.
A brief description of significant club activities over the last 12 months. 300 words maximum please. Include your Web address if available. Secretary's address will be listed elsewhere so you won't need to include that.

There wasn't room to put the club activities information in the 1998 book due to budget constraints but don't let that stop you sending in the details again. We won't publish the previous copy, we need something new. If you have any ideas for advertisers, then let us know that too. Adverts are much cheaper than previously at 200 full page, 100 for half. Smaller adverts negotiable! Please send articles on disc if possible in plain text or Microsoft Word on a PC disc. Printed contributions can be scanned if they're good quality. Please send articles to:- Steve Kirby, 244 Staines Road, Twickenham, Middlesex. TW2 5AR.

There have been some queries on the Fire Extinguisher chart on page 132 of the '98 Handbook. The rows apply to an assortment of installations, some plumbed-in. Most of this table is irrelevant to the ARC and Steve will pay more attention to it next time! ARC requirements are for a minimum of a hand-held 2.5 kg BCF or equivalent and so only row 6 is really any use for a volume / weight conversion point of view. Recommended extinguisher is now 1.75 litre AFFF.

The Fifty 50 Challenge

You probably know by now that three Freelanders, manned by volunteers from within the Rover Group, are aiming to visit fifty countries in 50 days, including Cape to Cape, Norway to South Africa.

The Fifty 50 Challenge is all about the attitudes and qualities that brought about such great Land Rover journeys in the past as the Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition and the awesome crossing of the Darien Gap. Today, a band of people from within the company are demonstrating that the same pioneering spirit of adventure and commitment that motivated previous generations of Rover and Land Rover personnel still exists within the Rover Group. In every country they drive through, they would like to count on the support of the local Land Rover clubs in any way possible, be it from meeting up at a stopover, a border crossing or just for some refreshment. Can you help with local media? Do you want to talk to the team for your local club magazine as they travel through? Everyone on the project has committed hundreds of hours of their own time to making it work. They believe that all enthusiasts of the marque in Land Rover clubs between the Northern and Southern Capes understand perfectly what motivates them. They welcome the involvement of the ARC to spread that message to those clubs.

The team leaves Lode Lane at 5.00 hrs on August 1st and goes via M6, A74, M74, A709, A75, A712, A751, A77 to Stranraer at 10.23 hrs

They leave Larne, Northern Ireland, at 15.30 hrs via A8, M2, M1, M12, M1, N1, M11, N11, N25 to Rosslare at 20.42 hrs.

They leave Rosslare Harbour on 2nd August at 08.00 and arrive at Pembroke Dock, South Wales, at 14.56, then via A477, A40, M4, A34, M3, M27, M275 to arrive at Portsmouth at 18.51.

If you would like to cheer them on, then please do so, if you need further information on locations and timings, please get in touch or contact Paul Entwistle at the Rover Group Press Office on 0121 781 6814 or fax 0121 781 6811

The countries to be visited are:-

Leg One Leg Two Leg Three Leg Four

Northern Ireland
Vatican City
San Marino
Czech Republic
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
South Africa


It is with deep regret that we have to report the death of Mr. A.B. Smith, former Managing Director and Chairman of the 'old' Rover Company. He died in the early hours of Saturday 27th June after fighting against pneumonia for several weeks. He was 87 years old.

Known to some as Bernard, he was, to all his Rover colleagues, known affectionately as 'A B'. He started his career at Rover straight out of school, and was involved in finding and equipping the Rover factories in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, for jet engine manufacture, and later involved in the commercial side of the post war reconstruction of the Rover car and Land Rover manufacturing success.

In 1969 he became Managing Director and, in 1973, Chairman, until his retirement in 1975. He was the last surviving member of the 'old' Rover Board of Directors. A B reached the top of the tree, but never forgot his roots, he always had a word of encouragement for his junior staff, and was always the perfect gentleman.

He loved to join in at press events and club rallies, and surprised many of the press pundits in 1970 by driving his Velar YVB 173H on some of the Eastnor tracks considered too severe for the press.

[A. B. Smith]
Upon retirement he retained his management Range Rover YXC 975K which he cherished until about 3 years ago, when he passed it on to a close friend so that he could still keep an eye on it!

He was looking forward to our 50th year celebrations, and took part in the "Founders Day" at Gaydon in March, but despite his best efforts, he had to withdraw from the Solihull Heritage Run and the Eastnor International Rally due to the onset of pneumonia.

He was immensely proud that the 'Rover' name survived the multiple re-organisations created by Leyland and government control - a real "Rover Man" - he will be sadly missed.

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