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Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669

Solihull Heritage Run

After seemingly thousands of hours of sorting, planning, cajoling, re-planning, etc, 'D' day came around and there we were at West Car Park in the pouring rain, two soaked Savidges and two soaked Millers, trying to sort out 100 vehicles from our papier mâché attendance lists, and 50 factory vehicles for which there was no attendance list.

The lead vehicle, HUE 166 from Heritage Motor Centre, was dispatched on time at 10.00 am, followed by 150 others, more or less in order, only a handful of drivers weren't available when required.

From all accounts the factory presentation and the Mayor's presentation went off as planned and soon everyone was parked up at Gaydon.

Our arrival at Gaydon, about 20 minutes before the first of the cavalcade, revealed a sight for sore eyes, Land Rovers lined up three abreast making their way along the entry road.

Despite having to plan for unknown numbers, Fred Coultas and his staff demonstrated how good planning and slick control could manage a superb day's events. Records were broken, in that this proved to be the biggest ever Land Rover attendance at the Centre, with over 600 vehicles and more than 3300 visitors recorded on the day.

Lunch was provided in four zones, 'silver service' for VIPs, buffet service for vehicle crews, cafeteria service for day visitors, and fast food in the arena areas.

Whilst some enjoyed action and vehicle viewing in the arenas, others attended the 'Forum' in the lecture theatre, where Dr.Hasselkus spoke of Land Rover's past achievements and future plans, Gerry McGovern gave us a presentation on Freelander, and yours truly hosted an any-questions session, with special guests Spen King, Tom Barton, Bill Morris, Tony Poole, Norman Busby, Steve Haywood and Gerry McGovern in the hot seats.

The run back to the NEC was via Baddesley Clinton for tea and bikkies and a photo opportunity, and then to Meriden, the centre of England.

The firework display and the band at the NEC, overlooking Pendigo Lake, was a finale I'm sure we'll never forget. The firework display was absolutely fantastic, many a comment was heard "that's a Freelander just gone up in smoke"!

Marie Curie Cancer Foundation benefited from the sale of the birthday cake at £1 per slice, which was served by the Mayor & Mayoress of Solihull.

Some of us with a Company background did comment that this was the first time we had attended such a display laid on by a Land Rover manager (Graham Cheary) to celebrate his own retirement - how did he get away with it?!

Chris Savidge & I would like to express our sincere thanks on behalf of the ARC to the Company and to Graham Cheary for inviting us to their party, and to the staff at the Heritage Motor Centre, to the staff at Baddesley Clinton, and to the Council and people of Solihull, for their part in this memorable event. From the comments heard and letters received since the event, I think everyone enjoyed their day.

Chris and I would also like to thank all those ARC club members who went to so much trouble to support us, particularly those who responded to our late appeals to fill an empty slot. The display of superb vehicles was a credit to the Land Rover club movement, and indeed to the classic car movement. And to those who came from afar, like Mark and Cathy Nelson in their 110" NAS Defender from Naples!, Wolfgang Achler from Germany with his Dormobile, and the several South African families in their Defenders, we can only admire their enthusiasm and dedication, thanks for coming, it was good to have you with us.

But the biggest thank you of all must go to the dozens of marshals organised by Graham Cheary, who were on duty at every road junction and every event location, who managed to wave and smile all day, and a long day it was, as every vehicle passed.

Plans are in hand to circulate photographs to all participants in the event, but if others who attended would like photographs as mementoes, let Chris Savidge know, and details will be sent to you when they are available.

Future Events

July 31st/Aug 2nd Association of North American Rover Clubs hold their 50th Anniversary Rally at Greek Peak near Cortland, New York State, with UK-style RTV Trial, Off Road Trail ride, Technical Sessions etc.

Contact via e-mail at anarc@unix.off-road.com, or see their web site.

August 28th/31st North Wales LRC hold their BALA 98 inter-club weekend, with scenic drives, RTV Trial, CCV Trial, Comp Safari, Team Recovery and Winch Recovery.

Contact Dave Cuthbert 01492 534417 or Sue Bennett 01824 780474

August 29th/31st ARC All Rover Rally at the Town & Country Festival, Stoneleigh.

General details are as set out in ARC News 19. If you wish to attend this rally either for the full weekend or on a one day basis, please complete the booking form or contact Chris Savidge on 0115 926 7716 as soon as possible.

The organisers run a concours within the Motoring Festival section of the show, but this has not previously had a 4x4 class. Chris has persuaded the organisers to add a 4x4 class, covering all makes of 4x4 on show, but ARC have to provide the judges, so Chris needs volunteers to act as concours judges. To enter this concours you need to get an entry form -

from John Curtis, Range Rover Register,
tel: 01494 565496
from Paul Williams, Rover Sports Register,
tel: 01952 419781

and return them to the organisers by July 6th.

ARC 50th Anniversary Merchandise

Custom Marketing Services Ltd, who are handling the Anniversary merchandise on behalf of ARC, have had some problems getting up to speed with the mail order supplies and have given us this statement:-

Custom Marketing have weathered the initial storm receiving orders for the new merchandise and apologise to anyone who experienced a significant delay to delivery. We are never the less pleased that we achieved an almost 100% record in delivery within 28 days. While we stock packs (PK) and mugs (SM) and (MM), the clothing can only be progressed to individual order. Since it is only practical to process these on a batch basis there is bound to be some delay but we would expect to achieve 28 days.

For members outside the UK we have additional problems with postage costs which are beyond our control and, having discussed this with ARC Council members, propose the following. Custom Marketing will despatch the merchandise as ordered and place a request for additional payment in the package. It is hoped that members will post this additional charge by return. This way you will at least be able to see what you have bought. We would remind you that the present range of anniversary merchandise will terminate at the end of 1998.

ARC 50th Anniversary Grand Raffle

Included with this ARC News you should find a book of raffle tickets. It is hoped to have 50 prizes available, the 'big' prize being, of course, the ex Camel Trophy Discovery. Tickets are £1 each, but while you are writing your cheque, you might as well have five - or even fifty! Proceeds will go to the Eastnor Church maintenance fund, dedicated to the memory of Major Ben Hervey-Bathurst.

Video Offer

You will have seen the adverts in the 4 x 4 press about the video "Land Rovers Across America" produced by British Car Films at £18.99 + £1.90 p&p.

This is a 90 minute video covering the enthusiasm in America for all things Land Rover from early Series I to current vehicles, and with club activity, specialist dealers and enthusiastic owners, and includes archive film from the original Rover North America days.

As a special 50th Anniversary Offer, the video is available to all ARC Club members at an all-in price of £14.99 - a discount of £5.90 - provided you order by July 31st.

This is a superb video tape and well worth £14.99.

Send your order to:

British Car Films (ARC Offer), P.O.Box 13862, London N4 3WB

with your cheque or international money order (in sterling only) for £14.99, or payment can be made by VISA or Mastercard.

You must state which ARC club you belong to.

If you require North American NTSC format, you must state this with your order. Included with the tape is an entry form for a chance to win a free holiday in the USA.


If your Series I (or very early Series II 88") or your Rover car has an 'Inlet Over Exhaust' engine that is getting tired, you might like to know of a Series I Club member in the business of re-vitalising such units. Camshafts and followers are available on an exchange basis, cams are re-profiled and tuftrided and followers have the slipper face replaced by a pad of chrome-moly steel. Pistons, rings, bearings and gaskets are also available.

Cox & Turner Engineering are based in Yeovil - contact John Cox by phone or fax on 01425 652627

Stolen Land Rover

It's fairly old news now, but then the "law of sod" does strange things occasionally, East Northants LRC member Richard Walker lost his pride and joy to the low-life brigade on March 20th. It was a Series 3 Lightweight MBD 282K, chassis no. 95100366A, Engine No. 2713162G 2¼ litre petrol. Full internal ARC roll cage, oversize wheels & tyres, straight bodywork and chassis (rear cross-member repaired with two square beam sections). NATO Green, over sand colours with commando markings. Red NATO tow hooks front and rear. Olive coloured hood with side windows.

If you see anything resembling this, please contact Richard on 01280 815545 or mobile 0411 589224.

And finally...
Situations vacant

Jim Campbell is stepping down as Caravan Secretary as from the next AGM, March 1999. This is an important ARC Council post, and if we don't get a volunteer, we can't go caravanning next year. If you would like some explanation of what is involved, contact Jim on 01670 352456.

I, too, am stepping down at the next AGM.Having set up 'ARC News' onto a reasonably firm footing, I think I should now hand over to a younger computer literate boffin who will do a much better job than me. I regard the situation as more of a "communications" job than 'Press & PR', but then it's what you make it, to a large extent.

If you feel like having a go at either of these posts, contact John Bradbury or Peter Oakden.

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