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Issue 16 - November 1997

Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669


It is with deep regret that we have to report the death of Major Ben Hervey-Bathurst OBE, at his home at Eastnor on Saturday 18th October.

In 1960 he heard of the Land Rover Engineering Department's requirement for somewhere 'secret' to test its new 129" Land Rover, and offered his services via a mutual friend. From this simple offer of help blossomed a friendship which spanned 37 years and which transformed Eastnor Estate into a world-renowned mecca for Land Rover testing.

As a direct result of this contact, the then Midland Area of the 'original' Land Rover Owners Club was invited to camp in the Deer Park, and thus Eastnor also became one of the prime sites for Land Rover Club activity.

Known universally as "The Major", he was an enthusiastic and skilled Land Rover user and 'salesman', but he always liked to keep our feet on the ground by having a hill that we couldn't climb! Once we did climb it, he would go away, get out the D8 Caterpillar, and cut a new one!

He loved to see people enjoying the countryside and to see Land Rovers doing what they were designed to do, and was ever the perfect gentleman. We were proud to have him as a Patron of the ARC.

The world of Land Rovers and indeed the Land Rover Club scene has lost a true champion. Our sincere condolences go to his wife Anne, sons James and George, and all the family.

If you are thinking that it's a long time since the last ARC News dropped onto your doormat - you're right! - Pat & I have been off-roading in Colorado again - 2500 miles in a Chevy Blazer, I'm afraid (and a Chevy Suburban). But we did get to ride in a couple of US Range Rovers as well, a 1983 carbed 3 speed Auto 4 door, and a 1988 EFI. Various activities since (including jet lag) have left you news-less I'm afraid, for which I apologise, but here we go again.........

I re-read an article recently, and I quote some passages from it:-

... two major points would seem to me to need attention. The first is to streamline the organization of Trials and the regulations thereof, and the second is to find ways and means of providing events and services which will cater for those members of the Club who do not compete in the Trials and Rallies which the Club promotes at present.

The primary object of the Club is to promote events and facilities which will be of interest and provide entertainment for everyone who owns a Land-Rover. Trials, we know, do not do this and a great deal of thought has been put into developing other fields of activity and steps have been taken to supply the basic organization to achieve results. However, there is one point which stands out above all others; it is that this is your Club and it is your voices that we want to hear.

Sounds topical doesn't it? Could it emanate from an ARC meeting, or a Club AGM?

No!- it's Tim Harding's introductory article in the original Land Rover Owners Club's magazine 'REVIEW', when he took over as Secretary from John Tracey in September 1960. Nothing changes, does it!

Incidentally, one event which came about as a result of this article was a "Land Rover Tour of Europe" holiday, with a mixture of solo Land Rovers and Land Rover/caravan outfits, and a solitary 3 litre Rover P5.

Non-Competitive Clubs Liaison

Under the heading 'Building for the Future' in ARC News 12, March '97, we advised you of the formation of the Non-Competitive Clubs Sub Committee and the appointment of its Council representative Chris Savidge.

This sub committee is now fully operational under the Chairmanship of Bill Berry (Chairman of Nottingham LR Club), and its most recent meeting was held with sunhats and factor 20 in the sunshine at Billing.

The Committee is actively involved in discussions on the Heritage Cavalcade April 98, the International Rally 98, and the All Rover Rally 98.

If you have any ideas to put to this committee, or more to the point, if you have expertise in, and can organise, any interesting events, then contact your club rep, listed below,

David Neal Lightweight LRC
Peter Hughes
Andrew Cross
Series I Club
Chris Bentley Series II Club
Richard Lines
David Leather
LR Register (47-51)
Paul Williams Rover Sports Register
Mike Whitchurch P6 Rover Owners Club
Tony Luckwill LR OEC Ireland
or direct to
Bill Berry
Tel: 0115 972 4836
Nottinghamshire LR Club
Chris Savidge
Tel: 0115 926 7716
101 Forward Control Club & Register

For many years, the accusation has been made that non-competitive members were neglected, and did not have a voice in administration processes of the ARC. Things have changed - you now have a say in what goes on - use it! Chris Savidge would be very pleased to be able to go to the next Council meeting with a list of hundreds of volunteers for non-competitive events at next year's International at Eastnor!

And, of course, there are no demarcation lines, interest from non-competitive members of competitive clubs will never be turned away!

Events 1997

  1. 'The Malachi' - by Lincs LRC 29th/30th November 1997

    A 2-day night and day open Comp Safari is being held at Wickenby, Lincs, over the weekend 29th/30th November. Fees will be 40 for two days or 20 for one day, pre-booked. Bookings after Nov 25th will pay fees of 50 and 25 respectively.

    Camping is available (free) but with no water or facilities. Food will be available all weekend. For details contact Vince Manterfield, Holly Cottage, Wickenby, Lincs LN3 5AB Tel: 01673 885115

50th Anniversary Year

  1. Heritage Run - April 26th 1998

    Following a meeting with Graham Cheary of Land Rover, the following details can be confirmed:-

  2. Starting point will be the West Car Park of the N.E.C. and starting time will be 9.00 am
  3. Cavalcade will be made up of 50 Land Rover vehicles spanning the 50 years of production, one representing each year. Following will be 50 'special conversion' vehicles, such as 6 wheeled; fire tenders; ambulances; Popemobiles; Royal Review vehicles; military vehicles; etc. etc. Finally there will be 50 vehicles owned by "Personalities", from the business, leisure, entertainment world etc.etc.
  4. From N.E.C. West Car Park, the route will take in a visit to the factory (Damson Lane gate) with a photo opportunity on the 1 in 1 hill (optional).
  5. Then to the centre of Solihull (Mell Square) to receive a certificate from the Mayor (Photo)
  6. Drive to Gaydon Heritage Motor Centre via A4140, A4177, A452 and B4100 (the old A41), via the centre of Warwick - assume cruise speed of 40 mph.
  7. Lunch break at Gaydon (photo) leaving at approx 2.30 pm.
  8. (Possibly) call into Gaydon Test Track - one lap of a defined test circuit
  9. Return via Warwick to Meriden (Centre of England) (photo)
  10. Return to N.E.C. (by approx. 6.00 pm) to designated area alongside Pendigo Lake for vehicle display, Birthday Party and Firework Display finale at 8.20 pm.
  11. Breakfasts will be available at West Car Park upon arrival, free to drivers of participating vehicles, discounted price to others.
  12. Food and refreshments will be available at Gaydon at normal prices.
  13. Food and refreshments will be available at the N.E.C. birthday party, together with a band and other attractions. All Land Rover employees (associates) are invited to this party.
  14. All entrants will receive a prestigious plaque as a memento of the event.

    Chris Savidge, the ARC Council member representing non-competitive clubs, is now formulating detailed plans for the clubs' participation in the event.

    Application forms will be issued with the next ARC News for individuals to complete and submit (together with a recent photograph) to have their vehicle considered for both the "50 years" section and the "special" section. These should be returned to Chris Savidge, but you should also advise your Club Secretary of your application (send him/her a photocopy).

    Vehicles chosen will be smart (a credit to Land Rover and to the Club) and each "entry" will have a 'reserve' in case of last minute problems. Land Rover (Graham Cheary) is co-ordinating the "personalities" group.

    It is possible that a caravan rally will be organised, either close to the NEC or close to Gaydon, to cater for distant visitors wishing to stay for the weekend. Assistance will also be available for those requiring hotel or B & B accommodation.

    It is also possible, even probable, that this 'Run' will become an annual event..

    Watch this space!

  15. International Rally, Eastnor, May 21st - 31st 1998

    You should all by now have received a booking form for the rally via the Rover mailing system, don't forget the 10% discount if you book before 31st Dec 1997. Closing date is 31st March 1998.

    The Management Team for the rally is now complete, and several planning meetings and site meetings have been held.

    The general format outlined some time ago is now being 'filled out', and lots of help with event ideas and labour is required from all member clubs.

    If you have some expertise you can offer or just a pair of legs to marshal with, please contact a relevant person listed below:-

    Event Director Harold Lowe Tel & Fax: 01772 716956
    89 Broadwood Drive, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 4TE
    Event Secretaries Ian & Sue Foster Tel & Fax: 01204 396449
    31 Slimbridge Close, Breightmet, Bolton, BL2 5NT
    Treasurer Andrew Neaves Tel: 01827 874008
    8 East House Drive, Hurley, Atherstone, CV9 2HB
    Comp Co-ordinator Colin Gaukroger Tel: 01270 664463
    45 Franklyn Avenue, Crewe, CW2 7NE
    Press & Publicity Steve Wells Tel: 01472 398019
    6 Hall Farm, Binbrook, Lincoln, LN8 6BW
    Rover Liaison Peter Oakden Tel: 01827 880677
    Oak Cottage, Wood Lane, Norton-juxta-Twycross, Atherstone, CV9 3QB
    Non-competitive Co-ordinator Chris Savidge Tel: 0115 926 7716
    86 Spring Lane, Lambley, Nottingham, NG4 4PG
    Special Event Director John Bradbury Tel: 01706 638801
    14 Bolton Road, Rochdale, OL11 4PB
    Site Management Steve Cook Tel & Fax: 01527 525021
    26 Sutton Close, Winyates, Redditch, B98 0JR
    Trade Stands Rob Walker Tel: 0151 728 8683
    Ladies Activities Bonny Savidge Tel 0115 926 7716
    86 Spring Lane, Lambley, Nottingham, NG4 4PG

  16. Series I Club - Shugborough Rally 27th/28th June 1998

    Entry forms are now available, and the closing date is 30 Nov 97, so don't delay. The rally is, of course, open only to members of the Series I Club and the 1947-51 Register.

  17. Land Rover Register 1947-51 - Anniversary Tour August 1998

    The 50th Anniversary Tour will reproduce the trek made by five pre-production 80" vehicles in July 1948 in support of the World Gliding Championships of that year, held in Samaden, Switzerland.

    The Tour is to include historic vehicles L11, R12, R16, L19, L29 and a member from New Zealand, and will set off on August 9th and return August 22nd.

LARA News from Tony Kempster

We have received the following letter from David Kersey, Motor Sports Development Officer of LARA:-

Pride in our Heritage

The Fifth Edition of the LARA Heritage Motor Sports Directory is ready to go to press. Now is the ideal time for all motor sport clubs to make sure that their facilities are included in this most worthwhile document. The Directory is not only the work of LARA's Motor Sport Facilities Unit, and LARA's member organisations and all their constituent clubs, but it now enjoys the endorsement of both the Sports Council and the Central Council for Physical Sport and Recreation.

The Directory includes all nominated facilities used, for ten years or more, for legitimate motor sports events and helps paint a picture, therefore, not only of the heritage of our sport but also its legitimate place in the countryside. Far too often, in recent years, our sport has been treated as a newcomer in the countryside and has, as a result, suffered where conservation has taken precedence over all other considerations. Now, thanks to the LARA Motor Sports Directory, planners and other legislators and providers have a source of reference that enables them to assist clubs as they strive to continue to provide enthusiasts with suitable facilities.

This year, as the profile of the Directory has been raised, LARA has increasingly been able to use it as supporting evidence in relation to facilities affected by planning or environmental legislation. For example, LARA's Planning Officer, Alan Kind has recently assisted the clubs using the motorcross circuit at Thoresway, in Lincolnshire, at the planning appeal to determine this long-established circuit's future. Alan was pleased to report that, "The Heritage Motor Sports Directory was accepted at the Public Enquiry as a useful record that the site has some long-standing value to motor sport". Alan urges all clubs to ensure that their facilities are logged with the MFU for inclusion in the Directory.

This clearly illustrates that clubs should accurately record all the dates of use for their facilities and that entry in the Directory is an effective step towards this. This information may never be needed but, when it is, its absence can be fatal if planners (or Inspectors) have no documentary evidence to which they can refer. Clearly, clubs can no longer afford to keep their facilities secret in the hope that they will avoid the glare of local authority involvement and the possibility of subsequent action. Given the nature of modern society, and its prevailing intolerance, clubs must assist LARA all they can in its defence of our most cherished facilities. LARA can fire the bullets but clubs must provide the ammunition.

If you would like a copy of the Fifth Edition of the LARA Heritage Motor Sport Directory, or you would like to propose a facility (or facilities) for inclusion, would you please contact the LARA MFU at its office in the ACU's HQ in Wood Street, Rugby, CV21 2YX (contacts: David or Geraldine - Tel 01788 541137)

(up, back to issue 15, on to issue 17)

Disclaimer, March 1998


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