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Issue 15 - August 1997

Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669


  1. Caravanning / Camping

    Jim Campbell, National Caravan Secretary for the ARC, has recently renewed our exemption certificate, allowing him to continue to issue permits for our member clubs' caravan rallies.

    The DOE have reviewed their rules and procedures, and some of their changes have a marked effect on our rules in turn.

    These are:-

    1. Only members of member clubs (and their immediate families) may attend a rally run under an ARC permit. You cannot invite family or friends in another tent or caravan to an ARC permitted rally under any circumstance. If you choose to have friends/family stay with you in your van, or awning, or tent, that is permissible, but in another unit (tent or caravan) it is not.
    2. The previously used 'escape clause' of making people 'temporary members' for the weekend (or period) is not permissible. 'Members' means fully signed up members for the full financial year.
    3. The principle of allowing attendance at one rally to allow potential members to see whether they like us (!) is not permissible.

    We are sorry if this inconveniences any of you, but we have to enforce the rules or lose our privileges. The breaking of these rules could lose us the ability to hold caravan/camping rallies, and would result in the landowner being taken to court by the Local Authority for infringement of Planning Law.

    Therefore, please do not put our permit at risk by hoping you can talk your way in - your friends/relatives will be turned away.

    Many clubs have rules which allow non-Rover-owning 'enthusiasts' to become members, this is the only non-risk route to take and it's not expensive.

    Rally organisers within the clubs should also make it clear to landowners that we do have the ability to raise these permits, and should warn landowners about approaches from other organisations who do not. These organisations could cause the landowner to be taken to court, and then you lose the use of that land - protect your privilege.

    And finally, will organisers please send the application forms to Jim Campbell early enough to allow for work, holidays, postal delays, power cuts, etc, and if dealing by post, you must enclose a stamped addressed envelope for return of the permit to the relevant person.

  2. ARC News Circulation - Membership Lists

    Andrew Neaves has asked me to appeal to club membership secretaries to keep him up to date with membership lists on a regular basis in order to avoid 'hiccups'. If individual members change address, you must notify your club quickly and your club must keep Andrew updated. There is no point in advising Andrew or myself of your change, because if your club's next disc isn't changed, your old address gets re-inserted. Likewise if you are a member of several clubs, and most make the change but one doesn't, your old address gets left in the list.

  3. EGM's - Agenda

    It has been said in the past that EGM's spend 90% of the time discussing competition rules etc, and never discuss the subjects you want discussed. It is worth noting that competition matters at recent EGM's have taken perhaps 5% of the meeting time, but it does allow us to remind you that if you want a subject discussed, ask John Bradbury - in writing - to put your item on the agenda. Individual members do, of course, need to do this via their club committee, preferably in writing to the club secretary.

  4. Finance Matters

    Following questions at a recent EGM, Andrew Stavordale explains below two items of ARC financial matters:-

    The ARC Fighting Fund was set up around 1990 to provide a source of money to aid in the funding of legal action against any body that seeks to remove the right of way from or access to public areas/roads. This includes councils attempting to place a TRO on a RUPP to major events like a widespread closure of a recognised right of way e.g. The Ridgeway.

    Legal action is expensive and the fighting fund is not a bottomless pit and has been used over the years to aid in various actions, more often in paying for expert witnesses or testimony in a particular case.

    The fund is kept going by donations from ARC clubs and concerned individuals and since this year the fund will receive 25% of the ARC levy received from the International Rally. Since January 1996 the fund has only paid out in one case, that of the Presili Hills Enquiry when an expert was assigned to help prepare the case against the action. More details of this particular case can be obtained from Tony Kempster, ARC Rights of Way and Land Access Officer. The fund currently stands at about œ600 and donations are being sought to help increase its balance - if you or your club wish then please give generously. The fund is managed by five trustees: ARC Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Tony Kempster and Tony Holder.

    ARC Expenses
    Like any business, the ARC incurs expenses in providing the day to day service to its members. Much of these expenses are incurred by ARC directly, such as LARA subscriptions, photocopier maintenance etc. Other expenses are incurred by persons working on behalf of ARC such as the secretary, who spend money on postage, stationery, travel etc. As a national organisation, it is not practical to have a 'post room' or 'stationery cupboard' in a central location so these people claim these expenses back from the treasurer. An official form is used for the claim and details and receipts must be provided to substantiate the claim. Travel expenses are paid where the claimant has made a journey which, were it not for ARC, he would not have made. These are paid on a pence per mile basis dependant on the vehicle's economy. Expenses can be claimed by anyone working on behalf of ARC but should be approved in advance where an exceptional expense may occur.

  5. Competition Scene

    With their 'plan-ahead' hats on, the Scrutineering Committee offer the following advice:-

    If you are planning to buy safety equipment in the near future, the RACMSA say that whilst it is not yet mandatory for national motor sport it is recommended that replacement items are to the following standards:-

       Competition Seats      -  	     Approval to FIA 8855
       Safety Harnesses       -  	     Approval to FIA 8853 and 8854
       Fire extinguishers hand held - Approval to BS5423 or EN3 with Fire
       Industry rating of at least 34B.
       Note that Halon/BCF extinguishers cease to be an approved type from
       Jan 1st 2000.  Recommended contents for new extinguishers will now
       be ZERO2000 or AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam).

LARA News from Tony Kempster

  1. The July LARA meeting confirmed Tim Stevens as LARA's new Motor Recreation Development Officer (MRDO) and the Information Officer. A new post of Planning Officer has been filled by Alan Kind who has been very much involved with LARA for many years following its inception in 1986. Officer contacts are:
       MRDO -
         Tim Stevens 01630 657627, Fax 01630 658928, E-mail timLARA@aol.com  
       Motor Sport Development Officer (MSDO) -
         David Kersey 01788 541137, fax 01788 573585
       Principal Officer -
         Alan Kind  Tel & Fax 0191 236 4086, E-mail Alan.Kind@highwayman.demon.co.uk
  2. Vehicular Use of RUPPs

    LARA is obtaining a legal opinion as to whether to lodge an appeal against an inspector's decision earlier this year that vehicular user evidence of a RUPP in Somerset is inadmissible. His decision follows a Planning Inspectorate guidance note issued in April this year which advises inspectors that all post-1930 vehicular use of RUPPs is a criminal offence and cannot be taken as user evidence to establish BOAT status.

    If an appeal is made, the Planning Inspectorate of the DOE can choose either to admit they are wrong or fight it in court. This is a very important issue - if the guidance note is not successfully challenged by way of an appeal against the inspector's decision, it will have serious consequences for all recreational vehicle users. It means that all RUPP reclassifications would result in their becoming bridleways unless there were sufficient documentary evidence for BOAT status which is often not the case. It is also likely that some RUPPs previously reclassified as BOATs could become bridleways. There is additionally potential for prosecutions for illegal driving on RUPPs since 1930.

    This important issue was put to the June ARC meeting and it was agreed that the ARC would support an appeal and the Trustees of the Fighting Fund subsequently agreed to contribute towards the cost. If you feel strongly about the continued use of green roads, ask your club committee to consider underwriting part of the appeal cost - or even doing so yourself. All ARC club secretaries are being sent further information.

    Bullet point notes on the Somerset RUPP case are listed below Norton Malreward is a small village in Somerset. Nearby is a not-very-remarkable green road which was put down on the definitive map as a Road Used as a Public Path (RUPP).

    Somerset County Council duly started its review of RUPPs and made a reclassification order to reclassify NM-RUPP as a bridleway.

    Local TRF (maybe other users too) objected to the order.

    At the public inquiry in 1994 the inspector took the objections on board and decided that the RUPP should be a BOAT.

    The evidence was a mixture of old documents and user - but is was not strong evidence. Had the inspector decided that the status should be bridleway it would not have been a great surprise, nor something that could have been challenged at appeal.

    The order was re-advertised as BOAT. Further objections were received (including one from Mrs Masters of GLEAM).

    A second public inquiry was held, in spring 1997, with a new inspector - the first one had died. Mrs Masters and others objected and put in some new documentary evidence which, they said, showed that the road was not a BOAT.

    In his decision letter the inspector acknowledged the new objections. He then said that the user evidence accepted in the first inquiry was no longer valid. That, he concluded, meant that there was insufficient evidence to show BOAT status, so he put it back to bridleway.

    The reason why he could not accept the user evidence was because in April 1997 the Planning Inspectorate issued a new "guidance note" which advised inspectors that all post-1930 vehicular use of RUPPs is a criminal offence and cannot be taken as user evidence.

    The rights of way "brains" in LARA and the BBT believe that this "guidance note" is fundamentally wrong in law. If it is, the inspector has misdirected himself in law during his deliberations.

    The only effective course of action clearly visible is to lodge an appeal against the confirmation of the order on the grounds that the inspector misdirected himself as to the law.

    If this appeal is lodged (and the last date to lodge is 8 August) then our case will be set out in a formal statement of case. The Planning Inspectorate can choose to admit they are wrong or fight it in court.

    If we win (either way) the judge will strike down the second public inquiry decision and order it to be re-made with proper regard for the legal position. The inspector might still say "only a bridleway" to the NM-RUPP. That does not really matter.

    Our real target is the erroneous guidance note. It has now been used to our disadvantage in at least five RUPP reclassification cases. If it is not successfully challenged then the whole position of driving on RUPPs is seriously undermined.

    Also damaged is the chance of reclassifying RUPPs to BOAT in the future, and some RUPPs previously reclassified to BOAT might be struck down to bridleway.

    The appeal also gives us the opportunity to air to the judge the views of Lord Denning and Lord Diplock that RUPPs are more than footpaths and bridleways - a line of attack steadfastly denied by the Planning Inspectorate over the years.

    The real attraction of NM-RUPP as a case to appeal is the very fact that the actual evidence of status is thin. That concentrates the question right on the issue of the guidance note.

    footnote, 9.7.97: Tony Kempster is in touch with barrister Edwin Simpson to review the case, and to discuss if it is strong enough to take further. This first consultation will cost probably $#163;400-500. If we proceed further, it will be work in hand and not money wasted.

Stolen Caravan

Ken Knight went to unload his caravan only to find it wasn't there, some 'low-life' had taken it away complete with years' collections of models and memorabilia. It is a 1985 Lunar Delta 500 Twin 4, in white and green, chassis no. 8451/85, with LR logos, MROC, RRR, and ARC National Rally stickers. Two number plates were fixed to the rear - P976 YAA and HOD 420 V. If you see anything suspiciously like this description, contact Ken on 01980 610776 or your local police.

Save a Classic!

  1. Deryck Newsham in North Wales Land Rover Club has come across a Stage 1 V8 109 Station Wagon in good condition but at risk of being left to rot! It is Bronze Green with Limestone roof, 1982 X reg with 90,000 miles to its credit. The engine is good, with electronic ignition, and the vehicle is in original condition, a little work required. An offer of 2700 - 2800 could secure a nice future classic. Contact Deryck Newsham on 01492 573630 if interested.
  2. Mark Griffiths of Huddersfield Land Rover Centre has found a Range Rover 2 door In Vogue with 78,000 miles, average condition, 80% original, needs paint and some trim work, complete with mint condition hamper and cool box, which in themselves are like 'hens teeth'. It is in Great Yarmouth area - talk to Mark on 01484 542092 if you have about 3500 to spare.

Events Past

  1. International Rally - Llangollen

    You have probably seen the classified results in the 4 x 4 magazines, but I list below the winners of the various trophies by now adorning a multitude of mantelpieces and trophy cabinets.

    Taliesin Trophy Stephan Smerdon CDLRC
    Pirelli Scorpion Cup Kenneth Brain CDLRC
    Land Rover Discovery Cup John Richardson NERO
    North Wales Land Rover Club Diesel Trophy Rex Ward CDLRC
    Carol Roberts Trophy Amanda Kitchen YROC
    Lincolnshire LRC RTV Team Trophy Rex Ward, Kenneth Brain and Nigel Gummer CDLRC, Breckland Land Rover Club Trophy, Midland Rover Owners Club

    Land Rover Owners Club Rickards Trophy Mark Ambler HBRO
    Land Rover Parts Cup Anthony Retallack CDLRC
    Mitchin Industries Trophy Paul Hooton BLRC
    Cornwall & Devon Cup Anthony Retallack CDLRC
    Colbourne Trophies Perpetual Cup Tina Graves ENLROC
    Seniors Cup Howard Clinton CDLRC
    Rover Owners Association Pirelli Cup Anthony Retallack CDLRC
    Land Rover Owners Club Total Team Trophy Colin Gilbert, Anthony Retallack & Anthony Tucker CDLRC
    Rover Owners Association Inter-Club Challenge Cup   Leicester & Rutland LRC
    Blackwool Farm Spoon Patrick Long CDLRC

    Yorkshire Cup Glen McKeith PLRC
    Crossland Filters Shield Hugh Haines MROC
    John Craddock/Land Rover Parts Shield Adrian Longstaff, Peter Roberts & Darryl Key SSLRC
    Competitive Safari

    North Yorkshire/South Durham Trophy Tom Boydell LCLRC
    International Off Roader Trophy David Barret LLRC
    Combined Awards

    Rover Challenge Trophy Maurice Flanders, Andrew Flanders 101FCCR
    Team Recovery

    Fairey Winches Trophy Mike Hopley, Ian Joustra PDLRC
    Winch Recovery

    Rover Owners Association Gymkhana Cup John & Pauline Beadle ELRC

    David Bowyer Cup Graham Medlicot SSLRC

    William Farvis Trophy Keith Gissing Ser II
    Gill Floyd Forward Control Cup J Ipenburg Dutch LRR

    Tony Hutchings Salver John Nuttall NWLRC

    I think the only useful comment I can make is that those of us outside Cornwall & Devon need more tin in our water or more clotted cream in our diet!

  2. All Rover Rally - Gaydon

    Gaydon 1996 was held in July and some of us got a touch of sunstroke. Gaydon 1997 was moved to June and we got rusty - nuff said!

    47 outfits camped in the meadow inside the Heritage Motor Centre grounds, which is an extremely pleasant location. When developed further, with its own access road, proper water supplies and loo disposal facilities, it will be a delightful site for 100 units or more.

    The rally was well supported by RRR, 101FCC&R, and Series I Club, but the arena display numbers were below par, no doubt due largely to a lack of one day visitors because of the weather.

    Thanks to RRR, particularly Frank & Pat Smith marshalling the campsite, and to Pete Kenworthy for the Arena Displays. Thanks also to Frank Myatt and the Series II Club, together with Chris Myatt and Simon Taylor of MROC, for their valiant efforts with the Bike Trial. Winners of the Bike Trial were:-

    up to 16 Trevor Smith 101 FCC&R
    up to 17 Simon Taylor MROC
    up to 18 Ben Hanbury LR Series II Club

    At the request of HMC, prizes were donated to the best car, best Land Rover (Defender/ Series style), and best Land Rover (Range Rover/Discovery style). Mike Watson, Chairman of RRR, made his Chairman's Choice, these being:-

    Best Car P5B Coup‘ ALH 25H  
    Best Land Rover (Land Rover style) Land Rover Series I FSU 178 Peter Hughes
    Best Land Rover (RR & Disco style) Range Rover G282 CEH Ron Hewitt

    Would the owner of P5B ALH 25H, who left before the closing ceremony at 4pm, please make contact with me - I have a prize for him!

Events coming

  1. Fylde Series I Land Rover Action Weekend - Sept 19th/21st 1997

    The weekend, organised by the Red Rose Land Rover Club, is based at Hamilton House Farm, St Michael's on Wyre, on the A586, just off the A6 between Junctions 32 & 33 of the M6, some 12 miles from Blackpool, Preston and Lancaster, and will include a winch log recovery, gymkhana, trailer reversing, static display, concours, auto jumble and a number of trade stands. Series Is fitted with specialist equipment will be invited to demonstrate. Camping is available adjacent to the activities from Friday pm to Sunday evening at 8 per unit. For more details or entry form, contact Harold Lowe, 89 Broadwood Drive, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9TE or tel: 01772 716956.

  2. Longleat Family 4WD Safari - 25th/26th October 1997

    Apparently the off-road course of this event passes through the lion enclosure! These are lots of other attractions, and discounted admission for ARC members.

    For details contact Clare Hopkinson on 01985 844400

  3. Desert Pro-challenge, Nevada - Dec 5/7th 1997

    Do you fancy a holiday of a lifetime 'way out west' with some off-road competition for good measure? then the Land Rover Owners Association of North America has just the event for you.

    Originally planned to mimic the early Camel Trophy events, the focus of this event will be more like the Warn Trophy/Challenge currently run in the UK and Europe. Navigation tasks will involve a fair bit of driving as the competitors try to locate Waypoints scattered across Northern Nevada. Hidden checkpoints and special tasks will be thrown in without warning in order to confuse the issue even further. Later a Challenge Compound will be the site of further tasks, including winching, vehicle recovery and special tasks. The Challenge is scheduled for December 5/6/7 in Nevada. Entries open August 1st, the pre-entry cost being $225 per car until November 6th (a $100 non-returnable deposit is required.) Post-entry $275.

    For info contact Michael Green at 190 Airway Boulevard, Livermore, California 94550 USA or tel: 001-510-606-8301 or fax 001-510-606-8302

  4. Greystoke 98 - 9th/14th April 1998

    Red Rose LRC and Cumbrian ROC are getting together for their third Greystoke event, to be held over Easter weekend next year on the Greystoke Castle Estate about 5 miles west of Penrith. Camping/Caravanning available Thursday noon until Tuesday 16.00, events include Bike Trial, RTV, CCV, Winch Recovery, Gymkhana, Easter bonnets, Tug of War etc. Contact John Sturgess, Fickle Hall Farm, Duckshaw Road, Darwen, Lancashire BB3 2UA for booking forms.

'Bedtime reading', by Tony Kempster

Shire Publications Ltd of Princes Risborough, Bucks, have recently issued a second edition of 'Four-Wheel Drive and Land-Rover' by Nick Baldwin. It is number 221 in the Shire Album series and is an A5 size booklet of 32 pages that should be found on every Land Rover enthusiast's bookshelf. The front cover features Andrew Stevens, Chairman and Newsletter Editor of the Series One Club, at the wheel of his restored early 80". The text gives a brief history of four wheel drive vehicles and includes a section on the Land Rover. Another section refers to various other manufacturers that have produced 4x4 vehicles. Although there are a few minor errors with regard to details which perhaps only an aficionado would notice, at œ2.50 it should be included in the collection of all ARC members.


EGM September 1997 Please note that, due to non-availibility of the Presentation Suite at Lode Lane on Sept 13th, the EGM will now be held on September 20th 1997.

Land Rover Register 1947-51
At their meeting held at Billing on July 20th, the Club decided by unanimous vote to stay in the ARC.

NFU Mutual - ARC Secretary John Bradbury writes:-
I am pleased to announce that our special arrangement with NFU Mutual is now up and running. NFU Mutual insure more 4 x 4 vehicles than any other company in the UK and will in addition be able to help in areas other than motor insurance. Further details will be enclosed with the next issue of ARC News, but in the meantime call 0345 045031 for your nearest office. In addition I will shortly be writing to Club Secretaries with suggestions on local involvement of NFU Mutual Agents in Club events. Please make full use of this service which has taken a lot of effort to set up for your benefit. I believe that with the discount offered to ARC members the already highly competitive rates offered by NFU Mutual will be even more attractive. I would like to thank Pam Swift, George Stonley and Andrew Siggs of NFU Mutual for their goodwill, help and support during our negotiations and, of course, my friend David Carter of YROC for the original idea.

Please note that from 8th August 1997, John Bradbury's telephone no. will change to 01706 638801

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Disclaimer, October 1997


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