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Issue 14 - June 1997

Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669

Having been under attack for introducing a 'forward plan', something any respectable company or club should have anyway, the ARC Council and Scrutineering Committee now appear to be under attack for doing it wrong again!, by introducing as its first measure new rules for basic showroom vehicles for RTV's.

Having said that some vehicles, mainly in the Comp Safari and CCV Trial areas are too remote from Land Rover produced vehicles, a freeze has been applied to rules governing these vehicles. Nothing is being banned, but nothing is to go any further, and rules applicable to these vehicles have been accepted to date by all Clubs.

At the other end of the spectrum, if owners of 'showroom' type vehicles are to be encouraged to enter RTV's, or what I would rather call FVT's (Family Vehicle Trials), simple straightforward rules need to be agreed, preferably on the basis of "what is permitted" rather than "what is not permitted" in the way of 'modifications'.

Past experience has shown that this will not be easy, but the scrutineering committee are determined to come forward with proposals aimed at controlling the specification of RTV class vehicles. Nothing can be more off-putting to a family RTV entry in their shopping Defender 90 than to see next in line a full CCV spec motor that happens to be taxed and MOT'd.

In short - we have put a lid on the extremism, now let's get back to basics - and that means a new set of regulations for basics. If it works I should be able to enter an RTV (or FVT) in my restored 'Velar' with no qualms!


  1. Porthmadog 97 - August 22nd-25th

    Following their International Rally extravaganza, North Wales LRC are again taking their steroids ready for Porthmadog 97 at Dolwgan, Dolbenmaen, just north west of Porthmadog. RTV, CCV Trials will be run, together with Comp Safari and Winch/Team Recovery. Scenic drives will also take place on Friday and Saturday.

    For more info ring Dave Cuthbert on 01492 534417 or Deryck Newsham on 01492 573630

  2. Shackerstone '97 - September 6th/7th

    The good folk of Shackerstone village near Market Bosworth, West Leicestershire, invite us all again to their multi-feature carnival weekend. Usual format of Hot Air Balloons - Traction Engines - Steam Trains - Tractors - Vintage Vehicles - Fairground etc.

    Caravanning /camping facilities for all ARC members. Contact Peter Oakden on 01827 880677

  3. ARC EGM - September 13th

    Ian Davis of RACMSA will attend the meeting, if you have any Motorsport related questions you wish to put to him, could you please let John Bradbury have your question, in writing, as soon as possible please. John's address is 14 Bolton Road, Rochdale, Lancs OL11 4PB, or E-mail johnb@arcsec.demon.co.uk. Ian Davis will of course take any questions on the day, but cannot then guarantee a complete answer.

  4. Major's Trial, Eastnor - October 4th/5th

    MROC invite you to the Major's Trial, usual date, usual format, usual keen competition. Teams of three drivers are required to represent their club, up to five teams per club are allowed. Entry fee is 45 per team of three, and must be pre-booked by 14th September.

    Camping as usual in the Deer Park at 5 per night from noon on Friday 3rd Oct.

    Contact Chris Myatt, 'Pimpernell', Lyons Boat Yard, Limekiln Lane, Warstock, Birmingham B14 4SR tel 0956 479411


  1. 50th Anniversary Heritage Run - 26th April 1998

    The first big 'anniversary event' will celebrate the launch of the 80" on 30th April 1948. It will be a one day event, organised by Land Rover, Solihull Council and the ARC. The outline plan is for 100-150 vehicles spanning all models of Land Rover to assemble at the NEC ready to set off in cavalcade at 10.00 am.

    Routing is likely to be - NEC to the Lode Lane factory - to Solihull Town Centre - to Warwick Town Centre - to Gaydon for a 2 hour break.

    The return run will be via Meriden (the centre of England) to the NEC, where the vehicles may be displayed.

    The cavalcade is intended to include Company vehicles, Gaydon 'historic' vehicles, and ARC members' vehicles yet to be identified.

  2. Anniversary International Rally, Eastnor

    A nine day 'Super-rally' from 22nd May to 31st May - see enclosed ARC News supplement.

  3. Shugborough Hall, Series I Club - June 27th/28th

    The Series I Club, Series I Register and all Series I owners should really have one hell of a party in 1998. Britain is renowned for inventing good things and then letting someone else get the benefit, but here's one product that started in Solihull (or Islay? or Anglesey?) and stayed there, and don't we love it? It is beauty, simplicity, and functionality all wrapped up in one delightful package, which many would claim is still the best looking Land Rover ever produced.

    Wouldn't it be rather nice if all the other ARC single marque clubs supported the Series I Club at their event with suitable displays of historic younger brethren. If you have any such ideas, talk to John Robinson, at 112 Hillylaid Road, Little Thornton, Cleveleys, Lancs FY5 4ED tel 01253 826016.

    (up, back to issue 13, on to issue 15)

    Disclaimer, October 1997


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