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Issue 11 - February 1997

Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669

The receipt of this ARC News may have come as something of a surprise. You will probably have read that ARC had plans laid to issue the ARC quarterly magazine 'RUNES' to all ARC members via the Land Rover printing and mailing organisation.

After further consideration, ARC Council took the decision to issue ARC NEWS rather than 'RUNES', due to two main factors - the greater topicality and shorter preparation lead time of ARC News and the lack of material to fill RUNES.

For the time being therefore, RUNES is going into retirement pending further discussion, but if there is a budding magazine editor out there willing to join talks on a re-launch, please get in touch.

Andrew Neaves is the man in the hot seat sorting out circulation lists, and of course many of you are probably members of more than one club, so please don't be too critical if you get more than one copy initially.

Building for the Future

The ARC Council, guided by individual comments, and input from Club delegates at its EGM's, has been quietly looking at the future and working on a strategy to re-vitalise its image, both to its member clubs and to the outside world, and possibly re-vitalise some of the clubs' enthusiasm for the ARC.

There are currently three main "building blocks" under construction:-

  1. To bring back into the competitive scene more of the basic "showroom" vehicles that we used to see many years ago.
  2. To re-vitalise the feeling of camaraderie that should exist between clubs themselves, and between the clubs and the ARC (which is after all just a committee of the Clubs anyway).
  3. To re-vitalise the non-competitive side of Rovering and Land Rovering, by pursuing a policy of active support of Rover car clubs and non-competitive Land Rover clubs.

Block 1 is now in place, following the release of the "Future Competition Policy". Constructive comment on this policy and the way ahead is of course invited, and future implementation plans are being discussed.

The initial stages of Block 2 have been aimed at better communication between the Clubs and the ARC, and the members. ARC News set this in motion 12 months ago, but thanks to the Rover Group's generous offer to print and circulate ARC News to all members, this policy now takes a big step forward.

By the time you read this, Block 3 will also be taking shape. A conference of all non-competitive Land Rover clubs and the remaining ARC Rover car clubs will have been held, and hopefully an agenda of future action agreed.

The ARC Council, which is made up of members from ten clubs from as far afield as Cornwall, Sussex and Tyneside, is determined to pursue high standards of club involvement, camaraderie and mutual support, and despite the comments of some 4 x 4 press 'pundits', have no intention of "banning" vehicles, or "killing" democracy.

'Democracy' does, however, take time, so please don't expect overnight answers to every problem that crops up. Democracy also means you having a say in things that matter. If you're not "active", you can still write to your club secretary, and on ARC matters you can write to ARC Secretary John Bradbury at 14 Bolton Road, Rochdale, Lancs OL11 4PB, or if you prefer via me, address at the top of this newssheet.

Many clubs, particularly 'national' ones (as opposed to local ones), are going through difficult times with reducing memberships and attendances at events. How many times have we heard in recent times that what you get out of your club is directly proportional to what you put in.

Our message for 1997 therefore is to relate this theory to your club's involvement with the ARC -

What you put in, you should get back - with interest.

Events 1997

ARC AGM - Presentation Suite, Lode Lane, Sat. March 15th 1997

Wouldn't it be nice to see a representative of every member club at this year's AGM? Can we achieve it? it's up to you, if you think the ARC isn't doing what you want it to do, come along and make some constructive criticisms. You've no doubt seen the expression "If you like what we do tell your friends, if you don't like what we do - tell us"!

Old Sodbury's Sortout Sat. March 22nd

Held at the usual site at Weylode, Old Sodbury, Bristol, on the A46, 2 miles north of M4 Junction 18. Entry is 2.00 per person from 11.00 a.m., but this time overseas visitors are admitted FREE. Sellers need a permit, pre-booked but no deposit required, so if you want a pitch ring 01454 321010 or fax 01454 273054.

ARC International Rally - Llangollen - May 23rd to 26th

With the superb planning, admin., and P.R. work laid on by North Wales Land Rover Club, you probably don't need me to tell you any more about this event. However, if you are planning to attend but have not yet booked, please do so ASAP, you should have received the necessary paperwork, but if not contact :-

  Entry Secretary       - Alan Brown            - 01248 352645
  Rally Secretary       - Dave Cuthbert         - 01492 534417
  Event Co-ordinator    - Dave Kelly            - 01978 356157

A follow-on rally is also now confirmed, organised by the Southern Rover Owners Club. This will be available 27 May to 1 June at Pall Mall Farm, Tywyn, Gwynedd, just south of Barmouth/Dolgellau, map ref. 135/594013. For booking or more detail contact Laurie Wright on 01273 400264.

All Rover Rally, Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon 21st/22nd June 1997

'Gaydon 1997' at its new June date, is to be hosted by the Range Rover Register.

Outline plans allow for caravanning / camping from noon Friday 20th June until noon Monday 23rd June, and for vehicle displays during Saturday and Sunday in the museum grounds.

It is hoped to have a barbecue on the caravan field on Saturday evening, and to have low-cost entry to the arena displays over the weekend. For first timers and keen classic vehicle followers the usual discount museum entry tickets will be available.

If you want a club stand, club display, individual display, or to run something over the weekend, contact Frank Smith for caravan matters 01203 596365, or Pete Kenworthy for vehicle display matters 01844 216359

Events 1998 - Land Rover's 50th Year

There are only 333 days to go to the big celebration year, yet there is apparently only one club celebration planned - that of the Series I Club at Shugborough Hall on June 27th/28th 1998. If you have something in mind please let me know. Even Land Rover Limited haven't come up with anything yet!

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Disclaimer, March 1997


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