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Issue 10 - December 1996

Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669

Issue 10 celebrates the first anniversary of the birth of ARC News, is it any good? - does it achieve anything? - that's for you to answer, if you have any thoughts or criticisms, let me know.

The circulation list now extends to 120 recipients, which includes 40 UK clubs and 31 overseas clubs. Recipients for the UK clubs are the newsletter editors, but I am now building up a circulation list for the club delegates to ARC meetings. These enthusiasts are the dedicated club members who travel to Solihull four times a year to the General Meetings, and then (hopefully) report back to the clubs. These people are the king pins of the Rover Clubs movement, without them the ARC would come to a grinding halt.

I need the names and addresses of club delegates, if you are one, please let me know, and if your club doesn't have one, get one nominated!

When enthusiasm and efficiency come together as demonstrated in the "delegate reports" in 'The Yorkie' by Kevin Andrew, in the NERO magazine by Danny Hoy, and in 'Pants & Barks' by Steve Kirby, I see a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel - well done guys!


Building for the Future... a conference of all ARC Non-Competitive Car & Land Rover Clubs is to be held in February 1997 to discuss future plans and aspirations - watch this space!

Competition Vehicle News - from Harold Carman, RACMSA Rep. on the ARC Council:-

Do not drill roll bars for any other reason than the regulatory inspection holes required in each tube. Do not drill holes to fit roofs or body panels to any part of roll bar.

No new log books will be issued from now. If roll bars are drilled please contact Harold Carman 01928 564388.

A statement will be issued at the next ARC EGM December meeting.

Existing roll bars with Panels, Pop Rivets or Bolted are not affected by this statement if the vehicle has a current log book.

Caravanners with Vanroyce or Castleton caravans - have you seen the publicity about failing Delachaux road wheels? If you have one of these caravans built between 1990 and 1992, check the road wheels. If they are identified by the following:-

4J x 13 FH/4 + 27 C/CD 034 and stamped with a date stamp eg 09-90 (Sept 1990), with any date between January 1990 (01-90) and February 1992 (02-92) then contact Tyre Line OE Limited, tel: 01327 79155 ext 34. There have been some wheel failures reported, very few - but be safe rather than sorry.

It's a bit late now - but better late than never!- If you are planning any "Extended" caravan rallies (longer than 5 days) ACCEO need earlier notification than hitherto, due to the increasing number of applications. If, therefore, you are planning any extended holiday rallies for 1997, ACCEO needed to know by 1st November 1996. If you are planning such rallies for next year and have not yet notified Jim Campbell, get in touch - now!

The Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon has introduced a 24 page catalogue of items now available from the Gift Shop on a mail order basis, and payment is possible by means of credit cards. A wide range of motoring memorabilia and gifts is available, many of which are exclusive to the Centre Gift Shop.

For a copy of the catalogue contact:- The Gift Shop, The Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwick CV35 0BJ or phone 01926 645045.

Chris Savidge, Chairman of the 101 FC Club & Register, has recently undergone major surgery, but after two weeks at home his recovery is said to be "ahead of schedule". Best wishes Chris (and Bonny) and get well soon.

Events - Looking Back

The Dunsfold Open Days were again a superb weekend of Land Rover nostalgia, this year also attracting many visitors on Saturday, and 18 units camping/caravanning for the weekend at the rally organised by the Range Rover Register. It's a pity that this event clashes with the MROC Majors Trial and the Malvern Classic Event.

Awards for the Majors Trial 1996 were, in brief, as follows:-

Standard Vehicle Class -

  1st in Class (6th Overall)    Yorkshire 'B' -	J. Firth/N.Whitley/D. Walker
  2nd in Class (19th Overall)   Lincs 'A' - Tony Somerfield/Ben Knight/John Dennis
  3rd in Class (22nd Overall)   Lincs 'B' - Vince Manterfield/John Evison/Pete Stringer

Overall -

  1st Cornwall & Devon 'A'      Paul Tucker/Anthony Rettalack/Dereck Rogers
  2nd Cornwall & Devon 'B'      Colin Gilbert/Lee Sampson/Howard Clinton
  3rd Southern 'A'              Ron Baker/Katherine Cyster/Keith Leonard

Congratulations one and all!

Events - Looking forward

Gaydon 97

In ARC News 9, issued to the Clubs on 18th September and to the 4 x 4 press on 24th September, we announced a new date for the All Rover Rally of 21st/22nd June, to avoid the clashes with the British Grand Prix, and the West Wycombe Off Road Show. Towards the end of October we were advised that the Off Road Show is changing its date - you've guessed! - to June 21st/22nd. At the Council meeting on November 23rd, this was discussed at length, but our situation "between a rock and a hard place" remains, and therefore our proposed new date of June 21st/22nd is retained.

Easter Invitation

Lancs and Cheshire are holding their usual Easter Invitation event at Trentham, 29th/30th March 1997. RTV trial, CCV trial, Comp Safari, Team Recovery, Scenic Drive, Bike Trial. Contact Andrew Stavordale 0161 292 0539.

Christmas wishes to all, and Happy Rovering in 1997.

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Disclaimer, March 1997


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