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Issue 7 - July 1996

Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669

A Statement from the ARC Council

A recent article in the magazine "Land-Rover World" contained the allegation that the 101 Forward Control Club & Register had no permit to hold an event. This allegation, which was attributed to Mr. Dennis Holmes of the Peak & Dukeries Club, was unfounded. Both Mr. Holmes and magazine now realise they were in error and have retracted. Council hope the matter may now be considered closed.

Caravan Permits for Club Events

There still seems to be some confusion 'out there' about the requirement for ARC Caravan Permits, and Jim Campbell, the ARC Caravan Secretary, from whom these permits need to be obtained, has sent me the following list of queries he has dealt with during the past few months.

  • Why do we have to have a permit from the ARC for a camping/caravan rally?

    Strictly speaking you don't have to get an ARC permit, but the alternative is to apply to the local council for planning permission, which will take approx. 2-3 months, will cost 80 - 100, and could be refused anyway. The ARC permit gives exemption from the requirements of the local planning regulations.

  • How many tents or vans do we have to have to require a permit?

    One tent or one van. For even just one unit, you need a permit to protect yourselves from prosecution by the local council.

  • Can a member of an ARC club that is not a member of the Caravan Club or Camping Club stay on their Certificated Locations?

    No - our exemption covers our ARC events, C.L.'s are for their members only - there is no connection between the two.

  • Can non-ARC club members stay with their van or tent at one of our rallies?

    Officially - no! but you can make them temporary members at a cost to them, and issue them with a temporary membership card.

Please note that Jim is not complaining about these queries, he would much rather deal with a query before the event, than handle the repercussions of an illegal rally after the event. If you have any doubts please ring him, but read pages 24-27 of the 1996 ARC Handbook first - the answers might be there!


  • August 23rd/26th (Bank Holiday) Porthmadog 96 - North Wales Land Rover Club's Bank Holiday inter-club event in Snowdonia

    Contact Dave Cuthbert 01492-534417 or Alan Brown 01248-352645

  • August 25th (Bank Holiday) Yorkshire ROC are running their 4 x 4 Classic Reliability Trial at Worrall, Sheffield. Forget those roll cages and tractor tyres, just unhitch your caravan and take part.

    Contact John Bradbury on 01706 38801

  • August 23rd/25th (Bank Holiday) Eckington 96 is Peak & Dukeries inter-club event held at Hall Farm near Hundall, N. Derbyshire, a few miles off the A61 just north of Chesterfield. The menu includes RTV, CCV, Night and Day Comp. Safari, Scenic Drive, Bike Trial, and of course caravanning/camping from 09.00 a.m. Friday.

    Contact Rosine Barton, 20 Queen's Court, Newlands Estate, Forest Town, Mansfield NG19 0LB Tel: 01623 655334

  • 7th & 8th September Shackerstone 96 - the country's only Balloon, Steam, Canal and Beer Festival. Caravanning for ARC members - and a whole host of attractions throughout the weekend.

    Contact Peter Oakden - 01827 880677

  • September 20/21/22 Red Rose Land Rover Club are holding their Series One Action Weekend at Fylde Country Life Museum, Nateby, a mile or so west of Garstang, Lancashire, half way between junctions 32 and 33 of the M6.

    Caravanning/camping is available from Friday noon at 8 per unit. On Saturday and Sunday there will be winching, trailer reversing, gymkhana, autojumble etc, and on Sunday there will also be a Concours, all open only to Series I Landies. On Saturday evening there will be a barbecue, bike trial, and children's orienteering (bring your torch with new batteries!).

    Trade stands spaces (30ft square) are available at 15 each.

    For more detail and booking forms contact Harold Lowe, 89 Broadwood Drive, Fulwood, Preston PR2 4TE Tel: 01772 716956

  • Oct 5th/6th MROC are holding the 27th Majors Trial at Eastnor Deer Park - caravanning/camping will be available from noon on Friday 4th October at 5 per unit for 1 night, 8 for two nights and 11 for 3 nights.

    Two days of trialling are available (20 sections) for teams of three, up to five teams from any one club. Each team's entry fee is 45, and must be pre-booked by 14th September.

    For more detail and entry forms, contact Chris Myatt, 'Pimpernel', Lyons Boat Yard, Limekiln Lane, Warstock, Birmingham B14 4SR Tel: 0956 479411

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Disclaimer, October 1996


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