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Issue 2 - February 1996

Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandlehow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669


Q. What is the function of "Press & Publicity"?
A. To tell the 'outside world' who we are, and what we are doing.

Q. Who are we?
A. We are the ARC - which is an association of Rover Clubs, bonded together by an interest - or is it fanaticism? - in Rover cars and Land Rovers. In our case the 'bonding' is achieved by a committee (called a 'Council') made up of member clubs, to co-ordinate the activities of the various clubs, hopefully to everyone's benefit.
Here we have our first problem! - in some areas, 'the club' seems to regard itself as 'us' and the ARC as 'them'. The ARC is "the clubs", if you think something is wrong with "them" - look in a mirror -go to an ARC meeting and get involved.

Q. What are we doing?
A. The ARC is an administrative body, aimed at co-ordinating "the doings" of the clubs, so what the ARC is doing, is effectively what you are doing.

So it would appear that my job is to tell the 'outside world' what you are doing.

Q. Who is the outside world?
A. The best audiences you are likely to get for your club's local events are like-minded enthusiasts within a certain geographical radius of your event location, i.e. other club members. If you are also keen to spread the gospel to non-club Rover owners, then we need to publicise ourselves in the motoring press, and local newspapers.

So my job would now appear to be, in priority order:-

  1. Tell the "inside world" (i.e. the rest of us) what you are doing.
  2. Tell the "outside world" wha you/we are doing.

Any prospering commercial company has two outputs of information -

  1. to the "outside world" via its Press & Publicity Dept.
  2. and to its employees (preferablyas a priority) via its management structure, or via a Communications Dept. Please treat me as your Communications Dept.!

To achieve best results, could all Newsletter editors consider spreading 'our' gospel via a regular ARC News feature in their magazine, and could you all add me to your circulation list.

The Board of Directors (the Council) needs to know what its various departments are doing, and the various departments need to know what the Board is up to, and the outside would might enjoy consuming our product!

Here endeth the first lesson!

The King is dead - Long live the King!

On February 15th 1996 the very last Range Rover Classic will come off the production line at Solihull, just about 26 years after the first.

On Saturday Feb 17th, a cavalcade of Range Rover Classics led by YVB 153H, and including many derivatives, will drive from Lode Lane to the Gaydon Heritage Centre, accompanying this 'last of the line' example trailed behind a new Range Rover.

Gaydon Heritage Centre will be open all day for visitors, and all Range Rover drivers will be allowed free entry (other occupants have to pay!) and all ARC club members will get discounted entry on production of a valid membership card. Come and take part in a moment of history.

Please note there is no accommodation for visitors or spectators at Lode Lane, get to Gaydon by 10.00 am to see the cavalcade arrive there.

Event News

  1. Off-roaders looking for a day of mud-plugging might like the Midland Auto Trader/Goodyear 4 Wheel Drive Day at the Haycock Hotel, Wansford, Peterborough, on Sat 24th February 1996 from 9.00 am.

    Call 01780 66966 for more info, and entry form.

  2. There is a new off-road course, the "Whiteknuckle Off-Road Park" opening at Adstone, near the Northants/Oxfordshire border on Sunday 10th March 1996.

    Charges will be 15 per vehicle per day. Clubs get one free entry per 10 vehicles. For more info send me a 19p stamped addressed DL envelope.

  3. Easter at Eastnor - Midland Rover Owners Club are holding their usual Easter rally 5th - 8th April, with camping/caravanning, Bike Trial, CCVT, FVT and Comp Safari (Yet to be confirmed). This is an inter-club event, all are cordially invited. For further details contact Steve Cook on 01527 525021.
  4. Yorkshire ROC are running the Yorkshire 4 x 4 Classic Reliability Trial on Sunday 25th August 1996 at Middlewood Hall, Worrall, Sheffield, map ref. 110/314922.

    30 miles of off-roading sections are interspersed with 70 miles of on tarmac "link sections".

    This is intended as a non-damaging, family based event, with tasks for navigator and rear seat passengers, open to all 4 x 4 vehicles, straight out of the showroom!

    Contacts: John Bradbury 01706 38801,Norman Whiteley 01484 603564 phone/fax, Dave Barker 01423 734412.

  5. The "Malvern Motoring Event" (Malvern 96) takes place this year at the Three Counties Showground over the weekend October 5th/6th.

    This year, and future years, the 4 x 4 fraternity is being catered for as well as Vintage & Classic and Autojumblers. Club stands are encouraged, and on-site caravanning is available. For more info send me a 19p stamped addressed C5 envelope.

  6. Looking ahead to 1997, a Central England 4 x 4 Show is being planned for June 1997 at Weston Park, Shropshire.

    Trade stands, Club stands (free to National 4 x 4 clubs), Auto Jumble and Craft Fairs will be available, as will a scenic drive and an off-road course. For more detail, send me a 19p stamped addressed DL envelope.

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Disclaimer, March 1996


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