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Issue 1 - December 1995

Geof Miller, ARC Press & Publicity
Brandelhow, Wolverton, Stratford-on-Avon CV37 0HF
Tel: (+44) 1789 73 1669

This is the first edition of 'ARC News'. We hope that, together with 'Runes', which goes from strength to strength under the editorship of Ted Ivory, it will become the accepted mouthpiece of the Association, both to its member clubs and to the press and media, in both the Land Rover world and Classic car world.

Chairman Peter Oakden appealed way back in the Spring 1995 'Runes' for a Press and Publicity Officer, as Wendy Costello-Roberts could no longer continue, due to ill health. We now bring you GOOD news - the vacancy has been filled - and BAD news - the new incumbent is me!

My initial thoughts are that before we can present a co-ordinated supply of information to the outside world, we have to co-ordinate the collection of news from the member clubs, so to this end I shall be making contact with all of the member club newsletter editors to discuss how to achieve this. In recent months it has been noticeable that more club newsletters are re-printing some of Ted's items from Runes. This is a good sign, I would like to see all newsletters carrying an "ARC News Page" on a regular basis. I'll try to provide some of the input!

This newssheet is not intended to compete with Runes, it is intended to supplement it by getting advanced information and event reports out to the outside world as they happen, which a quarterly magazine cannot achieve.

With something like 40 member clubs, and approaching 10,000 individual members, the Association must be one of the largest single marque (or is it dual marque - Rover and Land Rover?) organisations in the world, covering a range of activities from Concours & Classic Shows, through caravanning to off-road racing and CCV trials. What's more, the pedigree of the ARC/ROA and many of these clubs goes back several decades, so with this sort of background the ARC should be leading the field, setting the standards of club life, and most of all persuading everyone to enjoy it to the full.

Currently available important UK dates for 1996 are:

  1. AGM - 16th March
  2. (Inter)National Rally - 23rd-28th May
  3. EGM - 15th June
  4. All Rover Weekend Gaydon - 13th/14th July
  5. EGM - 14th September
  6. EGM - 7th December

1996 Hand Book

Following difficulties at Land Rover, over getting the books delivered to the Club secretaries, all clubs should now have a stock of books. Competitive members, pick one up free of charge at your local events. Alternatively, if you want one by post, your club secretary will need a stamped addressed strong C5 envelope with a 52p stamp.

Situations Vacant

Nominations, or volunteers, are required to take over several posts at the AGM on 16th March.

  1. Secretary - Andrew is standing down - it is vital that a new secretary is elected.
  2. Treasurer - the ultimate challenge - get the ARC into profit.
  3. Overseas Liaison - cover the world from your armchair.
  4. Car Club Liaison - the car clubs are outnumbered by the 4x4 clubs - an energetic Rover cars enthusiast needed.
  5. Hand Book Editor - Tony Holder has set up the framework, and the standard, you only need to pick up the reins.

"The Future of Club Caravanning is at Risk"

Jim Campbell, ARC Caravan Secretary, reported to the EGM 9th December 1995 that several rallies run by member clubs during 1995 have severely rocked the boat through having no caravan permit, or only just getting one through Jim's 'pulling of strings' at the last minute. Jim named some culprit clubs, but let me simply remind you that if you are planning to run a caravan rally, you must get a permit from Jim, unless your rally is to be on an already licensed caravan site.

Some landowners may tell you that the situation is covered by "the 28 day rule" - this is not so - this rule simply allows the landowner to have 1 caravan on his land for a maximum of 28 days on any one year.

To get a permit you need to fill in an application form and provide a landowner's permission form, and get it to Jim at least 4 weeks prior to the rally.

It's all covered in the 1996 Handbook, pages 24 to 27, please read it - and stick to it!

1996 'Holiday' Events

  1. The First Land Rover Club Italia are holding a 'European Rally of LR Fans' in the last two weeks of May, with luxury camping, off-roading day trips etc based near the riviera resorts of Ligure or Adriatica. If you are interested contact me for more details or contract direct:
    Mr Amedeo Valentino, 14a Via Quincinetto, 10148 TORINO, Italy
    Tel/Fax: (+39) 11 226 4252
  2. The Rover Owners Club Holland are holding a celebration of their 25th Anniversary on 22nd & 23rd June. More details later.
  3. To you fancy a 3 month epedition to northern Russia with your trusty LR/Disco/RR? Anders Hansen of Copenhagen is arranging this "well planned, intelligent, wild tour" to Pechora and Usinsk in the Komi Republic. It should cost the price of equipping your vehicle plus approx. 1000 spending money. If interested, call me for more detail.

Cheaper Ferry Crossings

Scandinavian Seaways based at Harwich offer 25% reductions to ARC members up to 31st March 1996 and 10% discount on cabin and vehicle fares up to July 11th and after August 18th. Packaged travel and accommodation service is available at attractive prices. If you're interested contact me for more detail.

Seasons greetings and much Roverjoy for 1996.

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Disclaimer, February 1996


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